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Showing posts with label breaking news. Show all posts

Monday, December 11, 2023

SL Police Report: BREAKING NEWS! Santa Got Sleigh Jacked!- The SL Enquirer reporting...


At approximately 6:52 pm SLT on December 11th, witnesses reported Santa got knocked out cold with a pile of gifts launched by an assailant who looked strikingly similar to Lanai Jarrico. 

One witness saw a woman dressed in a full length faux fur coat, hurling profanities and saying something about the worst Tinder date ever before proceeding to launch gifts at Santa.  Another witness was scared to identify the attacker for fear of retaliation, citing, “snitches get stitches”

Cameras captured the moment the attacker leaped into Santa’s Sleigh and took off. Calls to Lanai Jarrico’s rep were immediately answered and her alibi was established. She was writing an article at the time of the attack and waiting for her Instacart order so it would not have been possible. Her rep went on to say Ms. Jarrico has a doppelganger that goes around Second Life impersonating her for tips and frequents strip clubs as a guest dancer.

 Lanai is embarrassed and offended for being accused of attacking Santa Clause and feels it will ruin her reputation. As far as accusations of stripping, she said, “It wasn’t me but if it was, stripping is a serious sport that shouldn’t be frowned upon.”. She wants to press charges for slander immediately following the arrest of the perpetrator.

One reporter managed to get a quick comment from Santa before he passed out and was rushed to the nearest Veterinary clinic by Rudolph for observation.

 Santa mumbled what the reporter made out to be “Ho Ho Ho” but after reviewing his Instagram live recording, it turned out that he really cried out “That Hoe Ow Ow”.

Santa was treated and released for a concussion, bruises and several lumps a few hours later into the custody of his estranged wife, Mrs. Clause.

If anyone has any information regarding this atrocity, share in the comment box below

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Breaking News! The new LUXE Paris LOOK OF THE YEAR IS JADE PONO!


Jade Pono is the new LUXE Paris ambassador! Hunipet Delicioso won the 1st Runner Up tiara and Lathilda won the 2nd Runner UP tiara.

Jade was chosen from among 12 grand finalists by a jury of 13 fashion and media personalities. The finalists were themselves selected from more than 300 applications.

The new 2022 winner received L$50,000 in cash, an exquisite tiara created for her by Zuri Rayna, and another L$50,000 in gift cards from LUXE Paris, Zuri Jewellery, In-Nova Modeling Academy, Swank & Co, ProPose Modeling Poses and Visionaire Photo Institute.

Jade also received a VIP invitation to join the ranks of the prestigious One On One agency, producer of the LOOK of the YEAR final.

Jade, Hunipet, and Lathilda will also be the stars of reports in the SL Enquirer and the magazines SL Confidencial, SL20, and LUXE Paris.

SEE THE FINAL ON YOUTUBE in a SL4Live-TV production AT

Thursday, May 25, 2017

URGENT NEWS: OZIMAL'S CLOSING -How are Breeders/Merchants and Owners Coping? Nomad Aries reporting...


   On May 17th ,2017  Ozimals closed it's doors and shut down all services to Pufflings and Bunnies.
The closing is due to an ongoing legal issue that has continued for seven years. A Cease and Desist Order was delivered to Malkavyn Eldritch on May 15th, 2017.   Malkavyn sent out a notice and offered free eternal timepieces and other “goodies” so people could keep their bunnies with them after the servers went down. The Pufflings  were not so lucky, there was nothing to save them.

Lanai consuling hysterical bunnies

If you are not familiar with Ozimals, what this means for the bunnies after the servers are down is; the bunnies will not be able to eat and enter into a hibernation state, in other words shut down and sleep forever.  As stated ,Pufflings ceased to function as soon as the servers went down. Bunnies who are Everlasting will continue to function as usual. Bunnies with the Eternal Timepieces will also be able to function without cost . The drawback is that the Bunnies are now sterile.  Bunnies who are not Everlasting will cease to function and enter into hibernation. 

 While this effort was generous, it has still left many owners, breeders and merchants with little consolation and very big losses.

 Touring around various locations where Ozimals are sold, bred and more importantly, owned, one begins to understand the scope of this action.  This has effected a large number of SL residents who have spent enormous amounts of money on stock, food, accessories and housing for their Ozimals and countless time in caring and monitoring them. The emotional cost cannot be measured in Lindens nor money, just as in RL, our pets are not just dogs or cats to us , neither were the Ozimal Pufflings and Bunnies to those who avidly cared for them. 

Staicy Halsey

  One visit I made was to Purple Rain Breedables owned and operated by Staicy Halsey.  It is a beautiful place and Staicy has many animals all very well cared for.  Staicy was kind enough to answer some questions regarding her Ozimals, what follows is her answers to my questions;

How does this event affect Breeders, Merchants and Owners on SL?

Staicy :” This effects us a lot mostly in our hearts . When I got the news I cried and felt devastated  and I still am. We all miss the bunny/Puffling game a lot. Stores are empty and lands are gone.”

Has any long term solution been brought forth or any indication that should legal issues be resolved in the future, that all owners can "wake" or revive their bunnies .?

   Staicy : Well, we all keep the nest in our inventory , so if this would be resolved in the future I don't think it will be a problem to wake them up , but I'm not 100% sure of that.
And for now we got a big pack from Ozimals with goodies to save the bunnies , you can make them a forever pet for free but your bunny will not be able to breed anymore .

 Is there still a market for collectors or people who simply love their Ozimal rabbits?  Can they trade or sell what they have to others ?

Staicy : “Yes there is a new group its called For The Love Of Oz .
A group for the remaining lovers of Ozimals Bunnies and Pufflings - intending to support each other and deal with the loss of Ozimals as we move forward. ♥ “

Pixel Ghost

 The losses from Ozimals are widespread and have left some people with more questions than answers and they feel worried for other stock they have .  As Pixel Ghost ( Pixel Pets Market) explained  there is little protection it seems, for breedable owners in general. 

“I am devastated by the loss of my bunnies and my Pufflings™. I will never do any other breedable animal in the virtual world of Second Life. I invested most of my SL with my bunnies and puffies. I had friends in the community who bred both of these virtual pets. I have thousands of nests and eggs that will now be placed in boxes just in case. But, I know they won't ever be back. And, if they were, I wouldn't be involved in them again.”

 “I am extremely angry with the coder who sued Ozimals as well as with the texture artist who had attorneys issue the Cease and Desist order against Ozimals. Those two people had no concern or consideration for how their actions affected the community as a whole with regard to the end user. They care only about their profit margin. The entire community plans to boycott them and anything they touch in SL. I have contacted my Senator and Congressmen and encouraged others to do so because the texture artist is from Canada and she is sometimes paid by my USA government for 3D projects in SL. I'm sure we have wonderful 3D artists in the United States so there is no need to go outside our country for it.”

 “While I will not do another breedable animal, my friends are concerned about other breedables. If this could happen to bunnies and pufflings, then it could happen to any breedable. What if KittyCats' owner decides to close her servers. What if Fawns' owners tires of their "game." Who protects their communities from financial and emotional loss? No one protects the end user in any virtual game.”

 “For me, this new attitude extends to the VR World of SL and to everything on the Internet. With the flip of a switch on a server it can all end in the blink of an eye. It's not worth it anymore to even be in this world. I am kindling all my bunnies and boxing them by fur type in case someone still wants to collect them. But, absolutely nothing can be done to save our Pufflings™ even though we paid L$1150 to perpetuate many of them. They are totally worthless.”

 “The bunnies will hibernate only if the owner did not make it to the shop to get the free box of tools to save them". 

 I am incredibly sad. I got bunnies on my Father's birthday one year after he died and 2 weeks after my only sister died. The bunnies helped me heal emotionally from my grief while I finished nursing school. I miss them. I am lost in SL. It's all I ever did for the past seven years. They are just pixels to many but so much more to those who cared for them.”

“I pay LL for a full sim tier because I needed the prims for my bunnies/puffies. I no longer need it. I spent an additional $100 USD a month on virtual food. This will hurt the SL Market in addition to breeders. But, for the breeders it is an emotional loss; not just a financial loss.”
 for a look at Pixel Ghost's Pufflings -


 Even the most pragmatic of dealers in the Ozimal world acknowleges the real loss and anger from the sudden end  of  breedables.  Giada Visconti owner of “ LIL BUNNY PATCH and PETS! “ ,
says when asked how merchants are dealing with events

 “  Cope....this is not the end of the world or my life existed outside of Ozimals and it will continue to do so...I think it sucks that we have invested so much money into it and now...all is wasted...You would think that someone that starts a business would make sure to have all copyrights straight for a product for which they are makes me mad is all.”

There have been other issues in the past with some breedables . With the closing of Ozimals in SL, the fall out has far reaching effects.,both in the real world and the virtual world.   The people who bred, sold and owned Ozimals are left wondering about the future of the stock they own at the moment and where that will lead in the future . They don't know if there is a future.  Some of these breeders and merchants have stock from other companies and this issue with Ozimals is raising some real questions about the future of breedables on SL. Pixel Ghost asked some important questions about the financial losses and risks breedable groups face.  There seems no protection for the customer and no recourse in an event like this one. 

 The fact that these people , Staicy Halsey, Pixel Ghost and Giada Visconti, still reeling from the whirlwind of events, took the time to speak with this reporter and answer my questions, says an enormous amount about the heart of the Ozimal community.

 For information on the legal issues regarding Ozimals :

 Inara Pey's -Living in the Modern World

Press Release of the Legal Issues

Friday, June 5, 2015


To the casual reader, the SL Enquirer is a great Second Life news source.  To others, it’s just a tarted-up blog with pretensions of being a newspaper.  However you see the SLE, you keep coming back again and again.  It’s friendly and familiar, with a great mix of news, views and interesting articles written by a team with a wide range of interests.  But behind the scenes, gentle reader, lies a different world.  A world of debauchery, greed for power and control.

To begin with, the initiation ceremony is humiliation enough.  But when you are in dire need of a handful of lindens to feed your starving family, you’ll let anyone do anything to you with a rubber chicken, a Walmart gift-card and small statue of Oprah Winfrey.  Survive that and you become embroiled in the seedier side of the SL Enquirer.  For a start, you are not allowed to address the CEO, Lanai Jarrico, as anything but “Miss Jarrico”.  The punishment for calling her anything else will earn you a donkey punch to the back of the head while still being receptive of a dog toy.  And you must never NEVER look her directly in the eyes unless given permission.

A recent image of an SLE journalist ,who missed out a comma in a sentence, trying to pacify Miss Jarrico.

The hours are long and laborious; often lasting a few days until Miss Jarrico is totally satisfied that you are worth of a reprieve from duty.  These reprieves can last from 1 to 7 seconds, depending on her mood, and may or may not include comfort breaks and/or food.  Call into the press room anytime of the day or night and you will see dozens of avatars, broken and battered by toil, endless research and spellchecking.  Many, just shells of their former selves, starting to take notice of their other male captives and doing their level best to hide broners, all why trying to avoid the wrath of their wicked, masochistic editor-in-chief.  Meetings can last for weeks with little or nothing being said.  The last meeting this reporter went to consisted entirely of singing nursery rhymes backwards, and mass mutual shame fest; interspersed with occasional cries of “Fo’ Shizzle Ma Nizzle!” (shouted as loud as possible to Miss Jarrico’s question, “Do you pathetic waste of prims love working for me?!?”) .
The women in the press pack don’t get away lightly either.  I observed one reporter being throttled with her own thong for writing an article that didn’t give praise to the SL Enquirer and dared to express her own views.  The party line (or should that be the Panty Line) should be followed at all times or woe betide your soul.

Three female staffers anger the CEO by not praising The SL Enquirer and are dealt with in line with the SLE Handbook.

One female presspacker, who we will call Jill, spoke to me discreetly from under a table.
“I turned up here all eager and peachy-keen on writing about my passion for fashion…and shoes….and purses….I was bouncing!  I longed to be a journalist and share my adoration for mesh with the world.

And then I signed the contract…

…I was still aglow at finally being a reporter and that’s when the mood changed.  She suddenly had a fire in her eyes and her voice changed.  She took off her glasses and began chanting.  Two of her goons appeared from nowhere and held me in my seat.  When she had finished chanting and her head had spun round to the right position, she stood up, disrobed and……and….”

She broke down quietly but regained her composure a few seconds later.
“Let’s just say there was a forest on the outskirts of the Amityville House Of Horror”
Jill turned a vicious shade of lime green at this point and scuttled away.  I never saw her again.  I’ve since heard rumours that she managed to escape and went into hiding on a sim close to the Blake Sea.  I do hope she’s ok…

Staff Action Figures on SLE Now!

Dear reader, please take it from someone who has seen and experienced the horrors at first hand; the SL Enquirer is not what it seems!  Yes it’s a great read and seems like fun to work for from the outside.  But brutality and fear reign supreme in the world of Miss Jarrico.  Please, spread the word, send help.  We implore you.

I must close now as I hear the sound of 12 inch spiked heels approaching.  Please, save us!  I must now return to pixel-counting, if I’m caught writing this, I will be subject to pain beyond human imagination….

…Keeping Up With The Kardashians…

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Breaking News on Charity Scams! On May 19th, 2015 CNBC broke the News that Some Cancer Charities Scammed Consumers out of $187M

A Lawsuit has been filed against the Breast Cancer Society, the Cancer Fund of America, Children’s Cancer Fund of America and Cancer Support Services by The Federal Trade Commission and attorney general in all 50 states. In 2013 Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reported “America’s Worst Charities” and found that the charities listed above are all run by the same family and their business associates. Currently Breast Cancer Society and Children’s Cancer Fund of America has entered a settlement agreement. Three of the groups’ executives have agreed to a settlement of $137M that will be redirected to cancer patients and these violators are now banned from any future charity management.
 According to Jessica Rich, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, it is alleged that 87% of the 187M went to paying personal salaries, funding unrelated fundraisers, dating site memberships and vacations to Disney World with about 3% going to charity. 

See a full report here:

These bad apples shouldn’t ruin it for everyone.  Don’t stop giving to charities just do your research! There are still legitimate charities out there that do deliver to those in need such as #1 United Way, #2 Salvation Army, #3 Feeding America, #4 Task Force for Global Health, #5 American National Red Cross, #6 Food for the poor, #7 Goodwill Industries International, #8 YMCA of the USA and The American Cancer Society which is ranked  #9 in the top 50 largest charities in the United states.

 If you visit The American Cancer Society Website and click on the link to Relay for Life, you will find a link to Relay for Life of Second Life.  So, rest assured if you have contributed to RFL in SL then your Lindens went to cancer patients. If you are part of one of the 85 RFL teams in Second Life you should be very proud that you helped raise over $20, 614!

Visit  The American Cancer Society in Second Life

Additional Links:
Check out what events are happening now in Second Life:

American Cancer Society
Get Involved
Top 50 Charities in the US

Monday, April 20, 2015

Breaking News! SL Weed Dispensary Gets Stood up by unknown assailants! 500L Reward

April 20th, 2015- In the early morning hours of April 19th, two unidentified assailants entered CannabiSL Central and approached the dispensary clerk at prim point. According to evidence gathered from surveillance, the female appears to be the stronghold as her accomplice searched the clerk’s pockets before proceeded to load pounds of marijuana into the back of a multi colored EL Camino before they sped off through the grid. One witness said she was cussed at and violently pushed to the ground by the aggressive female criminal and then helped up by the male accomplice.  Suspects made off with 10 pounds of exotic marijuana such as Yellow Amnesia, Psychosis Cheese, TripleProof BlueMoonshine and Beast Mode. In additions to the weed heist, damages to a flamingo lawn ornament, a soda machine, one slice of pizza from a nearby pizza box and rolling paper were reported stolen. In total, damages exceed over 20,000L.

If anyone has any information or know the names of the two suspects please email for a 500L reward!

*Please note this is a parody weed day police report for entertainment purposes only. No marijuana plants, flamingo law ornaments or avatars were hurt in the making of this report. However the 500L reward is real to anyone who recognizes those avatars!

Friday, August 1, 2014

SL Poll Results: How Do You Feel About the New Virtual World From Linden Labs

Well the public has spoken! Last week we asked our readers how they felt about the new virtual world announcement from Linden Labs. Below are the results:

Friday, July 11, 2014

Poll - Tell Us How You Feel About the New Virtual World From Linden Labs

I was standing around fishing in SL the other night and some of my fishing friends were talking about the upcoming virtual world from Linden Labs, maker of SL. In case you have missed this huge announcement, Linden Labs' CEO announced that a new virtual world is in the works. Much is still to be unknown about this virtual world, but there will be no backwards compatibility or open source access.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BREAKING NEWS! There is a sloppy BOB THE BUILDER Griefer on the Loose!

SLE POLICE REPORT -Lucifer Skizm- 8/6/13

It has been reported to the SL Enquirer that a Bob the Builder type of griefer escaped from a local  SL quarantine  recently and has been running amuck across the grid. Witnesses say they saw what allegedly appears to be a local clown, Lucifer Skizm defacing property belonging to Glossom Jonesford. 

Apparently Mr. Lucifer decided it was cool to take his shovel and start excavating land around a home that did not belong to him as well as board up windows and drop random objects and a  flea infested bed around like a slob.

The victim is shaken up and can’t imagine the atrocities that took place on that, in her quiet humble home. It appears this griefer used her residence to do his dirty deeds and leave his mark. Hazmat has been called to the scene.

Please be on high alert. Lucifer might be traveling with two goon accomplices; Annice coba and Demerol Texan. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of this griefer, please don’t get to close.  Call your local pest control unit or take matters into your own hands by muting and banning this festering clown.

Got a griefer to report? Contact Lanai Jarrico

Saturday, March 9, 2013

BREAKING NEWS! VH1 Reality Show Bus Crashes in California , spilling chaos on the streets!

*Warning- Entertainment purposes only. Contains vulgar language. Please Keep small children, pets, the elderly and cheating husbands out of earshot!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! The Butter Crisis in Norway is no Joke

 It has been a trying few years with natural disasters, war and domestic drama. Online folks have a lot to deal with too.  We all can use a big hug and a chance to recuperate from the past.

 The recent butter shortage in Norway has become a full blown crisis according to SuperTommylife.  Apparently it is ruining the holidays and should be considered a problem that needs fast resolution.

 Please take a moment to hear his plea and perhaps you can be in the giving spirit and send butter to Norway.

On behalf of the SL Enquirer and all those enjoying butter for the Holidays , we sincerely apologize and hope your issues is resolved swiftly.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: August 23, 2011- A 5.9 Earthquake shakes the Eastcoast around 2:30 pm est today. It’s Epicenter was in Richmond, Virginia. Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

* This Earthquake was downgraded to 5.8 at 4:15pm EST August 23, 2011
While working on SLE news propped up in my bed, I felt the entire room shake, at first I thought it was one of my kids playing a prank on me like they do, because my bed literally began to shake as if someone grabbed my bedpost and was shaking it. This continued for a good 5-10 seconds, I abruptly got up to look for the source pulling the prank and realized it wasn’t just my bed moving but everything, including  the heavy  stained glass light fixture in my foyer. I called to my daughter, who was watching television and asked her if she felt it and within a few minutes news started to flood my iphone from family and friends including all of the news sources I have on push notice.

With natural disasters seeming to come more frequently, I never would have thought an earthquake would hit this close to home. I live in a pretty safe place in Pennsylvania and the most I have ever felt was weakened hurricane winds and rain coming from the Atlantic, a few feet of snow, some flooding in the lower regions and tornado warnings, but nothing like this!

Only in the past five years have I seen an increase in the strength of these natural disasters and can now add possible earthquakes to the list.

As I write this, peeps in Washington DC and the Pentagon are evacuating for safety. Here in the northeast part of Pa, there doesn’t seem to be any damage, I am safe and my home is intact.

  I hope that those directly affected by this event are now safe and for those around the world just hearing the news, here is the latest developments from where I am.

What caused this earthquake in Virginia?