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Friday, August 8, 2014

Avie Poll: If you were given 100k in SL what would you do with it?- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

In Second Life, having lindens enables residents to do more things such as go on a shopping spree for SL’s latest fashion, buy land, have a dream home, create a successful business, splurge and live the Second Life dream or something totally different. 

The SL Enquirer asked random avatars what they would do with 100,000 lindens and here is what they had to say.

Duh Ghøst™ (duh.ghost) :  I would be suspicious. LOL. I'd cash that pal...make it good use in RL.

Şε (scorpianrose): I’d probably go around to all the venues that I frequent and give them a nice tip, and donate some to the relay for life kiosks.  Then cash out the rest to use in RL.

DJ DON JOHN (johnathan.manx): buy some land,  get back to DJing and reopen my club.

Mr. Wingtips (spirit.wingtips): I'd upgrade my AV and home.

Gia Iuga-Rubanis (gia.iuga): I would convert it to USD and send it to the Red Cross to alleviate human suffering

T E R R A   B Y T E (bytedreams.slade): cash it out and go on a trip

Veronica (veronic.roddenham): i've heard it's probably an easy way to be hacked .... but i'd use it to help others by organizing events related to the fashion industry and probably charity events ..... sponsoring good causes.... i think of others before i spend those lindens on myself

Eles (eleseren.brianna): Lanai, that is interesting.  I would probably spend some on a shopping spree, invest some in advertising or a show for my brand, and find some way of donating some. 

λɣʐσɳα đ αηαgσ (ayzona): spend it on my babies, clothes and pay my tier for a long time. My  babies comes first, im second once they have everything they need I’m good and happy.

It was interesting to see the reactions from some of the avies I polled. There are no wrong or right answer to this question. Everyone has their reasons and needs.  Being suspicious was the first reaction for a couple while others mentioned giving to charities, treating themselves and sharing it with others. Others mentioned they would cash it out and use it for real life. It is nice to see the generosity of Second Life residents and the different things they would do with 100,000 lindens.

What would you do with 100,000L Lindens?
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