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Monday, August 18, 2014

Avie Poll: What would you do if Second Life Suddenly Vanished?- Carrisa Silverfall Reporting...

Imagine waking up one day and trying to login and POOF SL has vanished without any warning! 

This is a scary thought for most of us who login regularly.  So inquiring minds want to know, what, would you do if your online romance and friends vanished, businesses gone and all your hard work no longer to be found!

As Irish Gent, owner of Seychelles Isle formerly Irish Estates answered:
 “First, I really don't think it will vanish seeing so many have invested a great deal of time and money in to it.  Plus this is a solid revenue stream for LL and if they were to retire SL1, it would be a bad business decision.

Second, If LL did retire SL1, I would simply cut my losses and write it off.

The grid reports are same as always... attrition which is expected but this is the "Eb and Flow" that goes with introductions of new technology.”

I thought it would be interesting to get an answer from an insider to the daily function of Second Life, Mister Acacia, Firestorm Viewer Support Team member.

 “Firstly, I seriously doubt Second Life would just disappear. For that to happen, commerce in SL would have to remain below the profit bar for a significant amount of time. LL may be a large and unfeeling corporation, but no corporation would knowingly shut down a profit center without sufficient cause. Shareholders would question that logic.
However, if Second Life were to simply vanish, I would attempt to withdraw all liquid assets and, failing that, seek legal counsel to assist in that endeavor. If nothing else, I will add to LL's legal costs and make them defend their claim to what I believe is mine.
Then I would build my presence in one of the other grids, such as InWorlds or OSGrid, likely following the Firestorm Viewer Project Team in order to continue supporting the viewer users.”

Most of us would grieve the loss of the friendships and relationships that we have formed, the people we have connected with are irreplaceable.  As Nika Borgin ( Dutchy Moonshadow ), Role-player has commented.

“I would be very sad if SL would suddenly vanish . Made some great RL friends and have some wonderful memories about people.”

The majority would move on to another grid, some would cut their losses and move on to other activities in their life.  Almost everyone believes Second Life will not vanish as it makes money for Linden Lab.  At least 10% would seek legal counsel for their business losses.  Most of you would be upset to see it go.

For most of us who have been logging in for at least a few years have wondered how long will SL last. In fact this question has been answered by Pete Linden on July 2nd, 2014 during an online discussion forum with Jessica Lyon, Project Manager of The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc,.   Pete Linden:
“No. Absolutely not.   And in fact, as I think we’ll get into discussing today, we have plans to continue to improve it.  No plans to shut it down, it’s not going away, and we have quite big plans to continue to make Second Life better and better.”

We all can sleep easier having this knowledge and look forward to continuing our Second Life journey,  breathing  a sigh of relief, our favorite gird may change its look, tweak its technology, add some things and remove other stuff; but at least we know for now one of our favorite past times is here to stay. 


  1. I've taken a few peeks in other virtual worlds, notably InWorldz which statisticaly has been doing the best. A number of friends have made plans to set up shop there should the Lab either pull the plug or commit a blunder that it can't recover from. Also me and a few freinds do some online gaming when not in SL. We might end up doing more, at least until things build up in InWorldz.

    But yeah, I'd mourn the loss of so many places being gone and those friends whom would move on. But at least I have pictures and memories (and sometimes written records).

  2. I've been running a server on Osgrid for years now (7 regions) and more recently one on Metropolis (4 regions). Believe me, Sl is not the only game in town simply the most expensive.


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