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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Avie Poll: Can Sex in SL be Fulfilling or Frustrating?- Carrisa Silverfall Reporting...

Today we are talking about sex; yes you may want to use parental guidance for this exploration.  As we login with anticipation, of the thought our special friend(s) are waiting for us.  To hold hands with, share an embrace and oh my gosh even try some pixel sex!  This is one very interesting topic that almost no one wants to be quoted on, but everyone wants to hear about.  It may come as a surprise for some but the overwhelming majority say that Second Life sex or as one person put it “SeXond Life” finds it fulfilling!

Astonishingly, we all want to explore sex, whether it is a different position than our real life routine, or try something more fifty shades of gray.  In fact, most of us actually do explore the darker side, such as BDSM, Cuckolding, group sex, and Bi-sexuality to just list a few. 

Fantasies are wonderful and being able to use SL to try out your own secret wonders and passions is an exciting tool to say the least.  Especially if your RL sex life is not fulfilling or maybe even non-existent.  This brings the thought, what happens if in RL one cannot physically perform sexually for any multitude of reasons.  What then?  Does it mean they no longer have any need for sex?

After all we are sexual beings and have a need to release endorphins that are connected to the pleasure centers of our brain.  Endorphin is any group of endogenous peptides found especially in the brain that bind chiefly to opiate receptors and produce some pharmacological effects (pain relief). 

This is the definition of endorphin according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.  It is also believed to have a role in appetite control, release of pituitary sex hormones, and shock. 

As one person noted with SL you do not have the smell of sex, which depending on your partner can be either a pro or con.  We can hear sex sounds by our imagination, emoting and using voice.  Then there is the taste of sex like kissing each other on the lips and body the taste and scent of each other does play a definite part. 
As some anonymous people have stated it is sexual and sensual.

“There can be sexual satisfaction on some levels but to enjoy highly sexually fulfilling experiences, sexuality and sensuality need to be blended with emotions of the heart for a heightened experience.”

“SL sex can be very fulfilling and is not much different than the mental side of RL sex. People often look explicitly at the RL portion of sex in a physical way and usually end up with a not very satisfying sex life. Conversely people are look at "Pixel Shagging" the same way and not have any emotional or sensual involvement.”

“I think sex can be fulfilling if the participants have good imaginations and are good at emoting.  It's just fun and a way to relax for me”

Yes, relaxation is the desired end result for all of us.  Regardless if we are role playing, emoting, engaging each other with the combination of RL and SL, even if you and your partner are Dominant/submissive.

Second Life also gives us an outlet from looking like our actual self, like changing hair color, weight issues, and physical attraction.  As we all have seen the overwhelming majority of us in SL are skinny to curvy to physically fit.  Physical attraction plays a huge role in both our lives regardless if they are melded together or kept separate.  Don’t forget in real life sex there are the embarrassing moments like birth control, condoms, S.T.D.’s, and so much more all of this is conveniently forgotten in SL. 

It is a great way if not the best way to explore all our sexual and sensual needs with either full or partial anonymity, depending on each person’s discretion.

As one SL Brothel owner that has been here sin 2007 stated:  “Yes, it can be very fulfilling on both ends.  Even working as an escort, it can be fun and fulfilling, and like me... as a Brothel Owner, I would not be here if I did not enjoy it.  It is about more than just money.”

Exploring SL is a lot of fun, exploring sex in SL can be a learning experience as another individual:  “Just like sex in RL, it can be amazing or it can be a yawn. What's most fantastic about it is the ability to explore every little fantasy, from cuckolding to breeding to bondage. It's a safe way to figure out how your libido really works.

And every once in a while, you'll run across that lover that can make your heart skip a beat and your stomach flutter and every brain cell fire with that singular need to f*** and be f****d.

Frustrating as hell.... But worth it for those rare few. <3”


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