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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MUSIC: You Wanna Rock? Check out some of these Rock Clubs in Second Life... Ccoursey Reporting

Do you wanna get rocked? 
 From Def Leppard to Bob Segar, there are many that fit the Rock genre of music.  There are a variety of clubs that claim to be rock. But which ones are standing out?  Which ones make you wanna rock your socks off and  do the watusi like my little Lucy?  Take note:  I love rock 'n roll from Joan Jett to Avenged SevenFold. 

Hard Rock Evolutions

Hard Rock Evolutions stands out for me among rock  clubs, but I may be a bit biased.  It's been around a while and holding strong with it's friendly open atmosphere.  Remember cheers where everyone knows your name?  Well, when you walk in Hard Rock  it's not only staff, but patrons greeting you.
 Friendly and welcoming Hard Rock has the most diverse clientele.  You will find in the description section  it says TRANSGENDER, SHEMALE, FEMALE, HERM, MALE- ALL WELCOME in caps. Tulsa Sapphire means that.
 You'll also find many tg's there, because it is a environment they are welcomed to be themselves, some even using their voice for the first time in SL.
 She has created not only the club environment to hang out complete with contests during the day and sploders, Tulsa has also expanded to include a beach which is rocking out at least once a week.

 Some avies to look for at Hard Rock Evolutions that will rock you include Mondy Bristol, Cornelius T, Azure, Azkadellia, and Gypsylynn Whelan.  During the day you'll find the music more classic and oldies centered, but as the day goes on it gets a bit harder and modern for the late night metal heads.  

As Tulsa says "It's evolutions.... rock with a difference." 

The Maddhouse

  The Maddhouse is a remodeled asylum, complete with padded cells and free straight- jackets.  There's a bowling alley, a beach, a swamp, a bar. The cells are located on sim. (just not in club)  
This club has a wonderful blend of dj's and hosts. Some of them you may remember from the old Sanctuary Rock, including: UC Black, Ariana Petrova, Cindercat, Violette Ravinelli (known from doubletalk radio), and even Thanatos Souldrinker .They can be spotted more often than not among the patrons.

 New to the grid Maddison Haven has already gathered a wide array of rockers in the six weeks she has been opened.  Maddhouse is a must see for the Metalheads of SL.

 It is one of the few I know that still hosts contests for each set, giving a little extra 250 to the best rocker in theme for that time.  

Highway to Rock
Highway to Rock is another club relatively new to the grid.  DJ Zio introduced me to this club.  It stands out as being a mix of biker, rock, and beach.  Though it isn't your usual scene, it is definitely a must-see on your rock club crawl.

They have the leather and a bit of the biker look, the beach and many in swimwear at times, and all visitors like to rock out at any time of day.  What I like about Highway is the vast variety of dj's they feature.  I have seen American, English, and even Aussie's at the Highway.  With a slide right above the dance floor, bumper cars, and shopping on sim there's something to cater every taste. 

Happy Rock Club Hopping!


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