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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Living Your Lyrical Reality: Poetry Contest- Bimala Tagore Reporting

There is a beautiful Indian story it talks about Krishna, one of the innumerable Vishnu’s avatars, the preserver aspect of God within the Hindu Trinity. One day Yosada, Krishna’s mother, saw her little child’s throat and found an immense starry vault that absorbed her into an endless vision of constellations in the night sky. Yosada had full comprehension of the immensity of Krishna.
A single poem could be a magical deity throat that contains the Universe in the shortest possible space. A magical poem is like Krishna showing the cosmic form to Yasoda. A single poem could reach its most perfect literary expression in few verses.   It is a mysterious sphere that comprises the totally.
Poetry suggests instead of enounce.

Daily language or ordinary language is a different kind of expression. Used to agree with others, social purpose informing, etc. and it tends to schematize. Poetry is evocative like the blues that remind old memories. It provokes emotions in the reader and sometimes cloudy images. Poetry does not describe emotions, but it perceives. It means the reader becomes aware  directly through any of the senses. In poetry you could recognize feelings such as pain, anguish, etc., because the poet has become the best medium for expression. Imagine the silence that suggests displeasure between lovers. Poetry suggests instead of enounce.

Living your poetic reality
We want to encourage everyone to participate. Write some lines of verses after or before the snow falls. It can be a placid experience that has true bonding power. This is a perfect time to play on words. Everyone is welcome to join this competition. “We are Gitanjali Indian Society”, source of inspiration for this contest, and we are promoting poetry explicitly for avatars in this universe called Second Life.  This is our second contest and we hope steadily grown in prestige. The first prize is 10,000 linden and our reward is symbolic, because it really worth fighting for in terms of genuine literary accomplishment.
Write a poem, max 15 lines on any topic and in any style rhyming or non-rhyming. Participation is free and we accept only English language entries. The only condition is to join the group called "Gitangali Indian Society". When you have finished, you will send it to Bimala Tagore in a note card by IM. Enter as often as you like using one avatar per poem. Closing date on December 31Th 2014.  Winning poems will be announced in January.

We are expectant that we may receive your entries in soon. We have four judges and one of them is well known from the SL Enquirer.
We will feel honored to meet you all through your words. Good luck!

Visit us here
“Gitanjali Indian Society”

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