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Showing posts with label Bimala Tagore. Show all posts

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Psychological Test: Tell me your ideal “avatar passenger” in the bus named desire? -Bimala Tagore Reporting…

A “psychological test” is a method used to find out many aspects of our personality through questions or images.  The following test is trying to discover the most “ardent desire” determined by the personal preference of the travelers.

Everybody has dreams, even if they're buried deep inside childhood memories and fantasies. Maybe it's time to revive them or make them come true. After all, nothing is more pleasing than to discover a little more about your personal goals. Whether your aspirations are modest or vast, achieving your dreams is the best route to happiness and satisfaction.
So, what’s your ideal passenger in the bus named desire? Each of these passengers embodies an unconscious dream that may be un-achievable. With it, you will get to know yourself a little better and ascertain your creative potential. This test was set up by Mel Springer Publications who tried to create a connection regarding costumes, appearance, proper posture and psychology.

“Passenger “1”

Within each of you there is a person with a creative capacity. You have to express yourself and your feelings. You need to build self-confidence and develop a more positive sense of yourself.

Passenger “2”

You have a strong desire for freedom and change and at the same time, you are searching for a response to your existential and spiritual longings and desires searching for God.

Passenger “3”

You are a “femme fatale”. You like to seduce and be the focus of universal attention. This profound wish of the fame and importance ashamed you; You think about it. You do! But do you talk about it?

Passenger “4”

You have a nonconformist and youthful personality. Who attends a demonstration, supports a referendum, or even dares to criticize the EU system, but you have a fear of what people will say.

Passenger “5”

You are a calm and easy going person. When problems are revealed, you are looking to soak up the sun and laze on the beach. You also arrive in a place not knowing much about it and basically just rush around.

Passenger “6”

You are a dreamer, nomad, natural and romantic woman, such a profound, sublime and magic love that it appears beyond reality and is almost dreamlike. You love books. They are a shelter of fantasy, an escape from reality.

Passenger “7”

You have exceptional vitality and imagination with a great sense of humor and a prodigious artistic imagination. You are a dreamer whose feet are firmly on the ground. You will hold onto your dreams and work towards their realization.

Passenger “8”

First of all, imagine the scene or mystery you have chosen to help you recollect your thoughts and meditate. You like to do guesswork about what is available. You love exploring the unknown.

Passenger “9”

Sometimes you could be cynical and insensitive person, looking out for only his interest and pleasure. You love to see, touch, smell, taste and hear good things, and are constantly looking outside yourself for satisfaction. Also, you have a contagious laugh and love to "tease”.

All of these passengers have one thing in common; aspiration. It is the need for something more to life that makes people feel whole and unique.  Dreams and fantasies can become part of reality with hard work and dedication towards goals. Happiness doesn’t come easy. We all have to work to obtain it. It is the main goal no matter what type of personality you have. You will never know how far your dreams will take you in life if you do not have goals and aspirations to be happy.

 Which one of these passengers’ best describes you? Use the comment box below to share your dreams and aspirations.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

AVIE POLL: How are Avies Observing St. Patrick's Day? Bimala Tagore Reporting

The color green seems to be taking over Second Life. Sims, venues, parks and stores are decorated with the traditional colors of St. Patrick’s Day.  A failure to wear green to an Irish venue on this holiday might be punished with a playful pinch from brave Irish hostess committed to this day.

 “ST. Patrick´s day” is a special time. It isn’t just a one day celebration in SL; here, it’s turned it into weeks of carnivals,  sales, parties, Irish music and Celtic environments that envelope venues across the grid with a mystical aura.

This is an important cultural and religious holiday named in honor of Patron saint of Ireland called by the name of San Patricio. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world, particularly by Irish communities. People usually dressed in green or wear iconic decorations such as the “shamrock”; it is the leaf of the clover plant and a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Other people carry the flag of the Republic of Ireland, other use snakes and serpents around their necks, as well as the Celtic cross.

We are confident that you will enjoy flying this wing and that you will soon discover the meaning of this green day.  Patrick´s day is a festive event, where the children enjoy sweets and adults can lose themselves in a cold “pint”.
Many venues on the grid share in the festivities with restaurants and pubs. They offer virtual Irish food which include: “Irish brown bread”, “cabbage”, “Irish coffee”, “Irish stew”, “Irish potato soup”, “among other traditional foods”. It is apparent Second Life is living up to this day.
The SL Enquirer wondered how residents celebrate St Patrick’s Day.
Here are their valuable testimonials.

 Teer Latzo shares stories about running around with his granddad when he was a kid
"I have only once really celebrated St. Patrick's Day, and that was with a friend in Chicago. We were just in the right place at the right time and the festivities were huge, we did our best Irish jig for a bowl of soup. That was the only time I have been in actual celebration mode, my grandfather is Irish/Scottish and he used to celebrate every year with a wonderful Irish hang over, green and everything. Now our big day is sitting back with a green beer and eating corn beef and cabbage, it’s a simple pleasure and it works for us."

No matter if it is not part of our own culture.  This holiday it is an opportunity to share with the international community.
Here is Soffy´s (Soffly Ponyluver) and Mr. Lyle views:
Soffly: “I’m not religious and don’t hold to the traditional church stories about St Patrick and I’m not Irish so it doesn't have a cultural background for me.  For me St Patrick's Day is a friendly focus point where people can get together and forget their day to day problems and worries.   I'm just not crazy about green beer - I'll stay with red wine”
Lyle Lindman: “This celebration is a symbol and a way to connect and to cherish those values together and an uplifting way to cherish our tender humanity together.”

I was lucky enough to come across Ophelia Willful a learn how she observes St. Patrick’s Day.
“On these days I love that I can party with my friends. I dry “stouts” accompaniment for corned beef. These days are moments for the memories with my Irish friends. When we usually went to my grandparent's house. It was the point of convergence for all the senses. They were times to remember that time in our lives does not pass for nothing”.

Coffee (Moani Namori) supports “Patrick’s day” events at “Pointe Fusion” and it gets better brand exposure from important festival in SL that go for several days.  She notes,
We fully understand how important is conserve the actual spirit of unit on these days doing special Irish pubs background on SL”

Valeria Ansia, Kissing Boot tell us:
“When i was kid i used to get into town to the Parade with my sister fighting for the best good view.  We loved the whole day all the big floats and bands from America. Here in SL I love Irish hunt Patrick shamrock outfit and enjoying traditional Irish dance with my best Irish dj Aragain. Easterwood. She is an “Irish Women”, resolute and strong!

DJ Aragain. Easterwood is a DJ in Second Life, a professional fiddle player and also Saint Patrick´s devotee.  Here are her special words:
St. Patrick guard you wherever you go, and guide you in whatever you do, and may his loving protection be a blessing to you”, tell us inspiring.

If you are in SL on St. Patrick’s Day you can't miss this time. Fun events will take place around the grid and you can’t miss this cheerful atmosphere. You can ride on flying gold coin, dance the jig with your friends, drink green beer and listen to Irish music.

The most colorful party is waiting for you this month, so follow the rainbow to St. Patrick's Day Town.

Other places to check out:

Friday, February 13, 2015

Spotlight on Maximillian Merlin; Challenge Creative and Entrepreneurial minds. -Bimala Tagore Reporting

Gone are the days when the artist was integral and versatile such as Leonardo Da Vinci or Vincent Van Gogh. The new times impose their value systems, and several times the artist is prevented from exercises their freedom and will. However, those limits have not stopped Maximillian Merlin. He is a beautiful bouquet of creative qualities: poet, inventor, digital artist, scripter, builder, mentor, also is promoter of cultural and artistic events. He excels in each project.

Maximillian Merlin transcends all limited forms as builder of imaginary 3d virtual worlds. He started “Buildwerk group”. It is a collection of trustworthy and very creative designers in Second Life acting together on a common vision: providing the best service to customers.

He also writes impressive codes, giving a breathe of life and motion into all types of objects. Similarly he founded “CYXXUS Creators Network”. The role of CYXXYS is supporting innovative and new technology projects which are warmly received in virtual worlds.

Thanks to the digital age we live in, the line between real poets and robot poets is becoming progressively difficult to separate. Max also developed an artistic robot called Quasimodo. He writes three poems and one painting per day without losing his inspiration along the way.

 New technologies are having a revolutionary and fundamental impact in the world. What is most precious today is how Max’s work is adapted to new times efficiently.

Become part of Maximillian Merlin´s world. He is a real wizard possessing an overwhelming personal power.
I am sure this interview is going to pleasantly surprise you.

Bimala: Can you tell SLE about you? What brought you to Second Life and your experiences such as becoming a scripter?

Maximillian Merlin: In 2007 I read an article about SL in a German “Spiegel” magazine. I could not believe that people would pay real money for a pair of digital shoes and wanted to see that. On my first day in SL I met a woman who was riding a very nice animated horse. As I had already worked with other 3D software like Poser at that time, I could really imagine how much work someone had to put into this horse to make it work. And so I could also understand immediately why people would pay for such beautiful work.

From this moment on I was fascinated by the creative possibilities of this virtual world.
I remember that still on my first day I downloaded clothing templates from somewhere and created a shirt. Then I discovered that I had to pay for the upload. Luckily at that time there were a lot of camping chairs und Linden trees where you could get some money. While I was picking money from such a tree, I met a very nice person who gave me 100 Linden Dollar after a long chat about creativity and art. Unfortunately we forgot to add each others to our friendlists, so I never met him again. But I had the money for 10 Uploads now and started to make the first shirts for my avatar.
After hanging out in my favorite Sandbox Mauve for a while, I discovered that LSL scripting is a powerful tool to bring your creations to live. So I started to look out for other scripters. If I got stuck with a script that did not work, I asked them to explain my mistakes, so i could learn. I also learned by writing scripts for friends. That is how I became a scripter.

What amazing experience…With respect to explore virtual building.  What is the biggest challenge building Sims in SL?

Maximillian Merlin: Developing a completely new Sim in SL is always a like dancing on a rope. Usually you have a fixed budget to pay the builders and scripters and a customer who wants you create a whole universe.  First thing is to get a reliable team that can stand the critique of a person who is responsible to make the project fit into the financial and technical limitations. Unfortunately some people in digital worlds tend to be pretty unreliable. That is why I founded the Buildwerk group ( It is a group of reliable creators. We often collaborate on creating new things. I met the most of them in RL already and some became also good RL friends. My job in this projects is usually to create a conception together with the customer. Then find way to realize it together with the creation team.  This is what I call “dance on the rope” part: If you have ever tried to tell a designer that his 2500 prim house is nice but he has to get rid of at least 800 prims to lower the land impact, then you can imagine how it feels to manage such a thing. If want the good designers and scripters you have to deal with highly creative people, that gain their creativity by not following strict rules. My philosophy is: Form follows function. Depending on the purpose of the Sims and in permanent close communication with the customer during the creation process, we finally create the things the customer needs within the given limitations.

Bimala: Your team and you do a great job…What do you like the most about what you do?

Maximillian Merlin: In SL I love the wide variety of people from different cultures and countries. I also found the most SL Residents are very open minded people. The most fun part is that your age, your skin color, or your nationality does not matter. My eldest SL friend just celebrated her 80th birthday. I would probably not have met her in RL. Someone I met said: “In SL you meet the people from inside to outside. You see their soul before you see the body. In RL it’s the other way round.” People in virtual world often reveal some hidden parts of their personality and their desires. It is exciting for me to help on projects that are the visualizations of my customer’s dreams. Often these “customers” turn into friends later. Last not least I met a lot of people from SL in real life and some of them became close friends.

Bimala: You are the founder of “CYXXUS Creators Network” Established in 2007, how has your organization evolved all this time?

The CYXXUS Network was founded by some artist friends and me in 2002 in Germany. The SL group was founded in 2007. The name was created for an RL art Installation named “Inside Alien Lab” It was an Art Labyrinth created by several artists involving sounds, interactive computer installations, and some other really creepy installations. The name CYXXUS is an artificial word. it’s made from the words Cyber and Plexus. A plexus (from the Latin for "braid") is a branching network of vessels or nerves. In SL CYXXUS is mostly used to share information about SL events and other interesting projects. Beside CYXXUS I am moderating the Orange22 group and my own store group with around 500 members.

Bimala Tagore: You are the spirit behind your artistic bot. Can your bot be as creative as human artists?

Maximillian Merlin:  That depends how we define creativity. If we define creativity as “artistic productivity” (the amount out artistic output) and the “newishness” (no one did it before that way), bots can be way more productive. They can handle a larger amount of data in shorter time than humans. A simple example: “In his collected writings, Shakespeare used 31,534 different words.  Using statistical techniques, it's possible to estimate how many words he knew but didn't use. This means that in addition the 31,534 words that Shakespeare knew and used, there were approximately 35,000 words that he knew but didn't use. Thus, we can estimate that Shakespeare knew approximately 66,534 words.
According to one estimate, the average speaker of English knows between 10,000-20,000 words.” (Source :

My bot Quasimodo knows more than 100,000 English words in his rhyme engine. This does not make him a better poet than Shakespeare but indeed he can find more and sometimes really surprising rhymes. He uses the BBC newsfeed to find words to rhyme on and blogs 2 to 3 poems of vogon poetry and a newly created picture per day. I know personally some musicians in the Hiphop business who love Quasimodos attitude to words: They have no meanings for him, so he uses them phonetically like a child.
But finally I think, the day when bots will replace lawyers will come before the day when bots replace poets and painters.

Bimala Tagore: “Like father, like son”. Good legacy. On the other hand, what comes to mind when you hear the word “magic” and what role does magic play in your buildings?
Maximillian Merlin:  I started to perform magic tricks when I was 12. My RL work is as a magic entertainer for over 25 years. Please understand that I prefer my digital work separated from my RL work and I will not provide links to my website. In my buildings I love to surprise people with some “magic” functions. I think the fact that scripting makes your creations alive has a lot in common with magic. Indeed programming in general has a lot in common with what people understand as “magic”: Someone is writing words (code) that normal people do not understand to make something “magically” happen. As Arthur C. Clarke stated in the third law of "Clarke's Three Laws": Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Bimala Tagore: Giving your formal opinion. For those who may want to learn more about mesh, what are the advantages and disadvantages of mesh versus prims?

Maximillian Merlin:  Let’s leave the wonderful rigged (wearable) meshes out because I do not create them. But I can tell you that one of the biggest advantages of meshes can be a lower Land impact if they are used intelligently. If you just want to replace your prims by mesh, you should always consider that the displaying of Meshes depends on the viewer’s LOD factor and the number of vertices in the mesh used for Low display. If you raise the LOD the Land impact raises too. I have some very nice builds in my inventory that I cannot use, because they “break way” too much when look you at them from a long distance. I love to create “sim” with several viewpoints that allow nice photos. They simply spoil the “view”. Another advantage of mesh is, that they can be really “sculpted” in a software like Blender. I like to use mesh for low Land impact in world displays that show information’s or pictures in stores or at community places. It’s also nice to use them for details inside buildings that are mostly sighted from a short distance. For this purpose I can recommend the in world tools like Mesh studio from The Black Box and (for in world sculpting also) and all the tools from Naonao Watanabe.

Bimala Tagore: Besides building what other things do you do to keep busy in SL?

Maximillian Merlin:  I am still administrating one of our creations from 2009: The Orange22 Sim and manage the event planning and access options there. I also support several NGOs in SL as a scripting and security advisor. When I am bored I work on my AI Quasimodo Merlin. He is the “bot” that writes poetry and stories.

Bimala: You are so versatile. Do you have an eye for talent or an ear for music?

Maximillian Merlin:  I hope that I have an eye for talent. Whenever I meet a creative person, I connect. The Buildwerk group grew exactly this way. We are collecting talented people and synergize. I love music of nearly all kinds. I listen to everything from techno over jazz to opera or classical music.  At the moment my favorite singer is the Julia Lezhneva (google her). I love her voice. I do hear a wrong tone when others play it, but somehow I have no talent to make music. When I was child I had a private guitar teacher for 6 years. It did not help. :-( When my RL partner and me moved together many years ago, we found her old flute in one of the cartons. I tried to play it. My cat nearly scratched himself through the front door to get out. I bought a nice second hand keyboard. My RL partner does not allow me to play it any more on speakers. I have to wear an earphones...

Bimala:    How do you balance everything you do?
Maximillian Merlin:  I eat when I am hungry. I sleep when I am tired. I listen to my friends. I meditate.

Bimala: You are an experienced SL resident. Do you have any advice to new members looking to be productive in Second life?

Maximillian Merlin:  For really new people I would recommend to start off at NEW RESIDENT ISLAND with one of their awesome volunteer mentors. (Link: They help newbies to learn how the viewer works and prevent them from wasting money for scams.  Before you open up a “whatever” business, I would strongly recommend to explore SL, meet intelligent people that are already doing something like want to do. Join groups that meet your interests. Do not be shy to leave them again if they are dorming or too spammy. Stay away from any kind of drama. Just do not get involved. Do not go for just the money, go for your interests. If you are good at what you do, create a little project. Finish it! Pack it. Before you sell it, give it to some experienced friends. Let them test it. Ask them for an honest critique. Listen to their words. If you are not out to create freebies, let them also check the permissions they have got on this items. Be nice! Help other new residents.

Bimala: You give good advice. With the New Year beginning, what new things would you like to do and what can your fans expect from you?

Maximillian Merlin:  We are preparing a gamelike sim, opening later this year. We also still work on the Actor in a box project ( It is a real time animation and camera system for Machinima creators.

Bimala: Good news…Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Maximillian Merlin:  Yes, it’s a quote: “There exists only the present instant... a Now which always and without end is itself new. There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence.” Meister Eckhart (1260 – 1327)

Thank you for giving us this interview. It has been really interesting and stimulating.

Additional Information:

Preferred Contact:
The Buildwerk Group:

Realtime Animation Machinima System:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spotlight on Anek Fuchs -Bimala Tagore Reporting..

There are powerful voices that must be heard in Second Life.  Anek Fuchs is one of them. Voices and energy like his will never leave your memory. Music is powerful enough to evoke mixed emotions if our sensibility is open to it.

 Anek Fuchs is one of the most special voices I have heard in SL. He opens his heart to us, offering a glimpse and depth of his passion for music, personal life and true love.

His experience with music started at a very young age, among quadraphonic pre-composed electro-acoustic tracks and psychedelic rock. Anek also expresses his talent through guitar solos. His solos could be complex with new fusions constantly evolving.  Anek’s music provides rhythm and personality to his songs.

When asked about his inspiration Anek has a existentialist approach that I really appreciate. Further, music is the center of his universe. He senses music as part of his soul. In spite of his rebel temperament, Anek Fuchs could be distinguished by two characteristics: strong hands and a loyal heart. He is in love and this love reveals more beauty and depth than we usually think.

SLE has been in touch with Anek and we gleaned the following interview.

Bimala:  When did you first start singing? Also, we would like to know a little bit more about your trajectory. 

Anek: “My mother always sang songs in the car, in the kitchen, and anywhere else she pleased, and carried great vocal talents herself. I sang sometimes with Kenny Rogers songs on the radio, that’s when it started, and i was told i should keep doing it because it sounded good and i should do things i like.  My parents loved music so by default, i developed my own torrid affair with it”.

Bimala:  You are well known as a singer, musician and songwriter, interpreting the rhythm that you carry in your passionate heart. Who or what are your musical inspirations?

Anek:  “Inspirations, have been, and will continue to be many things, be it what I see others going through, or my own personal experiences, or any other topic that becomes a muse . . . be it happy, or painful, or neither at all, content, is content, as long as it is made meaningful”. 

Bimala:   Did you study music or were you really born gifted to do great things like playing by ear.

 Anek: “I was raised with quadraphonic stereo sounds blasting acid rock, among other things in my ears most of my youth, it was only a matter of time, before I found comfort in it, a form of therapy all its own. By ear, I study a bit, if I hear a technique I like, then I grab it, and merge it into my exercise routine and then into my style if it fits”.

Bimala:   We all know you are very in love… I am sure she gives your voice some love too. Some words in this respect?

Anek:  “I have been fortunate in the area of love, to experience it a few times in life, but never to the levels in which I am and will be for the rest of my life, and that is all I will say on the matter due to the sensitivities of that subject”.

Bimala:    You play through different music genres, but what kind of music do you prefer to perform?

Anek: “If only it were that simple, the reality for me, is anything where I find a sort of an interlocking instance, a "gel" or a pocket, where I can co-exist with the emotions at hand, this is something I always seek in music.”

Bimala: Your guitar skills are great. Do you prefer to perform guitar solos on the stage?

 Anek: “My most natural feeling placement, is a lead guitarist, I sing a lot, and I feel I have reached new levels lately with it, but my heart I fear is more on a fret board than being vocal, none the less, I put everything I have into both.”

Bimala:   What sparks the fire of your imagination when you write a song?

Anek: “There is no one thing, it can be a myriad of events, or a singular instance, and if I see or feel the potential, I write.”

Bimala:    Which famous musicians, groups, singers do you really admire and have you learned from?

Anek:  “Guitar virtuosos worldwide, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai most likely are my largest influences, but music, cannot be determined by one source, it comes from so many influences, sources, this would be too hard to narrow down.”

Bimala:    In conclusion, please tell us about your resolutions for this year.

Anek: “My plans are to get my album done. A Real album, using a real studio etc., as my previous recordings have all been done from home.”

Thank you very much for this interview. SLE really appreciates your music. We wish you a successful release of your album. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

What Are Your New Year's Resolutions? Bimala Tagore reporting

Did you know New Year Celebrations started in pre- Christian times and was observed by the Babylonians in March?  The Romans are responsible for changing the celebrations to January and beginning the tradition of New Year resolutions. Another interesting fact is that January is derived from the name Janus; a two-faced pagan god who was the protector of gates. One face looks backwards at the old year and the other face looks forward into the New Year. 

Image from

We still practice this tradition today as the end of a year approaches and the beginning of a new one begins. It is a good time to evaluate your life situations; both the good and the bad. It is time to say goodbye to the past and look forward into the future.
So many memories are created and awareness grows with time. Many people are touched, loved and cared about. December is the last month of the year to remind ourselves of the need to affirm, begin again, find meaning and purpose as well as demonstrate our true selves with trust and confidence.
What are your New Year's Resolutions? What are you going to do or change in your first and second life? That is the crucial question to be posed here. All of these resolutions are laden with consequences and concern the meaning of life itself.
Some of our friends have already expressed their purposes and they will make present to our readers their projects and goals for this coming year.
Let me introduce you to Teer Latzo. He is a writer of elegant and fluid language. On the road, he looks at profound attitude of his writing and his goals reflect on how far he has come and where he hopes to go next.

Teer Latzo: “2015 is a big year for me. One of the goals I have set years ago will finally come to fruition. My resolution for this is to make the experience as good as possible. I will also continue to write and add to my blog and continue to reach out to other writers and artist, giving mutual positive support. As a writer/artist I see the need for support reaching desperation: I have never seen so many artist and writers so self-absorbed and looking down on those working hard at the very same thing. There is only competition if your work is the same as everyone else’s. My resolution is to continue to show support and talk about ideas and concepts with others. I would also like to utilize SL and offer some of my new works to publication and or use throughout as part of the writing community. This includes any interested parties in the SL writers community such as the SL Enquirer and etc,.. I wish everyone a fantastic New Year, full of fresh ideas and goals”.

Kathryn Audurburgh is like a beautiful flower, full of color.  Her love for blossoms and books was complemented with her interest on poetry. She is a distinguished poet. She won the first prize of “Tagore Poetry Competition in Second Life 2013”

Kathryn Audurburgh : “My New year’s resolution for 2015 would be to build again. I haven't built anything in 2 years so my flower shop has no new products. I bought a lot of building materials before but i lack the inspiration to make anything. Maybe a change of season would do the.  I should do that more often. And I have been planning on documenting some of my sl adventures or make a blog about sl. This might help others trick. I also would like to hear Live Concerts in Second Life. I have only been in three”.

Scarlette Dubrovna is a passionate woman who sings about love, who touches different genres that deal with deep emotions.   The connection with her audience gave her a sense of mission that reflects her feelings.  

Scarlette Dubrovna: “I plan on being my own woman, with my own ideas and voice them all the time. I am the one who sets the limits and goals. In this sense, I work towards my own philosophies and passions. My second resolution for coming year it is to start singing more in venues. I really like singing and that is why I feel that music can help me express myself. Finally, to tell the people in my Second Life that I love them and care for them as you never know when it’s the last”.

Miha Shamen captivated his audience with his unequaled and powerful voice it includes many genres and different styles, which made up Miha´s repertoire preserving this singer´s unique voice.  

Miha Shamen: “I Love My Family. I Love to Entertain and Sing My Music, but most of all, I treat every day as if it was my last, & I treat others how I Like to be treated. Every day is a new day at my age i dont look to the future i look at the present and remember my past. Happiness is not acquired through living for the moment, but through surrendering to a meaningful goal”.

Lyle Lindman and Sedona Bluemood are a charming couple with special training in helping people to learn, grown and solve problems.

Lyle: I need to disappoint you a bit. In general I don't make any resolutions for a new year. Of course I have ideals to which I strive. But I try to evaluate and ponder life whenever I have a few moments in a peaceful surrounding.  Growth is maybe something that happens step by step. And sometimes a long walk in nature can be the right time and place.
Sedona:  My resolutions in SL are related to “Soul Food Lounge”. It is a place where we have a great time with wonderful people and reading selections that help you in the situation that you are in. These lectures are very important. As a matter of fact, as we need physical food in order to live, we also need spiritual food in order to nourish our spiritual grown.

At this time write down your list of resolutions. This list should be in order of importance from the highest resolution to the lowest.  Start the New Year with goals and try to accomplish them. This will help you get a new start on your journey through life.

We wish you much luck and success for 2015 and beyond.