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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pop Music and Party Clubs in Second Life- Ccoursey Reporting...

 Are you in need of something different?   Maybe something a little more playful and loud?  Pop music is a global commercial music culture with public appeal. It is a collection of sounds influenced by various genres including, urban, dance, Latin, rock and country. You can find a variety of Pop and Party Clubs in Second Life that keep the energy flowing.
            Visiting Pop Clubs with friends I’ve learned this type of venue has a bit of a different vibe. These clubs are unique in the way things were usually done in Second Life.  It seems the more gesturing the better, as long as they keep the mood uplifted and tone upbeat.  DJ's will talk during the music, some personally thanking tippers or even greet you as you come through the door.  Hosts are friendly, laugh constantly, encouraging dancers, gestures, and teasing.  They didn't rely on conversations so much as friendly 'we are here to party' chatter. 
 Stepped into a different kind of atmosphere by visiting some of these Pop/Party club scenes

Big Daddy's
            At some point, everyone has heard of or been to Big Daddy's.  There is good reason... This club is fun.  It has a great mix of party music from pop to rock, the hosts are friendly with constant chatter, and the club is well put together.   You teleport in and it is best to move to the side and just take a moment to rez, because there is people here day or night so if you're like me it is going to take a minute.  The hosts here were more of the type I was used to having conversations in nearby and whenever I go I have to say they involve everyone.  They greet everyone like old friends.  It is very well put together with the stage clear and upfront so you can find the dj and host easily.
 In honor of October being breast cancer awareness month, they even decorated for it.  The whole environment is fun, promoting a good time.  This club is always hopping. 

Energy Club
            This place was new to me, but there was no disappointment. It lived up to its name each time I dropped by.  I loved the way it flowed, but let me explain how different it was than what I am used to.   Once I stopped by, there was German, Spanish, and English being spoken. With the assistance of translators conversation happened easily and naturally, where there might be a stutter in other places with so many varieties this seemed like a normal every day thing.  There were a lot of nationalities, there was a lot of energy too. It was fun.  They played gestures often, but stayed upbeat.  There were a lot of older avi's at this place, In fact, I was a younger one.  The DJ's were engaging the crowd, they talked whileI was there instead of the ones that just play music.  Even the shift change went unnoticed until someone spoke.  Lichy Love Portal was there the first time I went, and I have to mention her, because she was great.  She was friendly and kept the crowd actively involved. She was quick to answer questions which makes people feel like they are being heard.   There is a lots of interaction at this club.  It was surrounded by water, a blue overtone to the whole places with dances in the floor and as Lichy said "in her belly", this place is a must see.  I was surprised to have never heard of it before, but impressed with it.   It is definitely a place I will go when I am in the mood for party.  

Rez Nightclub
            Another well known and busy club in Second Life is Rez.  I chose it because it is a place where one of my favorite dj's might show up, DJ A.F.I.  She is always fun to watch, a real sweetheart to speak to.  Rez is a nightclub and mall combined, and from what I understand a sister club to Club Ambrosia.  Landing you walk through a line of stores to get to the club.  It is always busy. Rez is another place that might take you a moment to rez everything.  The music is a great mix, each dj is different with mixed styles. It is a great build, the stages are all around the floor for patrons to dance.  Best part for me was the pink floor.  Dances are different here for both couples and singles, there were some I was unfamiliar with that I had to see.  If you are looking to be around people at a fun upbeat environment, then Rez is a good place togo, day or night.   

Woods Club
            When I was looking for pop clubs a friend told me to check out Woods.  I found that you need to come during PM SL times to catch people  here though.  This build is gorgeous.  I loved the grey with gold trim, the dances in the woods sign on the floor, and the bars and tvs set up around the place.  The dances were common, I recognized most from other clubs, but they did match the music.  The music here I would say are more like party music, not so much pop.  The atmosphere was great though. It is very upbeat.  It was a nice mix of avatars here from 26 days old to 6 years.  Some friendly chatting in my box and nearby, others were like me spectating and enjoying the scene.  Friendly hostess and DJ, decorated for Halloween to add to the theme of the month.  It is a nice place to hang out sobring friends to this one. If this is your type of music and you wish for more relaxed conversation then this would be your club.  

The Black Inferno
            I have to admit I fell in love with this last place.  It was a mix of hip hop, club, pop, reggae, and a bit of Rhythm and blues.   The Black Inferno was one of those places you could teleport into and have to sit back a moment to take it all in.  The club was very colorful.The build is beautiful. There are steps on both sides of the club room.  The Dj was a talker, fun and upbeat, his music selection was a great mix to match his attitude.  The hostess, whom I fell in love with, Tahiry was all over my box letting me know where things were since she realized I had never been, and kept nearby flowing with several conversations at once.  A multitasker!  She let me know that Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays were tag free here, but there was a charge to come on other days.  She did say even though you pay 300L for a tag, the Black Inferno gives back to its members.  You add them to your pics and you have a chance to win lindens and gifts from their sponsers, plus they are good with club contests.
There was a manager when I was there and she was in nearby with Tahiry. She was friendly, taking a moment to talk to me too.  I was told The Black Inferno was the only four in one club on the grid, meaning, they had a male strip club, a female strip club, a regular club (that I visited), and a casino in one.  The club had a nice mix of people when I visited, and they didn't spread out like other clubs sticking in a tighter knit group they included everyone, laughing and dancing.  It was great.  I had a lot of fun here, I will be visiting again.  

Do you have a favorite SL pop/party club you would like to share? Us the comment box below and drop some club names and slurls!


  1. I LOVE Woods! Other clubs I used to go to (not anymore because of the massive lag) was GOL8 and Dogglounge <- this one doesn't exist for 3 years, but was my first and favourite lounge when I joined back in 2007.

  2. While all these clubs are excellent in their own ways, if you are looking for a relaxed, no drama club check you Moon Dog's Cafe. Sadly they only have late eve/night sets. But their djs are excellent & their hosts are friendly. I found it to be very laid back & relaxing to go where I was treated like a long lost friend by everyone. It was reminiscent of that old tv show Cheers where everybody knows your name & at the end of your time there you're glad you went.

  3. Music is love in search of a word. From my childhood I knew that the only thing I could ever really do was write songs and sing them to people.

  4. Big Daddy's is full of bots

  5. Gone are the days of Papa's, Beachwood, GOL, D4L and B.E.D.

  6. Big Dadddys also discriminates..I went there one day and was not greeted nor was I helped when I asked for it, no one talked to me and then I got an IM from another person who had a similar avatar as I and he said,..Are you being ignored too? and I said yes and he said, I guess our kind is not welcome here, but everyone else 4b and after us were properly greeted. That was my 1st and Last time going to that place. If you dont fit in with a certain kind of avatars, ur not welcome there and the music is not all that great,