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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Seychelles Isles Coast Guard providing peace of mind - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

The exclusive Seychelles Isles Estate offers its residents peace of mind among other things.

Seychelles Isles being a sailing, boating and flying community located on the Linden Ocean with access to the Blake Sea require the services of The Coast Guard. The SICG exists to defend and preserve the Seychelles Isles. They protect the personal safety and security of the residents; the marine transportation system and infrastructure; the natural and economic resources; and the territorial integrity of the estate – from both internal and external threats, virtual or otherwise. They protect these interests in Seychelles Isles ports, inland waterways, along the coasts, and on open waters.

The names of the current team who are part of the Coast Guard and their ranks are as follows:

Admiral Irish Gent
Captain Jericho Napoli
CO Dr.Mexes Snowpaw
Lieutenant Germlin Glitterbuck
Ensign Manny Gearbox
Master Chief Margot Fenring
Petty Officer First Class Trevan Mudmaster
Petty Officer Second Class Alex Healer
Petty Officer Second Michael Hanretty
Petty Officer Third Class Rico Dee
Petty Officer Third Class Cobra Riggles
Petty Officer Third Class Olly Ian1
Petty Officer Third Class Ferrior Fright
Seaman Matt Nitro
seaman Bill Prantis
Seaman Asra X4ten
Seaman Apprentice Rock Fallen
Seaman Apprentice Inferus Galewind
Seaman Apprentice Aleck Fyodor Kuteskovav
Seaman Apprentice Rain Glassfield
Seaman Recruit Sookie Napoli
Seaman Recruit Meowriam

Seychelles Isles management have commissioned the Seychelles Isles Coast Guard (SICG) to perform all estate management duties. The SICG is fully endorsed by Seychelles Isles to assist residents and enforce its Covenant by keeping the estate regions running smoothly and to protect the community’s safety. The SICG does regular maritime and aviation patrols. The SICG offers residents an estate management team dedicated to ensuring that residents' time in Seychelles Isles is one of the best experiences in Second Life® in terms of customer care and community safety.

The SICG is responsible for, but not limited to the following:
Enforcing the Covenant
Restarting Regions Routinely
Region Performance Monitoring
Combating Griefers
Returning Lost Objects
Regular patrols to Keep Airways and Waterways Clear of Abandoned Planes, Boats, etc.
Patrol and Assist the Seychelles Isles Yacht Club Races
Serve as Training Tool for all Estate Managers
Teach boating safety course through the Yacht Club (SIYC)

The SICG demonstrates uncompromising ethical conduct and moral behaviour in all of their personal and organizational actions. They are loyal and accountable to the residents trust. Integrity is their standard.

They treat each other and those they serve with fairness, dignity, respect and compassion. They encourage individual opportunity and growth. They encourage creativity through empowerment. They value their diverse workforce. They work as a team.

If anyone is interested in joining the Coast Guard you can contact Captain Jericho Napoli (nightdr).

Duties would include:
Minimum of 20 minutes a day patrolling Seychelles Isles and filing reports of the location of any issues.
Complete the estate manager preparation training course and the coast guard training courses as follows:
Marine Operations
Aviation Operations
Rescue Operations
Role Play Medical Training Basic First Aid
Estate Mangers Prep Course

The SICG are professionals, military and civilian, who seek responsibility, accept accountability and are committed to the successful achievement of our organizational goals. They exist to serve. They serve with pride.

Captain Jericho Napoli joined SICG because there are many coast guard groups out there, but their purpose is for role play only. With Seychelles Isles Coast Guard, they have a mission and a purpose. 

The SICG has general mission responsibility for providing resources, personnel, and facilities in support of the Seychelles Isles Community operations and marine safety, security, environmental protection missions, and in support of other Coast Guard missions, when requested.  These include:
Operations (OP)
Aviation (AV)
Communications (CM)
Marine Safety (MS)

Seychelles Isles is unique because they are the only sailing, boating, and flying estate commissioning a Coast Guard to serve and protect its residents.

Pictures by Sookie Miami (Sookie Napoli)


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