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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spotlight on Anek Fuchs -Bimala Tagore Reporting..

There are powerful voices that must be heard in Second Life.  Anek Fuchs is one of them. Voices and energy like his will never leave your memory. Music is powerful enough to evoke mixed emotions if our sensibility is open to it.

 Anek Fuchs is one of the most special voices I have heard in SL. He opens his heart to us, offering a glimpse and depth of his passion for music, personal life and true love.

His experience with music started at a very young age, among quadraphonic pre-composed electro-acoustic tracks and psychedelic rock. Anek also expresses his talent through guitar solos. His solos could be complex with new fusions constantly evolving.  Anek’s music provides rhythm and personality to his songs.

When asked about his inspiration Anek has a existentialist approach that I really appreciate. Further, music is the center of his universe. He senses music as part of his soul. In spite of his rebel temperament, Anek Fuchs could be distinguished by two characteristics: strong hands and a loyal heart. He is in love and this love reveals more beauty and depth than we usually think.

SLE has been in touch with Anek and we gleaned the following interview.

Bimala:  When did you first start singing? Also, we would like to know a little bit more about your trajectory. 

Anek: “My mother always sang songs in the car, in the kitchen, and anywhere else she pleased, and carried great vocal talents herself. I sang sometimes with Kenny Rogers songs on the radio, that’s when it started, and i was told i should keep doing it because it sounded good and i should do things i like.  My parents loved music so by default, i developed my own torrid affair with it”.

Bimala:  You are well known as a singer, musician and songwriter, interpreting the rhythm that you carry in your passionate heart. Who or what are your musical inspirations?

Anek:  “Inspirations, have been, and will continue to be many things, be it what I see others going through, or my own personal experiences, or any other topic that becomes a muse . . . be it happy, or painful, or neither at all, content, is content, as long as it is made meaningful”. 

Bimala:   Did you study music or were you really born gifted to do great things like playing by ear.

 Anek: “I was raised with quadraphonic stereo sounds blasting acid rock, among other things in my ears most of my youth, it was only a matter of time, before I found comfort in it, a form of therapy all its own. By ear, I study a bit, if I hear a technique I like, then I grab it, and merge it into my exercise routine and then into my style if it fits”.

Bimala:   We all know you are very in love… I am sure she gives your voice some love too. Some words in this respect?

Anek:  “I have been fortunate in the area of love, to experience it a few times in life, but never to the levels in which I am and will be for the rest of my life, and that is all I will say on the matter due to the sensitivities of that subject”.

Bimala:    You play through different music genres, but what kind of music do you prefer to perform?

Anek: “If only it were that simple, the reality for me, is anything where I find a sort of an interlocking instance, a "gel" or a pocket, where I can co-exist with the emotions at hand, this is something I always seek in music.”

Bimala: Your guitar skills are great. Do you prefer to perform guitar solos on the stage?

 Anek: “My most natural feeling placement, is a lead guitarist, I sing a lot, and I feel I have reached new levels lately with it, but my heart I fear is more on a fret board than being vocal, none the less, I put everything I have into both.”

Bimala:   What sparks the fire of your imagination when you write a song?

Anek: “There is no one thing, it can be a myriad of events, or a singular instance, and if I see or feel the potential, I write.”

Bimala:    Which famous musicians, groups, singers do you really admire and have you learned from?

Anek:  “Guitar virtuosos worldwide, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai most likely are my largest influences, but music, cannot be determined by one source, it comes from so many influences, sources, this would be too hard to narrow down.”

Bimala:    In conclusion, please tell us about your resolutions for this year.

Anek: “My plans are to get my album done. A Real album, using a real studio etc., as my previous recordings have all been done from home.”

Thank you very much for this interview. SLE really appreciates your music. We wish you a successful release of your album. 


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