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Showing posts with label rere sandalwood. Show all posts

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Few Good Men Outline their take on Spring Fashion Trends- Rere Sandalwood Reporting…

Spring is in full swing, but there is always time to reflect on what is in for Men’s Fashion!  The last time the SL Enquirer broached the subject, we focused solely on Women’s Spring Fashion…however, because the central focus was on women’s fashion, the men of SL felt that they, too should have a say about what is in for Spring and beyond!
With this in mind, the SL Enquirer felt it important to provide a few good men of SL with a voice; a voice that outlines their take on the ongoing Male Fashion trends going on RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW!

Be mindful that because Spring is in full swing and fastidiously approaching an end, the SL Enquirer has incorporated universal fashion tips that can be used by fashion conscious men no matter what the season!

The men featured in this article are what we deem to be one of many who take pride in their avatar appearance, and are meticulous in what they wear and how they look.  Thus, the SL Enquirer gathered the opinions of JOH LΞMϮΘ (johnn.lemton), a broad shouldered and athletically built man who enjoys wearing anything from shorts to snappy suits, complete with gold chains and diamonds that decorate his earlobes and wrists.

Also, Romero Ocello, who specializes in designing both men and female fashion and accessories; and, last but not least, SL and RL identical twin brothers Double Trouble Twins DOUBLE TROUBLE HELL RAZOR (elliottlafeyett.miles) and DOUBLE TROUBLE VIDEO PRODUCTION (rockfordge.ewing).

Just an FYI: the SL Enquirer previously made acquaintance with the twins in our other article entitled, “All In The SL Family:  A Close Look At SL Families” (

 All Year Round:  A Passionate Discussion on Men’s SL Fashion
In a world where baggy jeans and t-shirts seem to be the norm in the Men’s Fashion Realm, the men featured in today’s article have keenly differentiated themselves from others, yet still manage to have their hand on the pulse of Men’s Fashion. Be mindful that this is not an easy feat, since quality men’s fashion is hard to find in SL, specifically because the Grid caters to the fashion needs and desires of women.

 Romero reiterates this claim by saying, “I shop at many stores here on SL [because]…it's hard for me to find really good clothing. To find a great outfit you need to really mix and match…”

This difficulty is not an uncommon one, and occurs in Men’s fashion because there are simply not enough creators that focus on Men’s fashion.  Because this is the case, there are also a limited number of fashions available for men who decide to use mesh bodies.  Rockford says that though he prefers denim, as well as what he calls “The Page Boy” look that entails the use of vests and ties rather than full suits for Spring, that he too has encountered difficulty with finding clothing for his mesh body.  “[Right now]” Rockford explains, “[my] look is whatever I can make work with this TMP Body shape and skin!”
Despite this misgiving, Rockford explains that in addition to wearing denim and finding ways to incorporate “The Page Boy” look in his wardrobe, he and his twin brother also prefer shoes with silver platinum tips.  When asked about his favorite designers, Rockford tells the SL Enquirer, “I am a Marketplace [shopper], so I come across a lot of different designers and tend to go hard on Marketplace when it comes to searching for designers…” he continues, “…I prefer to shop at FashionNatic, as well as G I O M E N and ::ZED:: Designz for Men…those are just a few of my favorites…”

Double Trouble Twins

All page boy looks aside, the twins were recently caught wearing not only denim, but black leopards on their necks! While some may say that it is too hot to wear any kind of fur, the twins routinely pull this look off by being shirtless…as well as by wearing short cropped hair to accentuate the beautifully adorned black leopards around their necks. Rockford says with a chuckle, “[the black leopard look] is a popular look right now, and the best so far if you ask me…[especially] if you like that workout look!”

When asked about him and his brother’s look, Rockford explains, “What is hard for men like my brother and I is creating a new look that is sexy, yet masculine and mature…I mix liquid mesh and the mesh bodies, so I can cross [reference a variety of male fashion] genres…”

 GABRIEL’s:  One of a few stores that specialize in Men’s Fashion
Another great designer to turn to for men’s fashion, according to JOH LΞMϮΘ is GABRIEL’s. Though John contends that he prefers to be shirtless and prefers to wear “…just easy baggy pants or shorts…” he contends that for spring, men like himself tend to turn to colors ranging in black, blue, white, and red.  “That’s four colors I mostly wear,” he explains. “Nonetheless, I find that the key for people in SL is not to be the same, to not wear the same things over and over again. GABRIEL’s gives me a lot to choose from; I like their coats and shirts especially…”
“However…” John adds, “…if [GABRIEL fashions] would put appliers for mesh bodies [in their fashions for men,] that would be amazing…there are not a lot of stores that include quality clothing for mesh bodies…”


Romero somewhat echoes John’s sentiment when it comes to the limitations of GABRIEL’s attire by stating, “[the mesh fashions at GABRIEL’s are] really for thin people…like anorexic people…and it [incorporates] a little bit of too much catalog fashion, [so in my opinion], it lacks creativity…” Yet despite these perceived limitations, Romero still contends that Takuya Jinn (the owner and creator of GABRIEL’s) is still a good place to turn to for men’s fashion.  “Takuya Jinn…” he explains, “…is still a great creator, but it’s not my cup of tea…”
While Romero tastes vastly differs from JOH LΞMϮΘ and the DOUBLE TROUBLE TWINS, he lets the SL Enquirer know that for Spring, pastel and light colors, as well as fashions made with thin fabrics, are what men are currently wearing.  However, though he contends that the fabrics should be light, they should still be able to provide warmth for the wearer at night.  “I also see prints are becoming a trend [in men’s fashion]…” Romero continues, “[However,] I prefer elegant fashionable clothing…from great quality to great textures…I also prefer English suits, as well as anything that can be either formal or casual…or a mixture of both…”

Like the DOUBLE TROUBLE TWINS, Romero echoes the importance of mixing and matching clothing as a way to create a look that is unique and sexy all at once.  In this sense, it is important that men…no matter what the season…extend their creativity when it comes to fashion.  That way, they will come across as not only virile and masculine, but as a person that stands apart from the rest of the crowd.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Celebrating Seven Years of Success at Club Lion- Rere Sandalwood Reporting…

In an SL world where clubs come and go, coming across a club that has been around for seven years or more is rare.  Thus, when the SL Enquirer learned about Club Lion’s upcoming seven year anniversary, we decided to investigate the club’s key to longevity.
To further our investigation, we not only relied on club owner ITA (huanita.wunderlich), we also turned to her partner Ricardo AvalirA.

With over 152 people in attendance, the May 1, 2015 Club Lion Anniversary Celebration was, according to ITA (huanita.wunderlich) and her partner Ricardo Alvaliro, a huge success.  According to AvalirA, “ITA designed the whole [decorative] platform for the party, and she took some pics…” To get a better understanding of just how awesome the decorations were, ITA was kind enough to share her pictures with the SL Enquirer. 
In addition to ITA’s willingness to share the pictures she took of Club Lion’s Seven Year Anniversary, the SL Enquirer asked Alvaliro about his take on Club Lion’s key to longetivity. He states with no hesistation, “ITA’s vision and dedication to her venue.  She is meticulous…it is amazing to watch her create everything for her club….”
ITA’s meticulous nature is not only apparent in the way Club Lion is built, but it is also obvious when one takes a look at the surrounding landscape.  Delicate rose bushes, trees and neatly trimmed shrubbery surround the Club.  In addition, there is a sitting area available for patrons, as well as an area where patrons can candidly stare at the Club’s waterfront.

Outside of Club Lion’s entrance is a neatly decorated, grey cobblestoned entrance that connects to a black dancefloor trimmed in red.  In the middle of the dancefloor is the Club Lion’s name…a name that seems to spin and flash as a reflection of ITA’s accomplishments.
In addition to ITA’s meticulous nature, Ricardo AvalirA also credits her dedication to others as the key to her longevity.  He explains, “I use to sing at ITA’s club years ago…then I took a break…but I have been singing in SL for about five years…”
What is impressive about this comment is the fact that AvalirA not only worked for ITA prior to taking an SL break, but that he was allowed to return to his position as a singer at ITA’s Club Lion upon his return to SL. Though it is easy to assume that the reason for his easy return was due to his partnership with ITA, to dismiss his return on that basis is unmerited because it keenly demonstrates another secret to ITA’s longevity:  cultivating and keeping strong relationships with her employees.

  ITA Discusses How Cultivating Friendships Has Led to Club Lion’s Longevity
ITA states in a matter of fact fashion, “Well, [many club owners] just set up a box…a stage, and call that a club…and sometimes, I really wonder about that…” She smiles, then continues, “…you have to stand by your club and your singers…There is so much work to running a club. People just think they can open a club and make For me, I find that if the chemistry between the singers, as well as the hosts and other employees is ok with me, that often helps me to keep them as long term employees…”
With honesty and friendship acting as a foundation to Club Lion’s longevity, ITA’s vision, according to her profile page, “…was to create a place where people in Second Life could come to have fun, meet new people, here great music [specifically live performances, though there is a DJ themed event at her Goth Club on Thursdays, too], or just to relax.” This philosophy is regularly practiced by ITA on a daily basis, and she ascertains that this practice is similar to what many have to do on a daily basis in RL.  She contends, “[yes, cultivating and maintaining friendships in SL] is like RL…there are some that like you and some that don’t…you can’t change that…you can only try to make people feel comfortable…treat people like how you want to be treated.”

One of many ways ITA treats others…specifically her employees…the way she would like to be treated is by regularly supporting them when they perform at other venues. For instance, she recently supported Ricardo AvalirA’s performance at Sunshine’s Cove Beach Club and Mermaid’s Reef (61, 75, 22).  While ITA contends that this is normal and in keeping to being partnered with AvalirA, she acknowledges that this kind of support is rare when it comes to SL employee relationships.  She contends, “Supporting one another should happen, but [I know] it does not happen often enough…”
Because ITA is so steadfast in her support, her staff members, in turn are very helpful to her.  She explains, “I have a good staff too…they help me a lot, and they also live with me on the [Club Lion] sim, so I have the best people around me…”

 Multitasking and Asking for Help:  Another Secret to Club Lion’s Longevity
Besides cultivating positive and long term relationships with her employees, ITA contends that it is also important to ask for help…particularly if you are interested in opening a club of your own.  “I would strongly suggest to consult with someone who is experienced in running a club….”  ITA continues, “[because]..there are many things that can go wrong. But the biggest thing is that you believe in what you're doing...and keep strong!”

Besides having a strong belief in what she is doing, ITA stresses the importance of being talented in multiple SL sectors.  One way to express this talent is by multitasking, which ITA is a pro at. “In my spare time,” she explains, “I design clothes and make music globes—among other items—that I sell in my storefront.” Though she coughs to denote some sarcasm, the SL Enquirer has seen ITA multitask with ease.  This is because, in addition to designing clothes, ITA  is also a talented Believe me, when you run a club you don't have a lot of spare time. (cough) I design clothes and make music photographer and also runs a Goth Club. And though ITA coughs once more and says, “Believe me, when you run a club you don't have a lot of spare time…” the SL Enquirer urges everyone to look to ITA as a fine example of a Club Owner that not only DOES, but CAN multitask!
In the course of multitasking, ITA also advises that club owners should stay on their toes and be prepared for surprises. “You should always be ready for the unexpected and be prepared…There are so many things to do behind the scenes that nobody sees and believe me, it is a lot of work, but [also very] rewarding.”

 Helping Other Charities and Standing By Those That Work For You…
ITA believes that the best way a club owner can be duly rewarded in SL is by sticking by those that work for them rather than treat them like disposable commodities. ITA states, rather emphatically, “It's always been my dream to own a club and sl gave me that chance to live my dream…” she continues, “…and at times had to fight for that dream. [However,] I strongly believe that I am doing good for others by providing great singers from all over the world. It's always fun to meet new people who [later] become friends.”
Fueled by her belief in helping others, ITA cites her talent in doing so as one of her many accomplishments. She explains, “I have raised lindens for cancer charities and have done many singer contests…as well as contests for our guests [complete] with linden prizes.”  Thus, by reaching out to the community she serves, ITA has successfully built strong relationships with other organizations, as well as sufficiently catered to those that patronize her club.

Be mindful that ITA is very modest about her accomplishments.  However, all modesty aside, there is an aura of respect that exudes from an establishment that has been in SL for seven years.  For this reason and more, the SL Enquirer applauds ITA’s accomplishments, and offer our unconditional support in insuring that Club Lion remains a successful SL establishment. To ITA and the Club Lion staff, here is to another seven years in SL! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

There is a Saying that April Showers bring May Flowers…but do they also bring Women’s Spring Fashion?- Rere Sandalwood Reporting…

There are three creators out there that would shout an enthusiastic “yes!” to this question.  These creators are Insatia Jharls, who is the creator behind ISBJ; B Y T E (bytedreams.slade), the creator behind Second Nature and Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ (toomuch4u2, creator of Queen Designs.

 All three are one of many creators that have their fingers on the pulse of spring fashion.  Insatia Jharls, for instance, specializes in the creation of skins, makeup and much more since 2009.  When asked about current SL Spring makeup trends, she explained: “Current spring makeup trends in SL are displaying brightened pastel colors along with a light airy look…just the right amount of a cotton candy pink or light purple lipstick and just barely there eyeshadow.”

Jharls also says that the trends in SL reflect RL makeup trends too.  She explains, “More women in RL are expressing themselves this spring with bright colored hair, along with bright lipstick and eyeshadow colors…and yes, these trends are reflecting a hint of RL trends, too…”

In keeping with the current Spring-related trends, Jharls’ contends that her Jonquel skin line is not only the newest item available at ISBJ, but that it firmly represents the freshest Spring related makeup available.  Jharls explains, “Our Jonquel eyeliners and lipsticks are a great representation of spring [because they have] the right amount of pastel colors for a day out and [include] perfect reds and warm colors for a night out in spring.”

Besides Spring being an aided motivation in the creation of her skin and makeup like, Jharls also creates skins and makeup that are not only high quality, but also specialize in ethnic skin tones. “The market” she explains, “…is lacking and I got inspired to help the women in SL express themselves accurately and flawlessly no matter what their race may be.”

Spring Clothing:  What’s Trending Now?
B Y T E (bytedreams.slade) let the SL Enquirer know that in addition to bright colors, Spring also conveys a sense of renewal.  In keeping with Spring’s sense of renewal, B Y T E recently added what she describes as a “one-piece athletic cut swimsuit that has a tribal flame motif on the front,” to her marketplace page.  As inspiration, B Y T E relies on jelly-bean influenced colors in the creation of her athletic cut swimsuit.  When asked why jellybeans, B Y T E responds, “Now what is more spring than jellybeans and flowers? I also released a 3 piece set and 2 other swimsuits prior to this one…and all these releases come with multi-color huds and appliers. I love giving my customers options J!”

Yet despite giving her customers options, B Y T E refuses to break down what specific trends by category…and perhaps by season.  “I shy away from trends,” she explains.  “Trends” she continues, “mean ‘same or similar to something else’ to me.  So I don’t buy, dress, or design based on anyone else’s prescribed fashion trends.” With this in mind, B Y T E contends that she wants her customers to create their own fashion trends via the purchase of her creations.  She explains, “I want my customers to wear my clothing and create their own trend J!”

As an SL clothing creator, B Y T E specializes in creating clothes for female avatars, and has done so for close to three years.  Based on her experience, she finds that her Horizon dress is her best seller.  She explains, “It started out as just a sexy dress with a flexible skirt/hem for classic avatars; when implants like Lolas and Phatazz came along, I included appliers with this dress and it took off flying!”  When asked what made the Horizon dress unique, B Y T E says, “I think people like this dress because of its combination of transparent and opaque fabric, making for a very sexy dress that reveals and covers at the same time J!”

Thus, in addition to vibrant colors, customers are vying for clothing that is sexually appealing, yet still demure enough to be considered sophisticated and unique.  B Y T E adds, “I would say the 'fatpacks' as huds are the biggest and most important trend right now.  Appliers have become more of a staple item instead of a trend - particularly for non-mesh pieces.”

Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ (toomuch4u2) Talks Spring Fashion
When asked about SL Spring Fashion trends, Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ (toomuch4u2), let’s the readers of SL Enquirer know that items that show off those mesh bodies are what is in.  Not only does she echo the vibrant color sentiment mentioned by B Y T E and Insatia Jharls, she adds that additional accessories designed to enhance clothing also echo the renewel spirit of Spring.  She explains, “My newest fashion item in terms of clothes would be peekaboo dresses in vibrant colors…complete with matching clutches accented in diamonds.  The whole look lends itself to an afternoon brunch…that also transitions over into evening wear.  Afterall, Spring represents color color color after a dismal winter!”
Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ comes from a family of creators, and has been creating fashion since 2012.  She specializes in jewelry, specifically earrings, necklaces, waist chains, bracelets…the whole gamut.  She also creates dresses, and has her hand on the pulse of what is trending now.  She explains, “Dresses with cutouts are very popular and trending now!  A glimpse of midriff or a panel opened in the back for a *wow* effect is hot!” She further contends that SL Clientale can also see these SL fashion trends reflected in RL, and admits that she relies on the RL runways for inspiration.  She explains, “I love fashion monitoring in rl; it’s refreshing to be able to offer the same looks in not just my store, but to see it in others also…”

Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ adds that her own knack for fashion inspires her SL line, too.  “Honey” she says, “I’m a fashionista in rl….I inspire myself!!! Extravaganza Eleganzaaaa!! Hahaha!!!!”

In contrast to B Y T E, Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ was willing to break down SL current fashion trends as follows:

·         Shoes.  According to Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ, the wedge is still holding court!  She explains, “Right now, customers are vying for shoes with daring patterns, as well as stilettos that incorporate accents of gold, silver and diamonds!  They desire to exude wealth, but at a reasonable price…” When asked her reaction to this current shoe trend, Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ loudly exclaims, “Ring it in baby…ring it in!”

·         Skin and Makeup.   While Insatia Jharls and Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ both agree that bright colors are what is trending for Spring, Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ adds, ”A nude lip is still trending, too…as well as bright colors like oranges, magentas, etc.”

·         Jewelry.  Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ wants all SL Fashionistas to know, that If you want to know what is trending in Spring jewelry, it would be best to take a look at what is trending in Queen Designs first!  “I have based my designs…” she explains, “…on jewelry fashions featured on the popular television series ‘Empire’!  If you watch that show, you will see delicate golds, as well as diamonds are what is hot for Spring.” Nonetheless, Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ cautions that jewelry should be worn in tasteful moderation.  She adds, “You don’t want to overwhelm your attire with jewelry, because jewelry is meant to accentuate your avatar, not overpower it J!”   To better understand what Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ means, check out her BooBoo Kitty Line of Jewelry currently being featured at Queen Designs!  She explains, “…the BooBoo Kitty Line of Jewelry is a definite must see, must have! In fact, it will be debuting at the P.H.A.T Fashion Fair that will be happening from April 29 to May 3!”  This, along with the debut of her *Jasmine* Line will be offered at a substantial discount during the P.H.A.T Fashion Fair, so please don’t miss out!

Three Creators Talk Spring Fashion for Mesh Bodies
Many may be pained by the current Mesh Bodies fashion trend, but it is not a trend that is going away anytime soon.  As Insatia Jharls explains, “Mesh bodies are a growing trend that is gaining more followers every day. The fashion related to mesh bodies is also gaining popularity because the clothes are very high quality, vibrant, and ultra-realistic…”
In keeping with the newness of Spring, mesh bodies not only rely on clothing that is bold and vibrant, but that also accentuate the mesh’s shape.  “Fashions…” Explains Jharls, “…are created specifically for a mesh body….it is meant to enhance the look of the mesh shape, [so] the fit is very accurate. In contrast, fashions with mesh materials won't necessarily fit the avatar shape to the best of abilities of fashions created for the mesh body.”

B Y T E adds to this analysis by explaining, “….mesh material is the extra texture layer SL built in, this layer tends to work on objects and clothing, including mesh objects like mesh bodies.  It allows for slightly more 3d-like detail in a textured item, be it clothing, or buildings, or whatever.” As if to echo this sentiment, Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ contends, “The biggest offering that fashion for mesh bodies has is offering women who choose to have fuller and more beautiful bodies a lot of wonderful choices for fashion.  Like regular mesh clothing, be mindful that [clothes for mesh bodies] are still designed with mesh material….however, they simply offer appliers as well.”

All appliers and mesh bodies aside, this year’s Women SL Spring Fashion Spring introduces boldness, as well as a sense of renewal to customers who seek to embrace the latest fashion trends!