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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

AVIE POLL: Finding Humor and Humanity in Second Life for April Fool’s Day- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Second Life is supposed to be fun so what better way to bring some humor mixed with humanity on April Fool’s Day?

 Humanity plays a big part in keeping things civil in Second Life but issues, drama and sex seem to be things people either feel uncomfortable talking about or have no shame whatsoever in sharing. So, I set out to ask random avatars some open ended and somewhat sketchy and awkward questions on what they would do in various situations. How they responded will either make you crack up or raise an eyebrow. Please note, most contributors have been kept anonymous for obvious reasons.

What is the craziest April Fools prank you ever pulled on someone? How did it go over?
Anonymous: In sl it is hard to prank someone because the best part about doing a prank is seeing the person’s reaction but I have terrorized my little brother from kids to our adulthood with silly pranks. The best one I did was dare him to dress up in his football uniform and stand near the street and moon cars passing by. I promised him I would open the door so he can run inside afterwards.  He mooned about 3 cars until one finally stopped and he took off running with his pants still half way down towards the house and I slammed and locked it on him. I lost his trust that day. A few other times I positioned a cup of water above his door and it came splashing down on him more than once. The payback was I wasn’t invited to his wedding. In fact, no one was because he ended up secretly doing it at the courthouse.

Anonymous: I streaked across a crowded club wearing a huge floppy penis and got banned. Some people don’t have a sense of humor.

Anonymous: I was tired hearing about how my female friends were always being hit on  for sex at this particular club so I decided to dress like a woman and go there.  It wasn’t long before I was asked if I wanted sex. I said OK and followed him to a private area near the beach. When he asked me to undress I did. Right in the heat of the moment I put on my bling penis and told him to bend over. I never saw an avi tp so fast in my life!

Anonoymous: I didn’t do a prank but I was pranked and mortified by my BFFs. One time while I was hanging out with friends at my house I needed to go AFK. My friends had rez rights because I trusted them. When I returned I had a huge penis in my mouth and they were all taking snapshots and sending it to me. I felt so embarrassed and learned my lesson about leaving my avi alone with them.

Humor Vs. Humanity
What if you logged in the Second life and landed at the home you share with your significant other and discovered them in bed with someone else, would you secretly try to get back at them for your own or go into a big rant and cause a scene? Why?

Anonymous: I would sit next to them in silence until they finished ... and this silence would remain forever with this woman.

Anonymous: wow lol I don’t know what my reaction would be at that moment but if I had the rights to eject them I would send them both flying naked and I would give up my house and put him on mute.

Anonymous: no I’m not into making scenes and fighting. I think I would just leave and mute her and not say anything. It would be her lose because I think I am a rational nice guy and I deserve respect.

Anonymous: I wouldn’t secretly try to get back at her I would find me a new girl and flaunt it in her face to make her feel like I did. Revenge can be sweet.
Anonymous:  That would be so stupid to do. If a person is going to cheat, why would they do it at the home they share with their partner? If that happened to me I would take snapshots and send it to both of them and then I’ll break up with her.

Choose one of the two embarrassing moments you would prefer. Your intimate private sex session being made public for all to see or finding out the person you just had sl sex with was a gender imposter and that being made public record to all your friends? Why?

Lily Holsworthy: I'm not shy i don't have to be anonymous and as for the question I was a lesbian for two years and didn't even know it lmao! I wasn't embarrassed or anything and I am not worried about anything being made public in here much more fun to have your name in lights :)

Anonymous 2: clearly that having sex with an impostor I would feel disgusted It would be a huge frustration and that would be a wooden stick up his ass up too.

Anonymous 3: The first option - lol at least I wouldn't have been lied to by said partner

If you could choose one , would it be eavesdropping on others private IMs or  being able to sift through their inventory and take what you wanted. Which would you choose and why?

Lily Holsworthy: totally eavesdropping cause lets face it we all love gossip we're human

Anonymous 2: my inventory is a full I don’t need anymore things so I pick eavesdropping definitely. I am always wondering why some crowded places are always so quiet. I bet everyone is sexting in private. Just to be funny I  think I would try to coach them along.

Anonymous 3: Oh being super nosy I would like to eavesdrop on private IM's it would give great insight to other's lives and - the stories we could tell afterwards.

If someone accidently sent you 10000L meant for someone else, would you return it or ignore them and run with the loot?

Lily Holsworthy: I would send it back I'd feel horrible

Anonymous: as tempting as it is to take the lindens and run I think I would give it back

Anonymous: If I was on an alt that was broke hell yes I would run with it. Who just drops 10000L on someone without double checking the name? Someone who deserves losing it, that’s who.

If you were close friends with a couple and one of them told you they were cheating on the other, would you be a gossip and tell or keep it to yourself and act like you don’t know anything?

Anonymous: this is the classic monkey in the middle situation…… I think getting in the middle is a bad idea because if they reconcile you will just look like a jackass and lose both friends.

Anonymous: I would distance myself from them because I would feel awkward about it.

Anonymous: If my best friend’s man was cheating on her. YES I would tell her. That is what true friend’s do. I would want her to tell me if my man was cheating on me.

Anonymous: it would be none of my business but I would tell the cheater that I didn’t think it was right.

Anonymous:  who cares this is secondlife. I don’t have time to deal with that I come here for fun.  Chances are with it is an oxymoron to even fight about. The cheaters are probably cheating on their real life partner anyway so it doesn’t really matter what they do to their sl partner.

What if you were told a big secret that could totally disrupt someone’s second life and were offered 100,000L by someone else to reveal it, would you do it for the money or stay true to being a trustworthy person?

Lily Holsworthy: since i'm the only one that's probably ever going to answer this truthfully lmao It would depend on the person, the situation and the secret. If it's some second life thing where it is someone who has 0 respect for anyone I would do it and take the money. If it has something to do with someone's rl though I would keep the secret. I was always taught that if you didn't have something to say you wouldn't say in front of everyone you shouldn't say or do it in the first place.

Anonymous: Trust is paramount - no amount of money could persuade me to betray someone's trust

Anonymous: It depends. If the person was a scammer or lying about their gender I would sell them out.

Have you ever dated more than one person in SL at a time with or without using an Alt? What was the outcome of your two timing? Be Honest, you can remain anonymous.

Anonymous: I don’t have an alt but I will admit that yes I have and still do occasionally. I get bored easily and my girlfriend doesn’t come on too often.

Anonymous: No, trying to live a triple life sounds like a lot of work.

Anonymous: yes I have two timed with an alt. If my partner hasn’t logged on in a while I go to my other avatar. I don’t like to hang out by myself so I sometimes go to clubs and talk to people. I met a guy two weeks ago who knows about my boyfriend but he will take me on fun dates if I am not doing anything. I know my boyfriend would be mad if he found out I kissed and slow danced with my new friend.

If you were given escort services as a gift for your rezday, single or not, would you do it?
Anonymous: Yessssss lol That would be such fun

Lily Holsworthy: No thank you I have standards and those dudes usually look like greased up douchebags

Anonymous: I got a lapdance before but I never tried an escort. I would do it out of curiosity and hope my partner didn’t find out.

Anonymous: I am an escort so probably not. I would prefer hanging out with my friends for my rezzday.

What is the biggest lie you ever told someone in Second Life to make yourself look good? Where you ever caught?

Anonymous: I told my girlfriend that I had a big c**** and when she asked me to show her I sent her a picture of someone else’s. I didn’t get caught.

Anonymous: the biggest lie I ever told was that I was separated. I got caught because my sl partner wanted to meet me in rl and I kept making excuses until he figured it out and I came clean when he asked. We broke up for 3 months but then we got back together. My feelings for him are real even though I lied and I regret it.

Anonymous: lying is hard work so the truth will set you free. I know Im ugly, fat and have a bad haircut. I have my picture in my profile and whoever doesn’t like it doesn’t have to talk to me. I have a girlfriend on second life who likes me for me.

If your friend asked to borrow 5000L to buy  a fancy wedding ring or gifts for someone you didn’t like  in SL ,would you do it?

Anonymous: No way!  My magnanimity doesn't stretch that far.

Anonymous: no because I don’t have that kind of lindens to spare. Also, I don’t like lending money to friends because you almost never get it back.

As you can see Second Life is a fun place to be even with the crazy situations that occur here. Whether people bring their humanity or humor into Second Life there is always something to do and talk about. Just remember to make fun a priority when observing April Fool’s and enjoy the day!


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