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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What do men really think of oversized hips, boobs and butts on avies? -Becca Drascol Reporting

In second life we can pretty much be whatever we want to be. From hair color to height, or not even human should we wish to delve into a fantasy look; the power to create an avatar as we want leaves many possibilities open.

 In this article I asked men what they think of oversized hips, boobs and butts. Either you love em or hate em, we all have a say on it. I felt a good starting point would be to ask my own RL/SL husband Dragonmaster Mistwalker.

Becca Drascol: What do you think of oversized hips, boobs and butts on avies?

DragonMaster Mistwalker: Big tits are nice to a point but after a certain size it’s ridiculous and gross. As for big hips they’re nice but after a certain hip size it’s just gross. I am an admitted ass man but an oversized ass is just gross.

Next I asked a male friend Ron, his opinion. While a strong opinion it was also a well thought out one with a bit of humor involved as well.

Becca Drascol: What do you think of oversized hips, boobs and butts on avies?

Ronmon Resident: Absolutely horrid. They look unproportionate, tacky, and just appalling. The boobs I can kind of understand however  with so many adult industries using girls that are unnaturally large. The butts, just no, it's never good to say, "Hey look at this chick, she has Jupiter and Saturn in her pants." And the hips, why would you want hips that are so large you can’t fit through most doors in SL?
Again,  just tacky. When creators of these obscenely large avies are doing their work, they can’t be taking themselves seriously.

Next I hopped around to a few sims to get more opinions.

Becca Drascol: What do you think of oversized hips, boobs and butts on avies?

ApolloPhaetons Resident: My favorite is oversized asses. I like full figured in general, not stick women lol. But also don’t like giant size either.

Becca Drascol: So basically your opinion is shapely but too big is too much?
ApolloPhaetons Resident: Yes.

Becca Drascol: What do you think of oversized hips, boobs and butts on avies?
Antobas Tiponi: I don’t like too much, like in RL.
Antobas Tiponi: too much is too much.

Becca Drascol: What do you think of oversized hips, boobs and butts on avies?

Serph Albion: I personally don't like it. Big front, butt and toothpick waist don't go together.  To me, it's about proportion. It has to look good. I get that there are people who are into inflation but that's the whole body, unless they only like inflation in specific parts. I'm an ass man and even I can say sometimes on SL I'll be like "No dayum on dat ass...That is one ass....I will pass." because it's so big.

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Body Image or Trendsetting:

Of those I asked the overall opinion is a no. And yet we know there are those out there who love and adore the oversized look. Rather it be a trend or a way to invent one's self, there are many an "oversized avie" within Second Life. I feel everyone wants to be exactly how they wish and SL leaves the doors of creativity wide open. 

 In SL we’re given a palate to paint. We can play God with our avatar and make him/her or they, whatever the mind can think of.  To some a classic look may be fitting, to another it’s all about living a fantasy via our virtual world. So even if those I polled feel the oversized avie is not as appealing, there will always be a bigger than big bottom or a large bust out there in Sl and there will always be one opinion or another of them.  

Be it a body image or a trendsetting oversized has its place in Second life. What do you think? Use the comment box below.


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