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Showing posts with label becca drascol. Show all posts

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How do avies spend Summer in Second Life? -Becca Drascol Reporting

Seasons in Second Life:

For this reporter a change of season doesn’t mean what I’m doing is any different. However a lot of people are very into season changes. Many change up the look of their sims, perhaps even buy a new wardrobe or engage in seasonal activities like swimming and boating in the Summer and skiing and ice skating in the winter .

Some clubs and other venues hold special seasonal events too. For me I do enjoy hopping around taking photos in SL of different types of season themed venues.  I set out to interview some avies to see what they do.

What avies are doing in Summer SL Style:

DustiRose Dobbs: Pretty much dancing at beach clubs and starting to think about the Fall fashions.

Becca Drascol: Are you thinking of designing special clothing for Summer?

DustiRose Dobbs: I have made a few things already and I have them for sale in my store.

Becca Drascol: How do you spend Summer in Second Life?

PoppaSlim Resident: I usually just hang out in the social sims and chat amongst the people.  I’m goofing off with people most of the time xD.

Becca Drascol: Do you change wardrobe any or go to any different type of venues during Summer?

PoppaSlim Resident: Sure, I change depending on the location, but generally I have a handful of outfits for my main avatar.  I have more but it's hard to find clothes that fit properly.  I  went to venues on occasion but only when friends invite me to go with them.

Becca Drascol: How do you spend Summer in Second Life?

Tor Draconia: Usually changing the landscape of my sim.

Becca Drascol: Is there anything else you do differently or special in Summer?

Tor Draconia: Not really. I do at times shop marketplace for new season clothing.

Becca Drascol: How do you spend Summer in Second Life?

Jaydianna Spellhunter: In the Summer I love to explore the different sims, meet new friends and party with old friends. Go to the beaches, sun tan on yachts and swim with mermaids. Attend bonfires, explore fairy woods and meditate with all manner of creatures. Just live it up and have fun :)

Becca Drascol: How do you spend Summer in Second Life?

SrDracoThe Unsung: Mostly dancing on beaches.

To sum it all up:

While some avies don’t choose to do anything out of the ordinary for Summer. Those I spoke with tend to do some of the normal activities of the season such as beaches and enjoying time virtually outdoors while enjoying time with others.

 Even though Second Life is for the most part a social world, some do get into the mood of the changing seasons. I do suppose it’s a matter of how into the virtual life one chooses to get.  Just because it is our Second Life, does not mean it can’t have some elements of realism. However you choose to spent Summer, I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Avie Poll Monogamy vs Polyamory Relationships in SL - Becca Drascol Reporting...

Understanding the difference between the two:

Monogamy, of course, is when two people are in a committed relationship and do not stray from the relationship. While there are many varying types of Polyamorous relationships, the basis is being in a relationship with two or more partners with all partners knowing and agreeing to such a relationship. There are of course rules and boundaries in both types of relationships with the exception that monogamy consists of just two partners.

Monogamy or Polyamory... is one better than the other?:

Most people cannot or will not wrap their minds around something less conventional such as a poly relationship. Polyamory is considered an open relationship and is practised as such. While some in a poly relationship still believe it a committed relationship just with more than one partner. Which is better? To pit the two types of relationships against one another is a matter of not only opinion but preference as well as a lifestyle choice.  Let’s find out what some of SL’s residents say about monogamy vs polyamory.


Becca Drascol: When considering SL relationships, let’s talk about Monogamy vs Polyamory. What are your views?:

TheGameMatthewJames2005 Resident: I feel the polyamory can be very complicated due to feelings because you can get attached to someone and then you know they are also seeing someone else, and it can make things very complicated.  Personally, like monogamy, because I’m not a person who shares but to each their own and if there are those who are into poly, hey more power to you, because I couldn’t do it lol.

Cybertgirl Gynoid: I know that  Monogamy is the rule in  RL  but  SL is a  different world with so many temptations around and  I  will guess  Polyamory suits better in SL.

MasterVemon13inc Resident: My point of view for both of them, are some can be very trustful relationship one on one but with other sometime cause problem with others and they well being, so my view if both the person are loving to each other then yes they can make it happen. Monogamy vs polygram drama can be draw into but at the same time if fun but understand each other.  Poly can have issue with each other is all about build trust and bound frist.

Caremila Resident: I think both sides has its up and downsides. Neither side is a better than the other its all individual what is best for every person. I myself are very Monogamous but just cause of that I don’t look down on those who aint. It is just what feels right for me. I can understand those on the other side feeling they want more then what just one person can give when it comes to online times. Fetishes. Different wants and needs you get from different people. But I can’t say that one side suits everyone.

Linarie Resident: I think monogamy can be nice if someone finds the right person, but most of the people I talked to including myself comes to sl to have fun, experiment and try out things in RL they wouldn't necessarily do, so polyamory is a good option.

The Overall Opinion:

For those, I asked, it's 50/50. Both lifestyles have ups and downs. But as Linarie pointed out, most players come to SL to experience things they may not be able to RL. The Poly lifestyle is something that seems to be booming as of late and is becoming something people feel able to be more open about. I compare it to BDSM which is a lifestyle that some choose to be very open about while others live it via things such as our virtual world. Overall either lifestyle takes a commitment of one’s self to live and love in a lifestyle that suits them and their partner or partners. Afterall, all relationships are about at least two people coming together for love.

Monday, June 12, 2017

AVIE POLL: Can you trust people in Second Life?-Becca Drascol Reporting...

Trust: The Double Edged Sword

From when we are little trust is something we learn from our parents.  Trust is something we give willingly to them because they care for our every need, and as we get older, we’re taught how to trust and when and how not to trust when necessary.  But it’s this reporter’s opinion that trust is a double edged sword.  As much as trust can be something rewarding it can also be something that cuts like a knife if those you have trusted wish to misuse or abuse that trust.  And yet trust is also something very necessary to life. 

Trust In Our Virtual World:

Can we trust people in Second Life?  Generally speaking, we can.  When one rents land, they must trust the landowner to give them the prims allowed, to not take their hard earned L$ and run, to upkeep the land you rent from them.  When we buy an object or outfit on marketplace, we trust that the seller has been fair and honest in the item listing and pricing and that we will receive exactly what we saw listed and purchased.  There are many ways every day in SL that one must trust the other people around them.  But for every bit of trust we put into people, sometimes the double edged sword I mentioned earlier comes into play and we get burned.  Perhaps emotionally and sometimes financially.  For some, it’s something that can be shrugged off, as a cost of being part of the greater Second Life Community. 

What do the residents of SL think?  Can we trust one another?

Interviews on Trust:

For this article I asked SL residents this one simple question:

Becca Drascol: Can you trust people in Second Life?

DarkShadowPrincess Huntress: In the past eight years that I have been here I have met wonderful people. Like yourself, like VividDreamz, and I have made a family. There have been only a few people that turned out not to be quite what they portrayed.  But there have not been many.  I'd say that yes my experience has been good. But one always needs to be careful everywhere. Even in RL.

 MasterVemon13inc Resident: Sometimes yes, it’s about the bonding.

NessietheReaper Resident: To a degree yes. I don’t trust people easily as it is, but I’ve met a few people from here, and if I didn’t think I could trust them I wouldn’t have even considered it.

Bigred19663 Resident: Well SL is just like RL......there are some you can trust and some you can't.

 RpCg Resident: I would say that people in SL are just as easy to trust, and worthy of trust, as people that you meet in RL; either way, it's how well you know them, and what you believe of what they choose to reveal.

To Sum it up:

Much like our real world and lives, trust is something not always easily given.  It needs to be earned.  It takes knowing someone, and perhaps even then you may still get burned or you may be rewarded.  It seems for those I spoke with it’s 50/50.  A matter of give and take perhaps.  But to receive trust, we must also learn to give trust.  There are no hard and fast rules or right or wrong on whether we do, or do not trust.  And most certainly it’s not so much a matter of whether it’s in real life or our virtual second lives.  People are people.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Ever Changing Avatar-Becca Drascol Reporting...

Born Unappealing:
I was “born” into second life seven years ago this March.  Like all residents I chose a base avatar, with SL skin, shape, clothes and etc. And seven years ago the options weren’t very appealing looking av’s.  While I have very much respect for our world and all that we have in second life, I personally felt my avatar was not all that nice looking. The skin was pale, her shape was less than average, and the clothes were so not my style.  But when we are born into SL it is a basic starter av, and over the years the avs you start with have grown and changed.

That being said, I began my freebies journey for good skin, hair, shape and such and while I found lots to my liking for free, it still left much to be desired.  I visited clubs and other hangouts in SL, and saw many an av I wanted my own to look just as neat as. I got my first job as a dancer and quickly was told my avatar wasn’t up to date and needed some improvements.  Having lucked out with a very generous boss, I was gifted a shape and skin.  Now my av was pretty and to my liking.  I still changed hair, and clothes to my liking as I made linden.  But now, now she was something and someone I thought I would be in love with the look of for a long time to come.

Finding a Likable Me:
Boy was I wrong!  As I learned to make shapes myself, to hunt down better skin and such, I made a few changes along the way.  Overall though, Miss Becca Drascol did not change drastically.  I swore I would never change her to an unrecognizable me.  Then mesh came along, and the “it” thing was mesh breasts.  While I wanted to keep true to the “not changing me” promise, I found myself wanting a more realistic looking Becca.  A Becca that fit the exotic dancer persona she has.  Unlike some, I did not jump into making this change.  I took time and consideration.  Would I like my avatar after?  Would my RL spouse who also plays SL like her?  Or would I make a change that would not only cost a lot but perhaps in the end become a regret?

Long story short on my SL beginnings, I did over time make some very drastic changes.  I did go with mesh breasts, and for a very long time that was my only drastic change.  I next swore I would never change to having a mesh head or mesh body. Mine and my partner’s views being, “they don’t rez right” and he(my RL & SL partner) couldn’t see my mesh parts.  Now, seven years into SL my avatar is now fully mesh.  Did I cave?  Yes.  Am I happy with her now?  Yes.  I’ve come to the conclusion that as avatars, we are ever changing.  For some the changes are minor and infrequent, and for some they constantly change to fit the times or what they wish their avatar to be like in the moment. 

Let’s find out what others changed or haven’t and why:
ChantalRouge1684 better known as Chantie, is one of my very best friends and family in second life. Her avatar is a little over 3 years old. She works as a dancer, host, shape and clothes designer. I decided to ask this talented woman about her av and style and the changes she's made.

Becca Drascol: Thinking on when you started SL, did you think you would make major changes to your avatar?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: Well, yes and no. I was NOT a fan of the beginner avatar they gave me so yes I wanted to change a lot of things.  At first, I wanted to be a princess.  And then I discovered Neko. Could you imagine a Neko all the time Chantie?

Becca Drascol: So once you had made changes and got Chantie how you wanted her, did you stick with a look? Ie not changing shape or skin for a while?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: For a little while. I made a friend who helped me out quite a bit.  Gave me a few shapes and skins to start with (still not mesh) and I discovered how to make clothes, (Classic system non-mesh avatar clothes) so I didn't go buying much, except at Psychotic Neko which was my favorite place to buy anything for quite a while. So I did have one particular shape that I wore and one particular skin.

Becca Drascol: And when mesh did come out, did you switch things up or not? And why?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: Not yet. I was happy with my look.  It took me a while to go mesh.  At first I was introduced to the Slink High feet.  Because I was dancing at a place that was in the middle of a mall, we got allowances to buy clothes from certain stores we were promoting every week.  So I bought a pair of shoes that required Slink feet, and I got confused. So one of the other dancers bought me my first mesh feet. And then I bought the flat feet for myself after a while.

Becca Drascol: Ok last question, Do you think you’re happy with your av now, or do you think as things grow and change that you'll change her again?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: As of right now, I LOVE my avatar. I change shapes occasionally to fit themes at the club I dance for, but most of the time, I stick with a shape that's thicker and I think it's beautiful.

Are Avatars ever changing?:

The idea that someone would keep their avatar the same no matter how many years they play second life, is not impossible. Some people do not like change and grow attached to one look.  On the other hand some people change everything and anything at the drop of a hat, simply because this is our virtual lives, where we can change height and weight just by playing with a set of numbers on our shape.  Therefore rather or not the avatar is ever changing lies with the human being in control behind the av. And with that every avatar has its own unique look and design, ever changing or not.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Footwear Fashion-Becca Drascol Reporting

Heels,Shoes,Boots or Barefoot-How do you run around SL?

When you think fashion I'm sure the mind automatically goes to clothes. Perhaps to accessories as well, handbags, and purses for the ladies, jewelry for both sexes. But another part of fashion is of course footwear. When we think of what to wear in real life we think of comfort, style and others' impressions. For some, what to wear may have to do with mood and or expression of one's self.  Yet in our virtual world we do tend to roleplay and live SL as if it were real and our avatar has come to life on the screen.

When you're on an SL beach do you go barefoot? When your av is nude, are your feet dressed up or nude? As Sesame Street once asked in a Ziggy Marley song "Set your piggies free," do you ever set your piggies free or does your virtual footwear always stay on?
And with enhancements such as mesh feet, I'm sure some of us have gone barefoot just to admire our avi feet. With Foot Fetish being big in real and SL, I am more than certain that some tend to buy not only the best in footwear, but also the best feet and foot accessories they can. Fashion and things surrounding it will always be big in our Second lives.

Today I'm headed out to ask: heels, shoes, boots or barefoot? I for one like all of them. I love admiring my av's feet rather they're prettied up in shoes or boots, or barefoot and nails painted...I love em. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Not only fashion but our avatar style altogether is a form of pride and creativity, especially when SL content is mostly user created.


Becca Drascol: Heels,Shoes,Boots or Barefoot-How do you run around SL?

Marie3whispers Resident: hmmms Heels most of the time, boots sometimes, barefoot once in awhile.

Katkafox Resident: Heels and boots mostly... I've found that thigh-high boots render most men weak in the knees.

GlamSwede Resident: Depends on the situation, but mostly heels.

PixelBlossom Melody: Shoes mostly and boots. I don't like heels. I like flats in the warmer months and boots in winter.

DragonMaster Mistwalker: I personally love boots never found any shoes in sl I find for males that look good.

What’s In?

Of those asked, seems heels are a popular choice followed by boots. Perhaps it's the hick in me, but I don't like wearing any shoes RL when relaxing around the house. Yet in SL I tend to flip between various heels and boots. With so many styles and variety of footwear in our virtual world, there's just so much to love.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Avie Poll: Are Politics and Religion Important Topics in Second Life?-Becca Drascol Reporting

Are these topics important in SL?

Ask most club owners if politics or religion are a welcomed topic of conversation and you will most likely hear that no, they are not. Why is that? Perhaps because not only do people have their own beliefs and views on both, but both are hot button issues for that very reason.
Religion comes in many forms, and each of us has our own thinking on it. Some are not
Religious at all. Some people could care less about politics.

Love me or hate me, I choose not to discuss either topic and do not feel they are important or
even have a place in Second Life. To me SL is an escape, a place to be whatever and whoever I  may want be and to do things I enjoy. I like to live a little more on the wild side of things in my second life. I can have jobs I'd never do or cannot do in RL. I don't think about RL things like religion and politics while inworld.

Now with all that said that does not mean that some may not seek a challenging convo on
Politics and /or religion. And that's not to say that some may even seek out religion in-world.

For some these two hot button issues very well may hold an importance even in one's virtual
life. For others there are far more controversial views and beliefs they give importance to within SL.

Becca Drascol: Are Politics and Religion important topics in SL?
NeaFarspire Resident: I suppose it can be but from experience, those two topics still get heated even on SL. I try to stay away from discussing both...smiles.

Becca Drascol: Are Politics and Religion important topics in SL?
BarricWolf Resident: Not really.
Becca Drascol: Ok can I ask why you feel they are not?
BarricWolf Resident: I do not come here for it.
Becca Drascol: Many don't.
BarricWolf Resident: I come here to do the things I can not in real.
BarricWolf Resident: I can talk Politics and religion in real.
Becca Drascol: Great Thank you. Well thought out answer.

Becca Drascol: Are Politics and Religion important topics in SL?
ExklusiveMamii87 Resident: I think to some on SL it could very well be, but for me... It doesn't seem that important... Not as much as it would RL…

Becca Drascol: Are Politics and Religion important topics in SL?
EvanDarkblood Resident: Don`t get me wrong a person can be political or religious all they want. That being said I am neither and feel that there is no place for them in SL and with all the differing views on both they just cause drama.

Becca Drascol: Are Politics and Religion important topics in SL?
LaceyNightshade Resident: No they aren’t religion and politics have there place but it isn’t within SL. I feel people are too passionate about both and it’s just an issue waiting to happen when you incorporate either here.

Becca Drascol: Are Politics and Religion important topics in SL?
Nicholle Inglewood:  I don't think those topics are important unless you’re in some type of political or religious group. To me they shouldn't be discussed because from previous experiences, it just causes everyone to fight lol.

As for In-World…
For some religion and politics hold their place within Second life.  For if they did not, churches and other religious venues I visited would not exist and have traffic as high as four thousand. Or places for deep discussions on these very topics but also on such things as atheism. I do believe even in SL that people will discuss hard hitting issues and they will discuss ones that some people wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. However, for those I interviewed Religion and Politics were not something they wish to include virtually.

Are these topics important to you? Comment and let us know how you feel.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Top 5 tips on how to keep romance alive in Second Life-Becca Drascol Reporting

Just like nurturing a child or a pet, a relationship needs nurturing. And for a romantic relationship it is a bond that can be just as delicate as it can be strong. One needs to think of a good, healthy relationship as a work in progress, where there is definitely a beginning, middle but no foreseeable end. So here we top 5 tips for keeping the romance alive.

1.    Respect-Have you ever blocked and or unfriended someone in SL because they had no respect for or even towards you? We all have. So why then would you be in any type of romantic relationship virtual or real, if there was no respect? Any type of relationship needs respect on both sides.

2.     Honesty-Being honest is another must. While some people can work through and beyond lies, but for most sometimes even one lie can fully change a relationship. Just as trust is a huge issue in relationships, honesty goes hand in hand with that. And afterall, no one likes being lied to.

3.    Making sure to make time for your partner-Like any type of relationship be it romantic, friendship or family, for a bond to stay or grow stronger you must make time for one another. For couples it could be as simple as choosing one night a week and declare it date night. Pick a location in SL you both would enjoy and perhaps have fun and romantic things to do together. The most important part is to take time that is a couples only thing for you and your special someone to enjoy and connect or reconnect even.

4.    Keep it hot-Romance equals intimacy. All people crave intimacy of some form, which is of course human nature. So if that means in SL your idea of keeping it hot is a nice time dancing slow sexy dances, so be it. Cuddling with your partner can be so rewarding. For most of us in SL there is a certain attachment to not only our own avatar but to the avatar of our partner. Sometimes it can be so nice to sit back and just cuddle, be close or hug even. And lastly sex, yes make time for sex. While sex isn't the most important part of intimacy it too is something as humans we crave. For some it may be silly to have sex in a virtual world, but as one half of a couple who plays SL with her RL husband of six years, even sex in SL can be fun and hot.

5.    Show your love-Rather your SL relationship is strictly SL or is a part of your RL as well, for a long lasting, growing relationship to survive, show your love. Give gifts, something small and just sweet you thought your partner would adore, or if you’re so inclined expensive and you felt they just had to have. Show small gestures of love, even if that gesture is simply saying "You know, you make me smile." Request a song that means something to you and your partner. A song request can make the guy or girl in your life at the least smile, and who knows maybe even tear up with joy. Again as well as cuddling for the sake of keeping it hot, cuddle, hug and do whatever shows your love to your SL sweetie.

What’s the trick?

Keeping romance alive is a bit of fun, sometimes hard work, and of course intimacy and love. But most importantly it’s doing whatever betters the relationship you have with that special someone. So what is the trick? Simply put maybe there isn’t one. I don’t know...but what I do know is hopefully these top 5 help you SL’ers in keeping your SL romance alive.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses fail in Second Life-Becca Drascol Reporting

I could probably list more than just 5 reasons a virtual business would fail. I think all owners set out with a great idea and even business plan. And of course no one sets out to fail. Even if you're the go getter with tons of time and start off with everything you could fathom will make the business a success, sometimes failure is inevitable. Without failure, what would we try harder for? Or change the next go round? So in this article I will go over what I feel are the top 5 for business failure.

1)Funds-Yes it takes money to run a business even virtually. Money for land, equipment, or furniture...sometimes just the impression you make with the look of your business can make or break you. Salary? Some do and some don't pay salary within SL, but for those of you who do, it can be quite hard on the one paying that salary to the staff to maintain funds. For as many of us who gain our linden simply working in SL, one option is to put money in from RL. While there is nothing wrong with funding a virtual business this way, if it makes you become stressed when things do not go your way for your dollar, well then the virtual shit hits the fan. And for some, like a club I once upon a time frequented, just using RL funding made the club go from fun to a very harsh environment.

2)Land-Whatever you seek to venture out with in Second Life business, land is a must! While finding good land isn't so difficult, finding the right priced, good trafficked and correct rated sim for your business may muddle up the picture. And even once you have land, maintaining it is always a task or two.

3)Staff-While some SL businesses can run without staff such as any goods store, a club or hangout must have good reliable working staff. While there are oodles of hiring groups, there are also tons and tons of clubs and other venue types in need of staff and competition for employees, like in the real world it can make staffing a venue very difficult.

4)Traffic-No matter what type of business venue you're trying to run in SL, a business needs customers. In all forms of business the goal is to sell something. Whether it be goods such as clothes, shapes or shoes etc., or if it's a club you run, people have to know you are open and running.

5) Competition-With every type of business imaginable in SL, the competition can be maddening. Not only the amount of other businesses out there can harm your business but how you run your own can seriously change rather it thrives or fails. For every place out there, there's one on the rise. One that works harder and faster in a shorter amount of time than you. Or perhaps the other venue is simply better liked.

Failing is not the end
Just because a business may fail does not mean the business owners, staff or otherwise per say didn’t try their hardest, or give their best effort. There is good and bad in all things in life. And sometimes a failure can be a life lesson, a way to improve and look at what went wrong.

It can mean an opening for a new start. And in the end of things there can be no success if we knew not what failure is. So rather one picks up and starts anew, or simply moves on and tries something non business related in SL, one thing is certainly true, venues will come and go and failure is always going to be possible.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Why Relationships Fail in Second Life-Becca Drascol Reporting

Whether your SL relationship is just an in-world romance or one that steps outside into RL, all relationships have specific elements that make them last or fail. Even if the relationship is in-world only and may not be as serious, all people tend to rely on a few basic things that they will or won't tolerate. In this article I will go over what I feel are top 5 things that make a relationship fail in SL.

1)Stalking-All relationships usually start off sweet and honeymooner-esque. And although most stalking usually occurs after a relationship ends badly, that's not always the case. Rather it's a possession or control type issue, sometimes people have an unhealthy obsession with someone they have been involved with. To me this is a very distinct line and timing of something that ruins or causes the fail of a relationship.

2)Partner becomes controlling-While we want to think we would know a controlling person when we meet them, the truth can be so very far from that. Sometimes it’s just when things seem to be rolling along merrily and then BAM one partner starts to control. From telling their partner how to dress, who to talk to, and furthermore what type of job they can or cannot do within SL, or even where they can go. This too can kill any relationship. It is only when one becomes passive to the control is when it doesn't end the relationship.

3)Cheating-When it comes to cheating I must first say that one there is a clear cut definition of cheating, which would be having a romantic and/or sexual relationship with someone other than your partner. With that being said, and with the fact that polyamory is on a RL rise, along with open relationships, and different sexual behaviors that would normally be defined as cheating, what cheating is truly defined as may be blurred. But whenever an issue is one that is a betrayal to your partner it is most likely going to end up heartbreak hotel and the end of a relationship.

4)New love interest-Ever get that feeling that the relationship has changed? That your partner is falling for another? Or boom...they leave you and then you find that it's for another. And unless you want to cling or hold on...or become the above mentioned, a stalker...your love finding another is normally the end of things. And so it should be.

5)Dishonesty-What's a little white lie? A huge lie? One lie...or two...three? Well I guess it would depend on if the person lied to can live with the truth that it spawned from. Sometimes couples can thrive even when dishonesty arises mid relationship. Even lies that most people would not stand for, such as they're married RL and you never knew, or have children. Or perhaps they play as a male avatar and to your knowledge were male RL then suddenly they confess they happen to be female RL. Some of these lies would not affect one whatsoever and they would continue the SL relationship as it was, only in knowing the things they did not before. But for most, lies and dishonest behavior will put a nail in the coffin for sure.

Why do they fail?
Why one relationship fails while another thrives may be a mystery or obvious and clear. It could be one or all of my top five play a part in relationship failures. Hopefully with these top five in mind, you SL’ers out there can better a current relationship or make informed decisions when it’s time for an end.

This is Becca Drascol wishing you a happy healthy relationship...or new beginnings should one fail.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fashion-Crazy for Hair-Becca Drascol Reporting

When we think fashion, we think outfits, shoes, boots and the like. Some people tend to change and buy outfits often, as a passion, perhaps even an addiction. I know I for one am a shoes and boots fanatic. And it becomes easy to be crazy for hair when in Second life we can change hair style, color and even the cut by simply a click of a button in our inventory, or simply buying something new. In real life we can't dye our hair from blonde to deep red and back to blonde in just minutes...but in SL we can do whatever we wish with our hair as long as someone in our world creates it. As SL grows and creators do too, new HUDS make it possible to have even the wildest of looks. From black hair with purple streaks, to blue hair with a pink tipped ponytail all done with just one HUD sometimes.
With easy ways to constantly change up your "do," Second Life not only makes hair fashion fun but also simple  for even a beginner. One can so easily become a hair fanatic for many reasons. And with all the possibilities, I decided to ask residents some fun hair questions.

How often do you change hair?(not buy a new one but how often do you change one style to another from inventory)

VividDreamz Resident: Once per two weeks. I love changing it up with each outfit or every other outfit! Every hairstyle tells my mood and style that day or week.

Havenly1 Resident: Maybe twice a week, depending the outfit.

How often do you buy new hair?

VividDreamz Resident: Not very often maybe once a month because when I do buy hair I tend to buy more than one style or color.

Havenly1 Resident: Every 2 months maybe if I see something I like.

Do you prefer wild hair such as wild colors and looks? Or more glam or reserved looks?

VividDreamz Resident: Slightly all the above because some outfits are wild, some are classy., some are revealing which I like to wear something more glamorous. As I stated above each style defines my mood and style that day or week, depending on outfit.

Havenly1 Resident: Hmm I prefer more Glam looks or Reserved, but also like to go wild depending on what I’m doing :)
Havenly1 Resident: Hard question lol.

About how much do you usually spend on a new hair? Do you buy one color or fatpacks?

VividDreamz Resident: L$200 to L$400 is about the range I spend.I buy one color but in separate packs because the fatpacks tend to run higher in price than buying them individually  when I dont want fatpacks, but if I end up buying a fatpack it could range more higher priced like L$800 or more then L$1.2K.

Havenly1 Resident: One color and around 100 - 250

Do you change your hair to fit the occasion? For an event?

VividDreamz Resident: I tend to change my hair depending on color of my outfit or style of my outfit. Unless event is wild hair or something to do with hair is the only time I change it for an event. But also for a wedding I would change it for that occasion to something more classy or an updo!

Havenly1 Resident: Because I stay blonde,except one nice long red hair one I stay the most in one color.

Hair Fanatic or just hair fun…

Rather you’re a fanatic or just have fun changing styles or only change as Second Life grows and changes with the times, I think hair can be fun, crazy, bright, wild, glam or reserved. I firmly believe hair is a part of fashion especially in SL because we can freely change it on a whim to fit our needs and or wants. Unlike real life where a bad haircut has to grow back, with SL one is free to simply delete bad hair and pick a new one. Are you hair crazy? A fanatic? Or is hair just a fun part of your sense of fashion and style? I think rather you change hair every outfit or linger with one color and style for months on end, we all love hair.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fashion Mix and Match Don’ts-Becca Drascol Reporting

Thinking Mash-up
When you think fashion normally things in SL are full outfits or things we match together with something to create our own outfit look. I’m sure you all have mixed and matched at some point. I know I have, and continue to. I’ll throw a top with a skirt from two different outfits and if they work together nicely then that’s my outfit for that day. But are all mixes and matches good...oh no they are not all good!

We all know a rule of thumb in fashion that stripes and polka dots while nice on their own are by far not good mixes. Loud and bright patterns while all good and well alone, they do not mix like coffee with sugar now do they? The point being there are things that mash up just fine and then there are things that you know if this were RL you’d be something to stare at if you dare walked out of your house dressed in such a way.

Playing Dress-up
So, I went through my SL wardrobe and found a few things that I knew were some fashion don’ts. Yes, yes I played dress up for the sake of the fashion world in our second lives. And as you’ll see while my Gangsta outfit’s top looks so very nice on my av, if I do say so’s rather blah with a polka dot skirt. Also,  dually noted stripes and animal print are a total no-no. A rather bright top can be so very cute with any pair of jeans or a plain non printed skirt or shorts...not so nice with a checkered pattern.

 I’ve never been a fan a bold patterns in RL or SL, but some can be quite nice if they play solo, but mix them with another bold or wild pattern and they become siblings fighting over mom’s attention, they both want it and you only have so much to give!

Lastly, we come to a lil mix I popped together just for the sake of entertaining as I played dress up.  The school girl look with a boldly printed skirt. The checkered school girl body suit is a must have for when you’re feeling playful or entering a contest. Sure...and the skirt, a beauty for going out dancing with your honey. Together they look like I got dressed while Second Life did a whole black screen flickering glitch. Who doesn’t love looking like they dressed in the dark? Me!

Tips and Hints...Make your outfit a “Do”
We all tend to use common sense when mixing and matching what we wear, rather real or virtually. So it should be common sense if you wouldn’t dare wear something in RL because you would be afraid of what others think…well don’t do it in SL either. If you don’t like it, give your inner self a thumbs up for saying “No!” to the combo. If you mixed and matched and you’re looks good to you but something’s just off…. Ask a friend. No we don’t all have the same fashion sense but overall fashion don’ts are something you can learn very easily by opinion.

 Let’s not go overboard and lose what style you may have, no. But I’ll just say this thought, stripes and dots blah! If you can find someone who mixes typical fashion no-no’s and it turned out nicely, well maybe this reporter can learn something new in the world of fashion. Have fun mixing matching and mashing up those outfits...then go out and have fun!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

How do you spend your time in Second Life?-Becca Drascol Reporting

In a virtual world with limitless possibilities for something to do, we could be bored per-say, but Second Life has tons to offer as a form of entertainment, work, and many other things to explore and do. There's always a new venue of some sort popping up, always some new idea that one of our fellow residents has thought up and made a virtual reality of.  When we ask  how do you spend your time in SL, I must first off answer that myself.

 For me it's a bit of it all, I have my RL spouse to spend time with, in all I do within SL. We have a virtual family as well as a few friends. I not only co-own a club but do work within our world in other venues. From dancing, to hosting and even creating and building, I can honestly say I've done a bit of everything in SL.  On occasion I like to go fishing, out to a club to hang out and listen to music. I've bowled, played SL's board games, and really am always looking to maybe try something new. Romance is another favorite thing of mine, and there are literally a ton of venues laid out beautifully to relax, and hang out with your special someone. Well now you know some of the things I spend my time doing in SL, so let's venture out and find out what others do.


Becca Drascol: How do you spend your time in Second Life?

mariejane42 Resident: With friends and family.

Becca Drascol: Is there anything else of interest you do in SL that you would like to mention?

mariejane42 Resident: Let's see, well  I  work  a lot,  and  I  love to spend  my time being a good  SL mom.

Becca Drascol: Aww great :)

Becca Drascol: How do you spend your time in Second Life?

RainyRendezvous Resident: Exploring, shopping, talking with friends and dancing at The Cotton Club every other week.

Becca Drascol: How do you spend your time in Second Life?

hewholooms Resident: hanging out and watching paint dry lol

Becca Drascol: How do you spend your time in Second Life?

LaceyNightshade Resident: I like going fishing, gold hunting and trivia. I also like dancing and  hanging out at clubs doing contests and going to romance places.

Becca Drascol: How do you spend your time in Second Life?

Taima Fang: Working the club, building and sometimes just relaxing.

For the most part I think all people in SL make SL their own in some way or another. Rather they spend their time in relaxing ways, working hard or simply enjoying others within our world…. We all spend time differently. That’s what makes us all unique. Some may like to kick back while others are always on the move. I say get out there and spend your time doing whatever makes you the happiest. After all, SL is a past time; our second lives.

How do you spend your Second Life time? Use the comment box below