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Sunday, May 3, 2015

If You Could have anything in Second Life, What would It be?- Nena Dreadlow Reporting

That is the question that I went around second life asking “If you could have anything on Second Life What would it be? The answer will surprise you. For me when I hear that question I think maybe bigger land or better skins, maybe even a new outfit? But, surprisingly those are not the answers that I got; five residents where nice enough to answer this question.

Nena Dreadlow: If you could have anything in sl what would it be?

Muse Monigal- “We’ll I’ve been On Second Life since it began and am on my second Character Now , and while support has improved for those who are us joining our community in second life I would like to see more organizations geared towards more hands on help for those that have arrived. We want our community to grow.”

I would have to agree with Muse. There does need to be more Help available for new people arriving in second life. SL has grown so much that there is so much to learn and without any kind of help in world, it’s hard to get around and to learn what to do.

I  asked the same question to Mspink Lips and this is what she had to say:

Mspink Lips-  “I would like a easier way to make money  Some people don’t want to be a stripper or go through a lot of drama. Maybe you can earn money by going through a loyal administration and not by just a random person who you won’t know if it is a scam or not”

MsPink has just started playing but luckily she has a  friend who has played a few years helping her.   I remember when I first started playing sl and I had no idea how to even get a job. If there is someone who could have helped me like Mspink suggested, it would have been a lot easier

Next to answer the question was Kat ( dawn nite) and she said,  “ I would like a way sl can verify someone’s real life age and gender. I want to go to someone’s profile and be able to tell who I am talking to and not worry that I’m is talking to someone other than I  think”

Kat has had problems in the past with this as I’m sure a lot of people have. I never have thought about this before but I think if there was a way to make sure you are talking to who they say they are then it would be better then knowing right away then finding out later. There is a term for people who aren’t who they say they are; catfish.

While doing this poll I  went to a hair store and talked to a few people there.

Harlon Mongtomery says, “I think that the type of clubs are limited on sl”.

 Harlon wants to be able to search for a club and the type of music and then go to that location and be able to hear that type of music he likes and not go there and hear something different”

I know that I’ve run into that problem before where you go and look for a music genre and then you get to that club and they are not playing the music as advertised.  They should stick to what they said so visitors can enjoy the music that you love.

Vivian Klees was the last person I asked and she said “ She wants better Region crossing Vehicles  and avatar crossing  regions on the main land.  This needs to be worked on and the current physics engine needs to be upgraded for a better gaming experience”

All the SL residents I polled gave great answers to think about. playing Second Life isn’t just about the items people buy or what they have.  SL is made up of so much more.  Things that can be changed by just talking about them is a chance that Second Life can be bigger and better than before.  Don’t stop talking about what can make your SL experience better and continue to explore and learn about new ways to better improve your world.

If you would like to contribute your thoughts to this question use the comment box below.


  1. I just came back to SL after a long hiatus, and decided to start anew with a fresh account. Having been almost 10 years since undergoing the "new user" experience first hand, I have to say I was pretty disappointed and underwhelmed.

    From that perspective, if I could have anything in Second Life right now, it would have to be an improved experience for newbies with mentors - or something like Smart Bots, at least - available to give out notecards and even answer simple questions that people have when they first rez in. I watched a number of people having difficulty with movement controls, not sure where to go, asking questions in local chat. If brand new members get turned off within their first few minutes, our virtual world will continue to die off. I know SL 2 is on the horizon, but I'd still like to see the original be a welcoming place for first timers and "new old" members alike!


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