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Showing posts with label Nena Dreadlow. Show all posts

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spotlight on Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdoms- Nena Dreadlow Reporting

Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdoms is a place where you can role play one of these majestic creatures such as a Apatosaurus,  or a  Triceratops or even a Tyrannosaurus rex!. I have never seen a sim such as this on second life so I was very curious to explore and see what it was all about.

Before heading there I did some research on some specific type of dinosaurs that can be found on the sim. History books say that dinosaurs first appeared about 225 million years ago. What caused their extinction is still up for debate. The only thing we can do is marvel at the fossils discovered and wonder how they lived based on the clues they left behind.

 Scientists divide this era into 3 periods: the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. The Apatosaurus dinosaur lived in the late jurassic period. They were herbivore with a long neck and tail and Triceratops where the largest of the horned dinosaurs.   It’s one of the most recognizable of all dinosaurs and the best known ceratopsid.  When I think of one of the scariest dinosaur that once ruled  earth’s landscape ,it is the Tyrannosaurus or better known as a T-Rex.  The name speaks for itself.

Can you imagine if they still existed today? How different would life be for all of us?
 I would imagine we would be cautious not to bump into one and become a meal.

At Prehistorica, we can go back to prehistoric times and be the dinosaur!. How cool is that?

When you go to the sim you enter the store where they are a lot of dinosaurs to choose from or you can go right into the prehistoric world using the time machine. They offer a free dinosaur avatar or a time traveler outfit there so you can easily immerse yourself into the theme.   Once you get to the time machine you can pick from 3 places to visit. Cretaceous Canyon, Fossil Beach or Jurassic jungle. There are other areas at Prehistorica but they are for residents of the sim only.

I first went to Cretaceous Canyon and was  immediately  amazed by what I saw. There are dinosaurs roaming around like you just stepped back I time. You can hear sounds of them all around you. I just loved exploring and seeing some of the dinosaurs up close. To just be able to imagine what it was millions years ago it just amazing.

Next I visited Fossil Beach.  This was another place that dinosaurs roamed around freely.  This area of course was surrounded by beach and trees. What a wonderful place with all the sights and sounds of dinosaurs. I just loved being able to see what it must have been like while the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Next I went to Jurassic Jungle.  This is right across from fossil beach and as the title says it is a Jungle! It has a swamp and fog all around it and looks so realistic.

The sim is in the Mesozoic Era...the Age of the Dinosaurs and is educational. This era saw the rise of iconic dinosaurs and lizards and the breakup of the supercontinent Pangaea.  It spans 252 million years ago to 66 million years ago. Something I had no idea about so it was nice to learn something new about theses massive creatures and the scientific findings and terms that are used  today.

Being able to travel back in time just like that is one of the things I love about Second life but being able to visit a place such as this is just wonderful.

The beauty of Second Life is not only what you can buy but also what you can see. If you haven't already make sure you take a trip to this sim at least once.

join their group “PANGEA update group” to get all the latest information about the sim and don’t forget to grab you free Pangea carnage freebie souvenir.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

If You Could have anything in Second Life, What would It be?- Nena Dreadlow Reporting

That is the question that I went around second life asking “If you could have anything on Second Life What would it be? The answer will surprise you. For me when I hear that question I think maybe bigger land or better skins, maybe even a new outfit? But, surprisingly those are not the answers that I got; five residents where nice enough to answer this question.

Nena Dreadlow: If you could have anything in sl what would it be?

Muse Monigal- “We’ll I’ve been On Second Life since it began and am on my second Character Now , and while support has improved for those who are us joining our community in second life I would like to see more organizations geared towards more hands on help for those that have arrived. We want our community to grow.”

I would have to agree with Muse. There does need to be more Help available for new people arriving in second life. SL has grown so much that there is so much to learn and without any kind of help in world, it’s hard to get around and to learn what to do.

I  asked the same question to Mspink Lips and this is what she had to say:

Mspink Lips-  “I would like a easier way to make money  Some people don’t want to be a stripper or go through a lot of drama. Maybe you can earn money by going through a loyal administration and not by just a random person who you won’t know if it is a scam or not”

MsPink has just started playing but luckily she has a  friend who has played a few years helping her.   I remember when I first started playing sl and I had no idea how to even get a job. If there is someone who could have helped me like Mspink suggested, it would have been a lot easier

Next to answer the question was Kat ( dawn nite) and she said,  “ I would like a way sl can verify someone’s real life age and gender. I want to go to someone’s profile and be able to tell who I am talking to and not worry that I’m is talking to someone other than I  think”

Kat has had problems in the past with this as I’m sure a lot of people have. I never have thought about this before but I think if there was a way to make sure you are talking to who they say they are then it would be better then knowing right away then finding out later. There is a term for people who aren’t who they say they are; catfish.

While doing this poll I  went to a hair store and talked to a few people there.

Harlon Mongtomery says, “I think that the type of clubs are limited on sl”.

 Harlon wants to be able to search for a club and the type of music and then go to that location and be able to hear that type of music he likes and not go there and hear something different”

I know that I’ve run into that problem before where you go and look for a music genre and then you get to that club and they are not playing the music as advertised.  They should stick to what they said so visitors can enjoy the music that you love.

Vivian Klees was the last person I asked and she said “ She wants better Region crossing Vehicles  and avatar crossing  regions on the main land.  This needs to be worked on and the current physics engine needs to be upgraded for a better gaming experience”

All the SL residents I polled gave great answers to think about. playing Second Life isn’t just about the items people buy or what they have.  SL is made up of so much more.  Things that can be changed by just talking about them is a chance that Second Life can be bigger and better than before.  Don’t stop talking about what can make your SL experience better and continue to explore and learn about new ways to better improve your world.

If you would like to contribute your thoughts to this question use the comment box below.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

An Educational Tour of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum: Kristallinacht- Nena Dreadlow Reporting

The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of over six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. This happened between 1941-1951 Holocaust means “Sacrifice by fire”  The nazis came in power on January 1933.  They believed that they were superior to the Jews.  Jews were moved to concentration camps by train where most of them died.   Before any of this took place the “Kristallnacht took place.  Here you will find out what that means and how it plays a big part in the holocaust history.

When I first came to the Holocaust Museum I knew one day I would love to write about it and am very honored to be able to do so.  The Holocaust is such a big part of history and everyone should know about it. I was glad that second life was able to show some things that took place so that we could get an idea of the terror that went on in that time and educate us.
Can you imagine having to go through all that or what it felt like to not be able to do certain things just because of who you were? This Museum Focuses on "Kristallnacht" also called "Night of the broken class".

When you first walk into the museum, you enter a classroom. I would recommend that your sound and video is on at all times. It is an interactive museum and it makes the experience more realistic. In the classroom be sure to touch each of the bulletins boards as they will tell give you information about some of the things that took place.

  On November 9-10 1938 rioters destroyed synagogues, businesses, cemeteries, hospitals, schools and homes and killed at least 91 Jewish people.  It is called "night of the broken class" because of all the glass that was all over the streets. To get to the next area of the museum you must find the glowing folder. It leads to a wall that opens up to the city.

This city was replicated on accounts by some of the survivors of the Kristallinacht. The streets are lined with books and glass. The first thing you see is a store where at that time Jews had to put their names on their windows. Nazis would smash and destroy all their goods and would loot almost everything.  Later on the stores were closed and not allowed to be reopened unless run by a Non-Jewish.

There were many families affected by this tragedy.  The museum tells the story of the Hilsenraths family. They were just a regular family who owned a linen store. They had 3 children.  Like all of the Jewish children, Susan who is the oldest had to leave the school. Months later Susan and her brother where smuggled into France. You can hear the voice of Susan talking about her experience. How would you feel to have to be moved away from your parents and away from the home you ever have known? Her story will pull at your heart string.

On November 9 1938 months before the synagogues were demolished the Nazis destroyed the interiors of the synagogues and desecrated religious objects.  All over Germany, including Austria was vandalized, looted and destroyed.  In the museum they made a replica of one of the synagogues where you can observe how it would look after being destroyed. It is sad to know that the place where they prayed where thought of as nothing but trash.

Jewish children were expelled from German public schools after Kristllnacht.  Even the Jewish schools where closed. It is just sad that these children were not able to get an education just because they were Jewish. Not only where they banned from schools but also banned from museums, playgrounds, swimming pools and other places.

Visiting the Museum is such a somber experience that everyone needs to come to at least once here on second life. It is sad to know that human beings had to go through such horrific things. The purpose of this museum is to show a glimpse into what took place in the beginning of a very tragic event and help prevent history from repeating itself with senseless act of terror and crimes against humanity.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Events Going on Now in Second Life- Nena Dreadlow Reporting

What kind of activities do like to do in Second Life to celebrate Easter? Besides all the wonderful shops around to decorate your home I have found some great hunts and an Easter egg decorating contest that you, your friends and your family will have fun with.

Botanica A-Mazing Easter Egg hunt

Follow the arrows to the garden maze where you find the bunny with all the info. Grab your Easter basket and start looking for the eggs. There are 12 eggs total to find.  YOu can win some Easter decorations, spring flowers and garden follies. Once you collect all of the eggs you win the grand prize! Botanica A-Mazing Easter Egg Hunt is in a beautiful maze filled with bunnies and trees! They also have shopping.  The sim is filled with garden decor and also a gift shop with balloons and cards.
There is a lot to look at while you are doing your hunt.

8th Annual EggaPalooza Spring hunt

This Spring hunt takes place from March 20-April 15th and is Located in Aeros Park.
There are 100 eggs to find  in the public areas.
I Found a pedal car to ride around  and explore the sim. It has a wonderful waterfront view and not only can you find eggs but there are other activities such a car racing ,  a log flume, roller coaster, bike riding and a lot more to explore. They host a lot of events here on the sim as well. Make sure you join their group for more information and events.

Magicland Park
Magicland Park is a virtual replica of Disneyland. What Better way to celebrate Easter than at the most happiest place of all! Make sure you find the bunny to get all the info you need to do the Easter egg hunt. Also, don’t forget to grab your basket!  There are 15 eggs total to find. You can find them all over the park and the clues will help you.
 While you are there make sure you check out some of the rides like, the log flume or Dumbo and People mover. My favorite of course was the hundred acre woods and seeing Winnie the Pooh. You may even get lucky and see some Disney characters who come for a visit.  And finally, no visit to Magicland Park is complete without watching the Parade!

Boo Boo Easter Egg Hunt
This Easter egg hunt runs now until April 5th. There are 15 eggs to find for 1L each and you have to explore to two different locations with 5 stores involved in the hunt. When you arrive simply touch the sign to get clues that will help you find the eggs. Make sure you grab your basket and get some other free goodies! There are some nice items that you get so its we’ll worth the 1L! Make sure you check out the stores while you are doing the hunt too.

SLE’s Easter Egg Decorating Contest

Now Until April 20th!
We can end this article without mentioning our very own Easter Activity!
 Celebrate Easter with the SL Enquirer as we decorate our  Media Center with Easter Eggs created by SLE Fans. The free kit includes Instructions, 1 Mesh Egg Template and 1 Prim Egg Template to choose from.

·       1st Place- A L$1500 credit towards Spotlight Feature and one month of advertising on The SL Enquirer website or cash prize of 500L.

·       2nd Place- Press Release Post Gift Certificate and cash prize 100L

·       3rd Place- Press Release Post (a L$300 value Redeemable for cash for L$ 100)

All entries should be in on or before April 1st so all your friends can start voting for you!
Winner announced April 20th.

To enter visit the SL Enquirer Media Center for your free decorating kit.

It will be worth your time to check out these hunts as well as showcase your Easter egg decorating skills for a chance at cool prizes. Get hoppin’ and have a Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Visit the Virtual Grand Canyon. It has Similarities to the Real Famous Landmark- Nena Dreadlow Reporting

Have you ever wanted to go to the real Grand Canyon but never had the chance? There is a whole sim in second life that offers a virtually real experience.  I visited this landmark and I must say that it does resemble the real life one in more ways than one.

Named an official park in 1919, The Real Life Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and is a steep sided canyon carved by the Colorado river.  This natural formation is 277 miles long and up to 18 miles wide.

The Skywalk at the real location is managed by the Hualapai Tribe. It has a horseshoe shaped steel frame with glass floors and is 70 feet high. You can get a wonderful panoramic view of the canyon from this platform.

I visited the SL skywalk as it would not be something I would not do in real life due to being afraid of heights. The virtual skywalk is also shaped like a horseshoe, made of prim glass and very high up. It was nice observing the landscape from that height without being afraid.

Some of the activities offered in the Real life Grand Canyon are zip lining which takes you across at about  30 mph.  It takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. I thought I would try this in Second Life. It was a fast trip down to the bottom of the canyon. Still fun!

A popular activity at the Real life Grand Canyon is helicopter Tours. There are many options with different types of helicopters. You can take a tour from Las Vegas. I was happy to find a helicopter that I could ride around the sl sim. It was great to be able to look around and see everything from a bird’s eye view.

Another Activity is river rafting! Something I have never done but have always wanted to. At the Grand Canyon you can raft down the Colorado River to Diamond Creek or even Lake Meed. The trips can last from 2 to 5 days in the real world but in the Second Life you can take a quick relaxing trip down the river and not even get wet.

History is a big part of our cultural because it allows us a peek back in time. It  helps us understand the world we live in, how things can change but also remind us of our past and how the world was shaped.   I was glad to see that the SL Grand Canyon made sure to mention some things that happened in the real one.  It is both adventurous and educational.

In June 30 1956 the grand canyon was the site of the deadliest commercial aviation disasters in history. Two planes - A TWA and United Airlines collided above the canyon. Both planes fell into the eastern portion of the canyon near the Colorado River.  The location of the crash has been designated a National Historic Landmark. In Second life, The creators of the virtual Grand Canyon  made sure to include this piece of history.

The Pueblo People were thought to live in the Grand Canyon over 1000 years ago. There are six major tribes; the Havasupai, Zuni, Hopi, Paiute, Navajo and the Hualapai. The Native American Indians are a big part of the history at the canyon. The Havasupai Indian Reservation is opened to the public to visit that part of the canyon. Havasupai means people of the blue-green waters. The replica in Second Life  shows how they would of lived back then.

I love the fact that there are not only a lot of activities to do here. From hiking and taking a plane ride to taking tours or checking out the canyon from an observation deck.  But there are also things that you couldn’t do in RL like flying with your avatar through all the ridges and valleys to dancing under the stars with that special someone. They even have clubs and lots of shopping here.

 As you can see there are so many similarities to the Real life Grand Canyon. What makes Second Life so unique it seeing things you would not normally see.

 Check out the TP board to explore!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Dining Out in Second Life- - Nena Dreadlow Reporting

Who doesn't like to eat and socialize?  In Second Life you can virtually do both.
 Going to a restaurant in SL can be a fun way to socialize away from loud music and a crowd.  It is a perfect setting for a first date or place to gather with a group of friends outside of a club scene. I was able to find some great places and even met with some of the restauraunt owners.

Harborside Bistro Restaurant

Harborside Bistro Restaurant is located on the water and is full service eatery. It offers a variety of foods for breakfast and dinner including, fruit, breads, lobster and even filet mignon. You can choose to sit upstairs or downstairs. There is even a nice patio area for sitting and chatting. It’s free to eat here but of course tips are appreciated. Harborside Bistro is a nice and quaint place if you're looking for some time alone with a someone or just needs a place to yourself to come and enjoy.

After Taste
 I was greeted by staff when I came to After Taste. Later I learned that these were the owners of the restaurant Ron & Savannah Kira. It was 100L per person and we’ll worth the price. I was escorted to a wonderful table by the water and they explained to me how everything works. After looking through the menu I chose my drink & meal while I chatted a bit with the owners.
They told me that the reason they wanted to open a restaurant here in Second Life  was because there weren’t  many intimate spots for couples to enjoy a evening out. I must say this restaurant is very nice. They also do cater to different events and parties. I was surprised to learn that all guests receive a frame with their photo to take home with them. What a great touch!
 I had a wonderful time there and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice place to sit for a date or for a dinner party,

The Corner Restaurant

The owner of The Corner Restaurant was there to greet me and show me to my table by the piano. This restaurant has a country feel to it. I was given a menu of food choices and prices. They were very reasonable. This restaurant is run by owner,Bella Dela Cruz and her daughter and is family RP friendly.  Bella and I sat and talked while I ate and she told me that her family decided to open a restaurant so that large families can come and enjoy themselves. There is even a park outside for kids to enjoy. They read a book every Sunday for the children and they are given a meal and a keepsake. This is a unique touch to a virtual restaurant experience.  If you're looking to take your family out for a day then this is the place that I would recommend.

Ja ‘ Ames

Ja”Ames is a very classy restaurant.  The owner, Mrs Trenchy is the twin sister of the Corner restaurant owner. She and I talked while we sat in the elegant dining room.  She said that she wanted to bring the closeness of family together while rping a nice meal together. She also said that in rl she loves to cook so having a restaurant here in Second Life was another way for her to enjoy her love of food.  Ja ‘Ames is new but from the looks of it I think it will be a great success, They also offer catering to all types of parties.


Muirsheen Durkin Bar & Restaurant

Muirsheen Durkin bar & restaurant also known as Brunell Hall Restaurant its home to Isambard Kingdom hotel. It is a full service restaurant.  It is one of the oldest places here in Second Life dedicated to the bygone era. There is a full service bar and places to sit by the fireplace to talk. They also have a smoking room for after dinner and game Lounges where you can dance with your partner or friends. You can either enjoy the  atmosphere from either downstairs or upstairs. This is a great place for a romantic dinner for two.

Even thought avatars don’t need food for survival, the role play can be fun and entertaining. Second Life Restaurants are not only for eating but also for getting together with a special someone, friends, family or maybe even meeting someone new. Finding a place you feel relaxed can be a challenge when club scenes and parks are things you have visited enough.  Get out there, explore and visit the places that I have mentioned.  I guaranteed that you are going to have a wonderful time.

Bon Appetit!

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Look at Some Venues offering Different Music Genres in Second Life- Nena Dreadlow Reporting


I love going out to dance, explore and finding different music venues to visit. Like most people I love all types of music genres but, what I love the most is exploring the different sims here in SL and listening to what I like.
Here are some venues I recommend so you can get an idea of what type of places you can visit, listen to music and have a great time too.

Black Horse Country Club

This Sim is all country!! From the music to the venue, which plays the best country music. The place is filled with people line dancing and socializing. The staff and host are wonderful.  Be sure to join the group so you can find out when events are happening.

Ohana Rock Club

Ohana Rock Club in my opinion one of the top clubs here on SL. I was greeted right away from the host and felt welcomed. This music here is rock.  Ohana Rock Club was filled with lots of people dancing and having a good time. Right away you feel comfortable being a part of the crowd.  Join the group for info on events.  Ohana Rock Club also has a Facebook page.

Dance Island
“Real Dj’s,Real Music,Real People”

Dance Island has a large beautiful club. They play techno, disco and electro type of music here. They were also voted “Best Dance club’” . If you love to dance and meet new people this is a place to come check out.

End Of Days

Once you enter the sim make sure you change your environment to midnight for the best effect.   If you love the  Goth/ vampire theme this is the club for you. It is set inside a castle and is very dark and mysterious.


The Dirty South

When you first see the name you might think It has to be a county bar right? But it’s not. They play all kinds of music from rock, pop, hip hop and so much more. It is inside of a cute barn. If you're like me and you're looking for a nice place to hang out with all types of music then this is the place for you.

Of course there are more to Second Life then just clubs. They also have Theaters, Opera Houses, Concert halls and even places to sing your heart out on Karaoke!
Check these places out.

Theatre on the Hill

One of the theaters I visited was “Theatre on the hill” where they perform Broadway shows.  The theater is set over  water and  beautiful!

Be sure to check out this venue if you're looking for a great show.

The Oval

The Oval Concert hall features live music from Opera, Dj’s and live performers. It sits on the hill and has a unique way for you to get around the sim. If you are looking for a place to have a nice relaxing evening then I recommend visiting this sim.

Firestone Karaoke

One of the many places you can visit to showcase your voice is “Firestone Karaoke”.  To get started all you have to do is touch the board and follow the instructionsI think karaoke is a great way to practice your favorite songs and have fun with others who like the karaoke scene.

As you can see there are a lot of music venues and genres to choose from. Whatever you choose there is always something to do for everyone in Second Life.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Family Roleplaying Communities In Second Life- Nena Dreadlow Reporting.

Family role play has become very popular in Second Life. It seems many residents are seeking to belong to a group and share in fun and activities. The foundation for family role play begins with a bond between couples who wish to expand their families with the addition of babies and extended families members. There are numerous growing families in Second Life and communities catering to their needs.

 What is a family Role play community, what things do you do and what are the popular communities in Second Life?

Giano Estates New England Family Sim Community Role Play

Giano Estates is one of the top family role-playing communities in Second Life. Once you enter the sim it is like you're entering a real life town.  Giano Estates has beautiful homes for rent. They offer homes from 2 to 4 bedrooms. The estates also has lots of things to do including going to a Bowling alley, movie theater, a car wash  and shopping at the grocery store.  Residents can role play as a policeman,  postal worker and even  a doctor! Giano Estates has expanded to 9 sims due to family growth.  If you are looking for a place to raise your family, we would suggest touring this wonderful  family rp sim.

Olrich Estates

Once you enter Olrich Estates you will be in the downtown area which has a job bank and Rental office.  The downtown streets are lined with lots of shops, a hospital and gas station.
Olrich Estates also has homes to rent as well as apartments.  As I was walking around I could see people talking, hanging out and family role-playing. It was fun to watch and see how they interact.  There is so much to see and do here. I would recommend that you take a tour. You might even want to make your home here

Belleview Estates

Belleview Estates is a family friendly community.  Upon entering Belleview Estates you will come across the town hall which has a list of houses for rent and even a unemployment board. The estates also offer a Life store, gas station and a adoption agency.  The sim is aso surrounded by water for families who want to raise their children with ocean views. Take a tour today.

Pleasant Hope Estates

Pleasant Hope Estates is where I call home. It is zooby and child friendly. The town hall is the place to go to find out all the information you need about activities, rentals and jobs. The staff is very friendly and helpful.  I love living here because there are lots of things to do. Come see for yourself.

Greensboro Estates

Greenboros Estates is a tree lined community with a beautiful waterfall in the background.  Their motto is “Family is first” and you can tell that they mean it. If you're looking for a quiet place to call home then this might be the place for you. Greenboros Estates even has an adoption agency for couples looking to expand their families.  If you are looking to add to your family then you should check it out. I must say I was very impressed with this community and enjoyed looking around.

There are of many other family role playing sims in second life but these communities stand out to me. I love the fact that you can be part of and raise a family in the same way you would in real life.  It is so wonderful to visit these sims and see in all the things that you can participate in.

If you are looking for a great family friendly place to live then you must check out these locations.