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Monday, August 24, 2015

Best Body Art: Tattoos and Piercing in SL- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Tattoos and piercing are very popular in SL as they are also in RL. They are a way to add personal style to your look.  It can always be hard to know which tattoo or piercing is not only right for you but also looks good on you. The best part is they aren’t painful and permanent so you can remove or changed your tats and piercings at any time!
If you’re looking for the perfect trendy piercing, tattoo or even both here is a few places I have found across the grid which I feel offer great quality body piercings and art.

:SS:. Divinity Tattoo Unisex
This is a lovely tattoo. It is unisex and very nicely created. I love the writing tattoo part on the body and the words are written clearly and not using faint ink. A perfect biker’s tattoo
Priced at only 100L

SuPerBia - BrEnT (bag)

With some tattoos in SL the tribal look can be very over powering in design and this makes it look not so real. However, with this tattoo it has been created using such a faint ink that allows you to still see the design. I also like the look. It does not cover the whole body but still looks trendy. Priced at 375L it is a bit pricey but if you have had tattoos before and know that it is something you will always want to wear it may be the right price and quality for you.

TAOX - Cloth Appliers - Fingerless TaTToo Lace Gloves Black - FoR SLiNK HaNDs oNLY

Tattoos on hands have become very popular and if you always wanted one in RL but was not sure if you would regret it, here is your chance to have one in SL and be trendy. If this is the first time you are seeing this here is a little bit of information on it and what it contains:

* Hud Fingerless Lace Gloves Black for Slink implants Hands.
1 hud Tattoo layer
1 hud Gloves layer
This Gloves is exclusively for SLiNK implants av.enhanced "hands"
You must have this implant to see the tattoo.
The Gloves are applied with a hud offering different options.
You will find it in your package if you buy this item. There are NO Normal Layers.
You can EASILY wea just one glove, just click on this hud.
In the implant kit "Slink" there is a HUD to enable or disable your tattoos so you can wear the tattoo by clicking it on.
Priced at only 50L for your SLiNK hands I think it is perfect.

SuPerBia EaRs *PierCinGs & PLuG* -M&F- (bag)

To find the right piercing which not only looks good on you and also is uniquely different can be tricky but this piercing also comes with ear plugs.  I feel it has that style which will give you that edgy look. It is unisex and the plugs for the ears can also change color. Priced at 199L this is a good price for such a badass product.

:HV: Payne [Metal]

If you are looking for piercing with a little more edge then this is the right one for you. This pack includes:
Payne [Metal] facial piercing set with Color Change (for the 2 jewels under the lower lip) ,F.A.Q note card  and includes Pose stand for fitting .
However, for that edgy look this will cost you a little bit more. Priced at 260L but for me it is worth the price.

So whatever badass style you are looking for in tattoos or piercings you will be sure to find it in SL.

Happy Body Art Shopping!


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