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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ashley Madison Got Nothing on this SL Scandal! Are you on the List?

Since the Ashley Madison Scandal hit the fan and ousted a bunch of sideblinded celebrities and others, it is dwarfed compared to the massive scandal that has hit Second Life like a baseball bat out of hell!   Avatars across the internet are talking about the Ashley Madison mess and countless account holders are left explaining themselves to their spouses. SL is in need of a good scandal ousting, let’s see if we can push a few avies to explain their pixels over some interesting fetishes and scandal.

According to a statistics analyst, this leaked information suggests the scandal goes way beyond sane comprehension. 99.9999 % of this list are either friends of Lanai Jarrico, readers or supporters of SLE.  .0001% denies ever reading this newspaper or ever coming in contact with the editor.

We have a LIST!  Are you in it?

Lanai Jarrico-  prefers a good scandal over unfounded speculation
Lacy Muricastle- the quiet type, writing fairy tale love stories
charliereid78 Resident- prefers newsprint over animal print
2013UK Resident- loves crepes with grape jam and a good cup of tea
ceciliarosalie- multilingual, likes puppies social media socialite
becca.drascol- dominant with many talents
Arkad Baxton- marketing guru, bird watcher
debbyom- model, writer, jane of all trades, likes kittens and cotton candy
gypsyd- loves a good freak, has a thing for Lois Lane
Leesa Donner- favorite saying. “truth shall set you free”
lillylacewing- favorite quote, “laughter is the best medicine”, poetry
Linda Lauren- She saw this coming…
divastone- the essence of sultry entertainment
moonshade.pastorelli- Game of thrones fan
Sumi Portola- cool, calm and collective
Justin Cromulet- loves the color pink, voting for Deez Nuts and a creative writer discourager
Jaylan Fiertze- R.I.P.
tea.couturier- loves fashion, friends and cake
Prince Sonoda- likes red grapes and instigating a good scandal
Micha Rydell- plays a good trumpet, rides a bike without training wheels
Brando Dingson- founder of AGSO, loves the game risk and grapefruit
Raymnd Snook- competitive salsa dancing, loves spicy food
Rysan Fall- machinima producer, won a gangnam style competition
Persia Bravin- has a thing for news and long hiatuses, bubble baths
Stacey Cardalines- extreme cheerleader and zumba dancer
KuddlyKen Resident- legendary krumpet maker
Auster Elan- master of fashion, mysterious
Wolfie Moonshadow- high energy, low pitched growl
IrishGent Resident- sailor, evangelic spirit, low tide surfer
Frolic Mills-extraordinary ballroom dancers, an eye for high fashion, loves chicken wings
Faith Aljon- creative, talented and determined
Jackie Lefko- singer, entertainer, beautiful soul
Scorpinosis Nightfire- loves nightlife and entertainment, sharp shooter
Ema Jayaram- exploring her options
CarlaChiari Resident- fashionista, loves cupcakes
Allie34 Resident- likes the finer things in slife
VivaLaTease Resident- Loves Poprocks and soda
Trinity Yazimoto- loves jelly beans and a good pair of jeans
KevinMThomas Carpool-loves cheesecake, plays a guitar, has a pet goat
Lauraclaire Benelli- explorer, event coordinator, seeks the truth behind the Loch Ness Monster
Bixyl Shuftan- inquisitive spirit, loves photography and corned beef
Lapiscean Liberty- Netflix super fan, creative genius
blissfulsouls Resident- loves cruises and sexy lingerie
Cherryh Resident- loves to lounge in good company
Cindy Evanier- animated personality, active
Mightbe Shelter- loves charity work and good conversation
Weston Lane- loves surfing, jet skis and Bob Marley
Jaz Minx-rodeo rockstar, charming
Anek Fuchs- knows how to play the hell out of a guitar, groupie anxiety
twstd.ruggles- loves Hawaiian sunsets and pageant
sir.brennen- a legend in his own right, loves music and high fashion
Mankind Tracer- a voice that makes angels cry, loves mac and cheese
johannes1977 Resident- big Vanilla Ice fan, loves ice cream and junk mail
Scorpion Swansen- DJ,loves major events, the desert and motorcycles
The Entire SMooth Family- anything goes!
davvek- caregiver, likes a nice pair of soft…..socks
DCUniverse- has a thing for reporters, wears superman underwear
Don Sivocci- makes a mean hamburger, loves flip flops and pineapples
Skip Oceanlane- wears a suit like a politician,brains like a genius
Jay Hurikan- music is his passion, loves the color blue and karaoke
Lily Holsworthy-avoids stranger danger,likes cantaloupes
Littleonesusan teardrop- loves golf and sunshine
Luchenpur Darwin- has lots of skills
markr356- loves bowling and 50’s Music and Melissa
melissa3921- loves bowling, the beach. 50’s and Mark
RickyLane1995 Resident- SL explorer, bottle cap collector
Cassandra Kestrel- cat lover, fear of bananas
maryvirgi Resident-  sword swallower
LukeCassidy Resident- shoe fetish, always double knots
Kish31 Resident-likes Pina colodas and getting caught in the rain
Lael Zanzibar- enjoys Jazz but only on Sundays
Arajuna Resident- avid reader of anime comics
Eve Petlyakov- likes vintage clothes and new age music
Lai Oller- loves the country life but lives in the city
Strawberry Belgar- cranberries aren't her favorite but broccoli is
Wolf Brannan- comes out only on a full moon, loves moon pies and cream puffs
garron Firecaster- makes a great cheesecake, welder
deltacity Resident- prefers rainbows and butterflies over rainy days and caterpillars
DeviousMIRA666 Resident- curiosity gets the best of this one,loves a good bar joke
swards Resident- likes medieval RP and collects big swords
ChristianCirino Resident- loves a nice home cooked meal and old cowboy movies
Caius Septimus- prefers flip flops over dress shoes
Ayatzl Resident- hopscotch champion
Polynochnica Resident- professional cards against humanity player
Gretel2cute Resident- loves sugar cookies and the outdoors
Joni Villota-  broke a world record for longest handstand
11Sabrina Resident- likes a man in a suit and bowtie
Funnisa Resident- enjoys comedy shows and good knock knock jokes
YunaKazan Resident- world explorer and lecturer with a thing for high end fashion
Kim22April Resident- bookworm, professional basket weaver
ricorico333 Resident- likes backrubs
jenniferlee363 Resident- high energy and charismatic, loves wind surfing and free falls
Bob Glazner- simple man seeking friendship
tonesbar Resident- tone deaf DJ
Sharaxan Resident- open to experimenting
Reileena Ocello- plays the chello
kittycat Josephina- allergic to dogs
Marc Choral- hackysack champion, loves black licorice
fatina83 Fireguard- cooking is her thing , can turn a raman soup meal into a fine cuisine
marikos Resident- inventor of toeless dress shoes
SanFroggy Resident- pond and bridge landscaper
virgodragon876 Resident- enjoys a great fantasy
Eddy Tisane- prefers public transportation to meet people
Lilu5Element Resident- believers in fairies
newgurd Resident- incomplete profile, mysterious
phera Resident- fear of teddy bears
Kaboz Watanabe- traditional lifestyle
Amber Kwan- likes the color purple
FayAnneRose Resident- quiet and polite, enjoys sunsets
Nelly Macbeth- street bucket drummer
stefalop Woodford- bagpipe repair, collector of wind chimes
Niki Lagan- loves speedboats
TheresaMoyzal Resident- collects rocks
GipsySpirit Resident- spiritualist , hates mullets
Rhyannon Paragorn- loves the 80’s era, Madonna and Aquanet
stormforce1 Resident- storm chaser
Softers Resident- loves flying helicopters, height anxiety
Maliciphant Wonder- kid at heart, dislikes babysitting
R2Chanell Resident- loves sci fi movies and the lifetime channel
loverboy Yiyuan- looking for love, temporary or short term
Serious35 Resident- no time for laughter, serious business relationships
Sue Chardin- gentle soul, tree hugger
Giggles Gummibaum- once dated a clown for her own amusement
nene Chrome- prefers cereal without milk and  PB & J’s without the J
MarqsDeSade Resident- starred on Sesame Street as a kid
ZyvesKrailic Resident- likes lilacs and gardenias, hates gardening
Gonzalok Martinek- loves latin clubs, plays a trumpet, roller skating
Chris5490 Resident- prefers biker shorts over surf shorts
PopeKael Wilder- faithful to a degree
Benoit Chemistry-high impact pilates, extreme mini golf competitor
Dana Maxwell- furry phobic animal lover
DreBreeze Resident- fan repair specialist seeking a cool friendship
16laika75 Resident- loves hip hop and line dancing
Franco Verrazzano- likes sushi and burritos
Donna Wilder- loves talk shows and macadamia nut cookies
TalonSevar Resident- dinosaur enthusiast, excavator
Cherry Hurikan- allergic to cranberries, loves strawberries
Dawayne Resident- avid chess player, kazoo player
Orwel Wemyss- loves adventure
Stenco Resident- blindsided by blondes, brunettes and redheads
Sixx McMahon- fear of the number 7, enjoys long strolls
Wlastena Resident- dislikes killjoys, loves Dr Phil
OrangeDoc Resident- extreme personal hygiene and safety first
Patou Snook- collector of tube socks and tank tops
SkyyRockett Resident- dreams of traveling to the moon
VoidDancer Resident- breakdancer, loves zumba
Alister Loorden- classic suit and top hat wearer
lenkasweet Resident- has a sweet tooth and loves vegetables
xRadecx Resident- extreme speed is his thing
Ansariel Hiller- favorite disney movie is Little Mermaid
JazzMalfoy Resident- gave up Jazz to be a rapper
Lampoon Destiny- serious flings only
DewaltDunderhoofen Resident- champion in his 5th grade spelling bee
mattekenzo Resident- neighborhood watch and lawn care specialist
reader46 Resident- book clubs, poetry and gambling
Pleiadeans Resident- historian with a love of modern art
TrishLL Resident- believes best friends are forever
JB Bakerly- serious about his hair
Mebius Alenquer- no fear, prefers the shy type
Elisabennet Resident- likes a good grilled cheese sandwich
spiriteddragon Resident- likes vinyl records over mp3s
Lanai Jarrico- into the submissive type
Ylona Tolsen-likes horseback riding and picnics
CaithLynnSayes Resident- loses often at bean boozle
Faith Carousel- believes there are still good people in Second Life
loganFP Resident- likes using gestures and scripts
Kirk Lancaster-  successful gambler, hoarder of plaid print
Lanai Jarrico-( omg how many accounts does this woman have???)
CorkyBenjamin Resident- accident prone romantic
FlyingWarfox Resident- risk taker
SHAPER Nyn- loves intelligent conversation, knife thrower, fire eater
whiteprincess1 Resident- fascinated by castles and knights in shining armour
Sebastien Bouevier- owns a black cat, woodworker
VladVladimir Resident- fixation on vampire culture
DarkMaiden Titanium- loves the color black and pinwheels
HellsHeathen Resident- very religious and seeks like minded souls
FOXXHOUND Resident- mischievous and adventurous explorer
Danceteacher22 Resident- tap danced her way through a speeding ticket
swing Peretz- anything goes
Train55 Resident- train watcher
LuciusMoonKill Resident- moonlit dinners and classical music
Lanai Jarrico- (wtf 3rd account?)
FrenchVanillaWonder Resident- not a fan of chocolate

*please note this is for entertainment purposes only.  None of the avies listed above are linked to Ashley madison or guilty of any wrong doing as far as we know!


  1. WTF!! Vanilla Ice, that name is a scandal on its on, funny post!


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