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Monday, October 12, 2015

A funny thing happened in SL today - Lacy Muircastle Reporting

I rezzed into my Linden house this morning and was merrily fishing through my inventory for some note card or other, when I noticed that I had the pink cross hairs of perve through my head.
I looked to see who it was but because the privacy eye is activated I couldn't see the chap concerned.  I then opened his profile as one does, certainly as this one does any way.  All looked pretty run of the mill, in fact it was quite amusing.
He was still staring, so now feeling a little disconcerted I contacted him.  
[2015/10/11 23:07] Lacy Muircastle: Hi Doug are you a new neighbour?
[2015/10/11 23:08] Doug: hi lacy
[2015/10/11 23:08] Doug: I am peeping Tom
[2015/10/11 23:08] Lacy Muircastle: lol
[2015/10/11 23:08] Lacy Muircastle: well there we go
[2015/10/11 23:09] Doug: I like your messy hair.
[2015/10/11 23:09] Lacy Muircastle: I do too
[2015/10/11 23:11] Doug: You have been on Sl a long time
[2015/10/11 23:12] Lacy Muircastle: As have you
[2015/10/11 23:12] Doug: are you going to tease me?
[2015/10/11 23:13] Lacy Muircastle: Nah don't have the time for that
As you can well imagine I was somewhat taken aback by his boldness.  Then I heard him, clearly he had his mic on and was, well you use your imagination as what he was doing ...
I know Second Life is a a place where we can play out our fantasies, but gee whizz.  Shortly thereafter SL kindly booted me out.
So that was that.  Never a a dull moment in SL that is for sure.


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