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Friday, October 23, 2015

Surplus Motors S65 AMG- Khajan Reporting...

Hmmm Surplus Motors just released the S65 AMG based on the real-life 2015 Mercedes Benz S65 AMG.

At first glance, we can see that the car is more aggressive and yet more beautiful having a redesigned look. The car has been fitted with a six-twin-louver grille which looks great. The lights are aesthetically pleasing, yet the use of it when you turn it on is quite low. Lucky the brightness can be adjusted thanks to the advanced lighting system on board in the car which can be accessed by the HUD. Moreover, I’m glad to see that there are working indicators which adds to the realism; hopefully there will  be an update to the car to add hazard signs. The front grille seems wider, making larger intakes on each side with the addition of chrome--creating an epic look.

On the rear of the car, Surplus Motors has gone for new set of tail lights for the S65 AMG as well as a quad- exit exhaust system which is very sharp. In terms of the colour options on the overall body, you have 6 stock colours available to choose from or to customize it to your favourite colour.

Surplus Motors has done in the interior of the car which comes stocked with the highest-quality materials to make it look as real as possible. I would define this as pure luxury with Nappa leather and diamond stitching which graces the seats, headliner, dashboard, door panels and grab bars. The interior comes in 4 standard colours. Maybe it’s me, but I’m glad to see a working dashboard which you can access through your media content by enabling it in your settings. Unlike past cars like the Surplus Motors Spyder that was not possible.  

The 65 AMG is a very smooth to ride as well as realistic. The steering is perfect although I have noticed that when you are driving that the wheel seems to either oversteer or understeer despite being in 1st gear and not in cruise mode or turbo. Hopefully there will be a fix for that yet I have found out that by resetting the car via the menu is a temporary fix.

The 65 AMG cost about L$1900 which I guess is worth every penny when you are getting a car like this.
Additional Features of the car
Features on your S65 include:

-6 body colours plus the possibility to design your own
-4 interior trim colours
-License plate can be changed
-Projector lights (advanced light settings only)
-RL sounds
-Smoother driving
-Multiple driver and passenger animations
-Multiple shift styles
-Exhaust smoke
-Adjustable seating
-Automatic/Manual Transmission
-Working lights, including brake lights, indicators, reverse lights
-Opening doors/hood

....And more features to boot!

Two shift styles are included. You can hold down Shift and use the arrow keys to shift up and down or you can just use PgUp or PgDn.
They can be selected in advanced>shift style


Additional Information:
Check out Surplus Motors inworld showroom


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