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Showing posts with label cars. Show all posts

Friday, July 5, 2024

BoobsRock Car/Bike Show Sept 13-15- Mark your Calendar!


Join us for our Sept Car and Bike Show, Vendor Spaces and Sponsorships Now Available, Claim yours NOW! Car/Bike Build and Paint as well as Tiny and Theme Care Categories

Monday, January 24, 2022

Spotlight on SIngh Automotive - SLE Reporting

With all the teleporting going on in Second Life, it’s rare to see avatars behind the wheel. You usually find cars on race tracks or in family roleplay communities. With all the roads to travel wouldn't it be nice to take one of your favorite cars for a spin, hit the track, or roll up and impress your friends or that avatar you’ve had your eye on? 

Singh Automotive of Second is RP and family-friendly. Ramesh SIngh is the creator and has been in business since 2019 and continues to create great quality cars at fair prices. The vehicles are geared for city driving, whether it be on the mainland, a private region, or a community sim.  Vehicles can be modified so you can add your own items and plate textures. Custom work is also available for roleplay and family needs. 

There are over 120 Models available from older classics to newer cars, motorcycles, and Trucks too! Live customer service is also available. With support like that, you will be dropping some lindens on a luxury car experience and living your best SLife! 

The SL Enquirer caught up with Ramesh to learn more about SIngh Automotive and what he has to offer car enthusiasts across the grid.

Interview with Ramesh SIngh 

SLE: Ramesh it is a pleasure to meet you.  I must say, the work you put into your vehicles shows great attention to detail. What inspired you to get into the auto industry in Second Life?

Ramesh:  Well growing up I always had an affinity for cars, and I always loved the thought of having my own brand.

SLE: Do you personally create all your vehicles? 

Ramesh:  I have some help, my SL family helps me tune things.  The shells are pre-made and acquired and we add our scripts and flair to them.  

SLE: It is great to have family and friends around to help you test your products. Tell our readers what kind of customizations do you do?   

Ramesh:  In the past, we have added trailers, lightbars, made an emergency services vehicle. There are a lot of options.

SLE: Your customers have to like the optional customizations. What is your price range from standard to all souped-up rides?

Ramesh: I try to keep the prices low and fair. 500 to 1500, with most being right in the middle.

SLE: That is very affordable, so many times you find something with the quality you produce to be priced a lot higher. I am sure you pass the savings to your customers brings in a lot more business. What type of vehicles is on your showroom floor? 

Ramesh:  The main lot has a lot on display, from family cars to sports cars.  There are demo rezzers to test everything.

SLE: Demo rezzers are great. They allow residents to try before they buy. How realistic are your vehicles? Such as standard and automatic, working blinkers, wipers, and other features? 

Ramesh:  We try to make them as realistic as possible, blinkers are easy, any vehicle can be auto or manual.  Wipers are something we are adding.

SLE: Do you offer any features to your vehicles that other vehicle designers do not offer?

Ramesh:  At the moment we pride ourselves on being customer service oriented, however, we are in the process of working on a luxury brand with some exclusive features.

SLE: Your work is fantastic. You also sell motorcycles at your location. Is that part of SIngh Automotive?

Ramesh:  Right now we are an authorized reseller of Motodesign bikes, a lovely creator in SL.

SLE: I've driven many vehicles and motorcycles in Second Life from freebie scooters, motorcycles, and sports cars but I always seem to fly off the road and land at the bottom of the ocean. Control seems to be the biggest issue. How can avatars drive the cars you create? Is their a hud? If so, how do you use it?

Ramesh:  We do have a HUD however I don't prefer it.  The best way to avoid losing control is to make sure your vehicle is modifiable and change the settings to what is comfy.  It can depend on where you are, the lag, the type of region, computer quality. We do offer to help find that optimum setting for you, whether you want to Roleplay it out as a service call or just fine-tune it together

SLE: Great advice! Thank you. It is a nice service you offer to help the customer find the best settings for them to get the most out of their vehicle. Do you offer driving lessons for those of us who can’t seem to drive without the risk of being pulled over and given a sobriety test?

Ramesh: chuckles:  Actually the family RP sim I currently live in, I actually run a driving school.  So Cedar Creek would be where to come for those free lessons.

SLE: Might have to sign Orion up for a course, he drives his motorcycle into the garage a lot. So, can you tell our readers are you currently hiring? If so, what positions do you have available?  

Ramesh:  We are always looking for RP mechanics for our lots in Family communities, those don't pay lindens tho.  Otherwise, we are looking for a marketing manager.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Ramesh:  Just that this endeavor is designed to be fun, and I enjoy meeting new people and talking cars.  I hope if anyone enjoys that as well they would reach out.

Additional Information:


Group:  secondlife:///app/group/b042196e-8d67-e60e-b2d0-53c0a5671c60/about



Preferred Contact:


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Spotlight on TX MAINSTORE with TECH (tech.robonaught) Reporting Katrina Karsin

Today we are sitting down with TECH (tech.robonaught) the owner of TX, he is a creator and mechanic of vehicles and all the mechanics one would want to make their dream car drivable!  He starts with the Shell or body of the car and provides the mechanics to make a car actually drivable in Second Life!

Kat (katrina.karsin): Hi TECH Nice to meet you, may I start with why did you decide to Create Shells and all the gear to so you can drive in SL?  Was there a demand for it?

TECH (tech.robonaught): My initial goal was to make it affordable for the average person.  There were a few vehicle parts suppliers already in SL, but they were expensive - and me being a vehicle nut myself I too was poor and didn’t have the budget for their parts.

Kat (katrina.karsin): I remember checking out cars in SL myself cause I wanted a vintage 1965 Mustang and the prices at that time were crazy I thought.  So when did your first start creating and did you open your store right away?

TECH (tech.robonaught): People come to SL to escape reality and that includes not having to drive their minivan, but being able to create or buy whatever vehicle they can imagine as well.  My first Second life store was furniture and clothing, when I started getting into vehicles I found parts and full permissions cars expensive. and just thought I could do it better, so yeah, I had a small store established, and it’s grown with me from a 1024 lot to the full sim we have today.

Kat (katrina.karsin): I agree SL can be an escape from the old minivan – lol! Did you start in 2008?

Tech (tech.robonaught): No, the TX Gear name was created around 2015, it the abbreviation of me and my SL partners first names (does not mean Texas).

Kat (katrina.karsin): Oh ok cool idea for the name!  When you had the mechanics down for making the shells did you turn to make parts for the cars?

TECH (tech.robonaught): When I had the ability to make the bare shells, I turned my focus to the vehicle scripting - between myself and a few others we now have probably the most realistic vehicle scripts available in World.  Having a low script use to boot, which makes them ideal for all kinds of environments.

Kat (katrina.karsin): Scripting is complicated to me, I think of it as coding for a computer so I am very impressed you have the ability to learn.  It can be very intensive does it take up most of your time when creating something?

TECH (tech.robonaught): Well, I tend to make something work first and then add to it or fine-tune it afterward so yes, between version 1 of my vehicle scripts and the version 10 it is today has been about a 3-year journey.  I rely a lot on the builder’s feedback and it has improved the scripting a great deal.

Ҡặт (katrina.karsin): I see you have some very detailed scripts for your vehicles to make it as realistic as possible, do you think it is why people prefer your creations?

TECH (tech.robonaught): Yes lol! As much as SL is about fantasy, many people prefer realism when it comes to vehicles so, suspension, running out of fuel and things like that all add to the end-users experience.  I’ve been complimented on the realism both in the vehicle shells and in the scripting.

Ҡặт (katrina.karsin):  Your attention to the realism and detail accuracy is very impressive, being able to customize a speedometer so it looks like a Ford or Dodge or other name brand vehicles plus the type of vehicle is truly amazing!  So, I could put a Dodge speedometer in a Ford Mustang if I wanted to?

TECH (tech.robonaught): Yes! or just go digital and stick it in the windshield glass?  I tell my customers, you’re the builder, it's your imagination I just provide the tools.

Kat (katrina.karsin): Now that is extremely impressive! How about the sound, we all know there is a different noise each car makes to another?

TECH (tech.robonaught): Sounds are another person's endeavors, but I wanted them here, so they don’t pay rent or anything like that, I just wanted them here for availability to my customers.  I also have a license to carry some other people’s creations, to have them available to my customers as well.  Versatility is the other thing I was going to mention, I’ve used my vehicle scripts to build everything from riding lawn mowers to big wheels to army tanks, hot rods, tractor-trailers, we try to cover almost all of it in one package.

Kat (katrina.karsin): One stop shopping is a blessing, especially if you have kids in tow! Have you had a customer who is unable to drive in RL come to you for a vehicle?

TECH (tech.robonaught): I have builders who aren’t able to drive in RL building and selling SL vehicles yes.

Kat (katrina.karsin):  It is important to listen to what a customer may want and in a way you are fulfilling other peoples dream as well as your own simultaneously!

TECH (tech.robonaught): Yes, very true, plus I just like cars and trucks!  See I don't script them though, I leave that to my customers (my builders), it helps the economy here to spread the money around ... I probably have over 200 US "imports"

Kat (katrina.karsin): US imports like Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s I imagine are on many people’s bucket list!  You must be working with builders all the time I imagine helping them be successful?

TECH (tech.robonaught): Yes, daily, hourly I would say.  I provide the tools so they can be successful as well.  A shell can take anywhere from 6 hours to 40 depends on the complexity of it - I can script one up fully in a few hours, teaching someone else we cover with notecards and instructional videos on all the primary parts and functions so it really all depends on the builder’s knowledge of basic building skills.

Kat (katrina.karsin): Wow 6 to 40 hours pending on the complexity!  That means you need patience when building your dream machine.

TECH (tech.robonaught): This is a long game, you will not be successful overnight, not in this or any business in SL, take your time, build a quality product at a quality price, don’t cheapen your own work, and people will come to you.

Kat (katrina.karsin) Do you have any closing words to people interested in creating cars and trucks like your company does?

What I would just like to stress to new builders to just have patience and realize it's going to take time.  I want to see each and every one of them successful and will do all I can to help them do so and I'll continue to improve and offer new products so they can keep making great stuff to sell!


Website:  TX Gear Site and Support



Tuesday, March 30, 2021

TX Gear - over 1200 full permission vehicle shells, scripts and parts all under one roof!

 TX Gear - Built by a Builder, for Builders, Secondlifes PRIMARY vehicle supply company.

For all your vehicle scripts and more! We are the innovators behind TX Trailer and REC Basic Vehicle scripts, we offer builders tools to build their perfect creations including 1200 + Full Permission Vehicle Shells of all types, wheels, engines, as well as scripts for lighting suspension paint EMS, and much much more!


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Grand Opening of Darks Customs- Car Show Friday July 31st at 8pm SLT

Darks Customs is celebrating a "Grand Opening" by a car show this Friday 7/31
at 8PM central time, bring anything you would like bikes, cars anything with wheels with  
no scripted vehicles it keeps lag down.

To qualify:
  •  must be your build
  •  You can use other creator's parts but would like to see diffrent types of stuff
  •  You may put the scripted version in a box beside the truck/car and set it for sale.
Darks Customs is an offroad shop and the only one in SL custom built lift kits to fit your vehicle just right. We also offer custom frame builds such as anything from rollcages to suspension high level of detail is put into Dark's work. He builds mostly with prim.

 Come  check out some of his builds in the showroom at

Darkprince also builds a few custom bike frames depending on what you want, anything from drift cars to drag racing.


Contact: Darkprince Blackrain for more details or to talk about a custom build 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Surplus Motors S65 AMG- Khajan Reporting...

Hmmm Surplus Motors just released the S65 AMG based on the real-life 2015 Mercedes Benz S65 AMG.

At first glance, we can see that the car is more aggressive and yet more beautiful having a redesigned look. The car has been fitted with a six-twin-louver grille which looks great. The lights are aesthetically pleasing, yet the use of it when you turn it on is quite low. Lucky the brightness can be adjusted thanks to the advanced lighting system on board in the car which can be accessed by the HUD. Moreover, I’m glad to see that there are working indicators which adds to the realism; hopefully there will  be an update to the car to add hazard signs. The front grille seems wider, making larger intakes on each side with the addition of chrome--creating an epic look.

On the rear of the car, Surplus Motors has gone for new set of tail lights for the S65 AMG as well as a quad- exit exhaust system which is very sharp. In terms of the colour options on the overall body, you have 6 stock colours available to choose from or to customize it to your favourite colour.

Surplus Motors has done in the interior of the car which comes stocked with the highest-quality materials to make it look as real as possible. I would define this as pure luxury with Nappa leather and diamond stitching which graces the seats, headliner, dashboard, door panels and grab bars. The interior comes in 4 standard colours. Maybe it’s me, but I’m glad to see a working dashboard which you can access through your media content by enabling it in your settings. Unlike past cars like the Surplus Motors Spyder that was not possible.  

The 65 AMG is a very smooth to ride as well as realistic. The steering is perfect although I have noticed that when you are driving that the wheel seems to either oversteer or understeer despite being in 1st gear and not in cruise mode or turbo. Hopefully there will be a fix for that yet I have found out that by resetting the car via the menu is a temporary fix.

The 65 AMG cost about L$1900 which I guess is worth every penny when you are getting a car like this.
Additional Features of the car
Features on your S65 include:

-6 body colours plus the possibility to design your own
-4 interior trim colours
-License plate can be changed
-Projector lights (advanced light settings only)
-RL sounds
-Smoother driving
-Multiple driver and passenger animations
-Multiple shift styles
-Exhaust smoke
-Adjustable seating
-Automatic/Manual Transmission
-Working lights, including brake lights, indicators, reverse lights
-Opening doors/hood

....And more features to boot!

Two shift styles are included. You can hold down Shift and use the arrow keys to shift up and down or you can just use PgUp or PgDn.
They can be selected in advanced>shift style


Additional Information:
Check out Surplus Motors inworld showroom

Monday, October 12, 2015

Rolls Royce Drophead Enters the SL World With Comfort, Presence and Luxury- Khanjan Reporting...

One of the most expensive cars in real life has been created in Second life. That’s right we are talking about the Drophead Coupe based on the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. It is Unlike the real life version of that car which cost more than a third of a million pounds. (About $479,775 USD) The Surplus Motors Drophead cost L$2000 which is a great price I think for what you are getting including working rear-opening doors and great interior and exterior. Anyways let’s get down to business.

The Drophead Coupe does not have much legroom in the back so this would be one of those Luxury cars where you would prefer the front seats. If you click on the car and go into the menu click on Option>Advance>Resize. The rest is self-explanatory allowing you to resize so you can fit yourself and your friends in the car perfectly. The boot also known as the trunk is quite small but enough for shopping but for now nothing interactive can be done in there.

Drophead uses modified ACS scripts version 7.02 with great sound. Sometimes when I’ve been driving it I’ve been tempted to rev it just to see if the engine is running. Having put this on a race track in Second Life is when I’ve really noticed the engine doing its thing when I accelerate hard.

Dashboard Layout
 In two word the dashboard it’s simple & Beautiful. The interior of the Surplus Motor Drophead is textured incredibly matching the actual trimming of the real life version of the leather and wood. Both of which is assemble in beauty making both textures complement each other.  The dashboard of the car is very simple with the modern technology such as the media capability allowing accesses your favourite music.  I Love listening to Roads Untraveled by Linkin Park when driving the car.

Easy to Drive
In the car you sit very high with default camera view also being high which can be adjustable but I think it is perfect for a wide and long car like this. As you get to see the road you are driving on and you know where the road ends so you do not end up crashing into the car in front. Yes I admit I’ve crashed a few times in it but I have found that reversing and changing lanes and turning the whole car to the right or left is a bit tricky due to the length of the car.

 In terms of steer apart from what I have just mentioned due to the lovely ACS scripts modification it feels effortless to accelerate. However, in manual mode I think the car shifts more than it needs to at times which can be a downside.

Fun to Drive
The Surplus Drophead is a fun car to drive no doubt about that which is more enjoyable than I expected. However, this does not include the tight bends which was annoying especially though Morningwood Valley.

If money is not an object and you are happy to spend L$2000 this is the car when you are looking for Comfort, Presence and luxury.

Get it here!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Most Realistic BMW Finally in Second Life - Khajan Reporting...

The NAI Munich based on the RL BMW  3 series  takes a shot to cutback the recipe of the BMW four-door coupe concept and  combines it dashing coupe-like looks with four doors and a big boot to creating a  family car with stylish detail. The Munich  is offering a bigger boot and easier passenger transport. The NAI Munich may demand a L$1,099 premium but is worth every penny.
From some angles, the swooping rear glass doesn’t look all that radical, and onlookers could be forgiven for not noticing the difference between the NAI Munich and a standard NAI Saloon 7 2014.

That said, NAI Munich is still a well dressed machine in the metal.
Inside, the layout will be familiar to anyone who has driven a Beamer from NAI. You get the same upmarket feel and smart design, and highlights include the slender buttons.  NAI have also included an excellent central infotainment screen where you can access your favorite sides such as YouTube to watch videos while you are on the move or tune into your favorite radio station.
The NAI Munich has a very spacious feel with the extra headroom. Despite that having the  low-slung seating position makes sure the car feels sporty enough.


In short, it handles very well with realistic steering, which is to say very well indeed – if lacking the final word in excitement as when your press done on the accelerator it takes about a second to just GO lowering the reaction time compared to other NAI cars and it’s competitors.
The Munich has huge amounts of grip and launch control and can really go when it hits top speed with four wheel drive.
The car’s engine is very detailed compared to its competitors a full on unlike other SL motor vehicles which have nothing in the engine bay or a poor detail textures.
You can buy the NAI Munich safe in the knowledge that it should match the reliability of NAI Brand. The can keeps on going and if you have any issue you could always reset or contact Ryo (NAI Creator)

The Munich can be customized with several colors including Lime, green, red, dark red, orange, yellow, grey, black, white  and many more. The lights can also be changed in terms of colors from super blue to evil green. The Munich also offers a tint feature allowing the glass on the car to be tinted. Other customizations that can be made to the car are interior colors, trims, gauges, wheels, and rims. In terms of body parts you are able to customize the front plate and have an option for extra shine if you wish.

Roleplay Mode
The Munich follows up on using the new muse scripts created by NAI which gives it a realistic feel as well as indicators so when turning you feel like you are actually in a real car. Even if you break down you can turn the hazard lights on giving you a realistic role play experience. The car also is fitted with an engine that you are able to fix in role play mode as when you are driving the car’s engine durability goes down. Therefore, allowing you to making repairs. The engine comes with a decently reliable rating from NAI standard which is stock but as you drive it you must make sure it is well looked after. NAI recommendation is making sure the durability is at least 20% and could be checked by going to the menu.
New Age Industries Munich 2015 is available from purchase on the Second Life Market Place:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Purchasing a Car in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Just as in Real Life we like to have or know where to go to get the best cars. We want luxury vehicles that not only look good but also move without much hassle.

There are lots of cars on the grid, many are free or you can be purchased them for under 100L but if you are looking for cars that are popular in real life and look like the real thing, here are some dealerships to consider. There are two types of cars; street cars and ones for racing.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Luxury living in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting...


In SL you can live the life as though you have won the  lotto. There are lots of things you can easily spend your money on living the millionaire life style in the virtual world.

 Did I hear you ask how? Well I am going to do the top homes, cars and yachts in sl from the top budget to the medium budget.