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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The luck of the Irish - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

The Miss SL Organization run by Marcus Lefevre presented their Mr SL pageant finale yesterday -  24 October 2015.

Congratulations to MR. SL Ireland – saiansamuel who was crowned MR SL 2016.

1st runner up MR. SL Mexico
Khronoz Resident

2nd runner up  MR. SL  Japan
Paradox Messmer

The other two from the top five - 

3rd runner up MR. SL  Portugal - Thi Shippe

4th runner up  MR. SL Venezuela - Aldenix1 Resident aka Daniel White

Marcus Lefevre

Djembe, Marcus Lefevre, Mimi Juneau and Venom Zanzibar, were the DJ, voice and chat hosts for the event.

What was supposed to be the most elegant,challenging event of the year for the men of style in SL, fell somewhat flat. It took six very long hours to get through the programme, with bouts of repetition and excruciatingly long breaks between categories when absolutely nothing happened.  Oh actually that is not entirely true, as we were treated to a musical interlude by Mankind Tracer aka Seth Regan during the tallying of results for the top five.

The show was touted as being and I quote "packed with lots to see."  Umm not so much. That was overselling what was to come, which was  each candidate presenting their National outfits, followed by presentations of “Victor”s Secret” and then the gentlemen donned their finest Formal Attire.  Finest being used somewhat liberally in this instance.  I'm all for personal interpretation and stuff, but sometimes it can just look downright weird (my opinion solely.) 

The event was well supported by the fashionable crowd of SL, in fact the sim was packed to the rafters.  As we all know this causes its own set of problems and it contributed to the terrible delays between category presentations.  As usual with these types of events the jostling to be noticed was amusing, and of course there are always those who are pathetic because their chosen one does not get, well, chosen.

Cheers to MR. SL  Ireland – saiansamuel.  

The judges:

Dahriel - CEO & Chief Creator for POSESION, Top Model and Stylist
Hikaru Enimo - Editor in Chief for L`Homme Magazine, Top Model and Stylist
Kat Carter - CEO & Chief Designer for Moondance Boutique
Kaya Angel - Owner and builder of the Rose Theatre/ The Angel Manor Estate
Lisa Valentino Angel - Charity and Event Coordinator for the Rose Theatre/ The Angel Manor Estate
Ludmilla Umarov - Manager for CHOP ZUEY Couture jewellery Super Models
Shanty Bookmite - CEO and Chief Designer for MUA - My Make UP Addiction, Top Model and Stylist
Shinobu Istmal - MISS SL 2015, Top Model and Stylist
Takuya Jinn - CEO & Chief Designer for GABRIEL Fashion & Accessoires

The sponsors:

AIM Productions
Angel Manor Estate
Celestinas Weddings
Champagne! Sparkling Couture
Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery
DM Studio by Frank Dexter
Dot-Be Fashion
Gabriel Fashion & Accessories
Giulia Design
Gizza Creations
Hawker’s House
L’Homme Magazine   
ModeLS Magazine   
Moondance Boutique
TEOM - The evolution of a Model Magazine

I apologise for no pictures from the actual event - the lag was so bad for me that often there were bits of outfits missing.


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