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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Windlight Focal Points of Ever After - Dean Lawson Reporting

An in depth interview with Second Life Photographer Ever After
First acquiring a camera in real life at the age of 16, Second Life artist Ever After’s interest in the world of virtual photography is best described in her own words as “a natural transition”. I had the good fortune to chat with Ever After and found her insights to be very illuminating.

Dean : Could you tell me a little about yourself?

Ever : It's been a long road of learning. I have been in SL for over 8 years now and since the first week I have taken pictures.  My photography ranges from still life, landscapes to fashion photography and profile pictures.  I take pictures for my own enjoyment first, and for others second.  My goal is to capture that perfect moment in time.  I think I differ from most SL photographers because for me it's all about the raw picture.  I use windlight settings, real SL locations, and only minimal post processing.  I do not photoshop anything in or out of my pictures.

Dean : A lot of the snapshots featured on your Flickr page have backgrounds that are out of focus. Do you achieve this effects by manipulating the windlight settings. Could you explain this process?
Ever : The out of focus effect is typically achieved in one of two ways.  Either in post processing in photoshop or using the depth of field settings in the graphics settings of your viewer.  I prefer to use my settings instead of post processing work.  I wish I could go into detail about how to achieve the look, but the only way I can explain what I do is "fiddle until it looks right."

Dean : Most of the snapshots on your flickr page seem to be set in rural environments with a red haired avatar as the primary subject. How much of your real life environment influences the content of your second life snapshots?
Ever : RL does influence me a bit.  I grew up in a rural area of Tennessee.  I tend to wander SL and take pictures of what touches me, so of course things that bring out an emotional response will be similar to what touches me in RL. 

Dean : Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you? ( Any links to galleries or websites you would like them to visit?)
Ever : I started out doing this for my own enjoyment.  I think that is the key to happiness in SL and in RL.  Find something you love, and just do it.  I hope all of you out there find something you love to do.  I never thought I would be able to share what I love with other people, but now I am.  I have one Gallery show closing on the 18th of oct, and another opening on the 1st of November.  Please come and enjoy my art.  The Creations For Parkinson's Gallery, opening on November 1st, is a benefit for Parkinson's disease.  100% of my sales will be donated to charity.  Please come and support this wonderful cause.