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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Five Rad Places to Score Freebies in SL! LillyLacewing Reporting.

The Free Dove by Palomma Casanova
This place has some great, high-quality freebies, and is unique in some of those freebies’ styling. It’s a great place for those into Goth, Fantasy, or any kind of Alternative looks. These items don’t have the look of freebies, either, so I could easily find myself going back again and again. Beautiful dresses, lots of neat fantasy items, and lots of really well crafted items grace the shelves in this freebie hut; my only complaint is that the men’s section is comically small. Men exist too; they need free stuff, too! Let’s not leave them out!

This place is an oldie, but  goodie? Anyways, Sexy Freebies Paradise is a huge, sprawling mall of everything you could possibly imagine. They have AO’s, complete avatars, jewelry for men, and woman, clothing for men, and women, and anthros, and any other thing you could possibly ever want or need. Some of the items, stacked high atop the other and clearly marked, sell for anywhere from $L1-20 tops. And when I say EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING. I think there it literally at least one of every item possible to have in Second Life represented here, so TP in, and go nuts! Everyone can afford free!

DEVIANT DUNGEON “More freebies than you can shake a stick at!”
This is a place I’ve loved since day one, it’s a great place to grab textures, rad clothing, and even BDSM gear if that’s what you need. It has a great balance of male/female items, and a couple of for sale items. It’s changed a bit since I used to come, and the items are infinitely more organized and well laid out now. It isn’t such a cluster to get through the place and or find anything anymore. With two organized floors of freebies, what’s not to love?

Sandbox#1 Shiromani
This is another one I’ve been coming too since the beginning, and it’s a versatile place. Less selection for clothing items here, and a lot more for builders, such as prims, scripts, textures, and more to assist builders of all skill levels looking to maybe do things a little easier. Also features some games you can play for little or no $L’s. This is where I found the box full of smokes that I fell in love with as a newbie. It had cigarettes, and joints, and as an avid MMJ user in RL, I loved being able to let my cannabis activism shine through my avatar. I highly recommend this place for builders especially.

Sky High Freebies
Now this place is really interesting. It’s not huge or massive and it’s actually RARE to find clothing at this place. Rather than being a large, jumbled mess, as freebie malls can be (no disrespect, we love you, and we understand how and why they can end up that way with so many items!) this place is a courtyard, surrounded by small stores with amazingly high quality freebies. I picked up everything I need to decorate my apartment for Christmas this year. I highly recommend this place to people who are looking for quiet places, furniture, and a less is more attitude when it comes to how MANY items are there. I fell in love with the place and am beyond glad I land marked it!


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