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Showing posts with label freebies. Show all posts

Monday, July 2, 2018

GTFO Get The Freight Out - “Seersha Heart Reporting...

GTFO!  I was sitting across the room from my new friend Cosmo Kawabata and he was chuckling at my question.  We both live off route 12 on the continent of Nautilus.  I had been driving down route 12 one day and noticed his business CPK Cartage and Storage.  Many of the boxes in his warehouse bore the stamp “GTFO”.  I had asked him about this acronym.  That is when he began laughing and encouraged me to “look it up”.  If you are even remotely savvy with urban slang you already know why he was laughing.  If you don’t, look up GTFO then return to this article.  His company is a participant in the Second Life RP game developed by Rez Gray, a self-described “scripter and database guy”.  Only last month he revised his profile to notify all that he was only coming in world for basic server and fix-it issues.  He redirects interested residents to the new owners of GTFO.  One problem, he doesn’t name who these owners happen to be in world.  Given the well-designed website and the attention to detail Rez Gray has put into the system, I have no doubt that with the new owners GTFO will move along strongly.

                GTFO in this context means “Get the Freight Out”.  Simply put it is a game for those who are interested in exploring Second Life by using transportation [moving stuff from one place to another] I decided to GTFO myself and see how this game works for me.  To start up, all I needed was the GTFO starter kit from Marketplace and a supported vehicle.  You may purchase a free kit or pay for the premium kit at $699L.  The supported vehicle may be a plane, boat, train, truck, spaceship, car or other vehicle on the list.  The variety vehicle possibilities are staggering; for example, if you wish to fly, you may choose from a small plane, sea plane, jet plane, tiny plane, prop plane and even more varieties.  If you want to travel by sea, you have an equally diverse list of choices from a small boat to a barge.  A freaking barge folks that can transport 24 heavy crates. 

The amount of cargo as well as the kind of cargo may be what you use to determine your mode of transport.  Of course, for those more criminally minded you will need to purchase a specific plane for those midnight air drops.  Yes, you may become a smuggler with a good Bush Plane.  The game provides for everything from the simple take item from point A to point B.  You may choose the other extreme engage in strategic and complicated deliveries by planning and setting goals.  You begin with G$1000 of money with either kit and the balance never falls below G$100. 
I reviewed every vehicle on the supported vehicle listing.  I made the mistake of believing I could pick out a vehicle, jump in and drive.  All the vehicles [even the simplest] require practice to operate.  I purchased a small plane, 33 Debonair by DSA Aircraft, thinking I could fly it.  The detail of the HUD transformed the bottom on my viewer into an airplane dashboard.  A beauty of a plane and very affordable to get your foot in the door of flying.  There are methods of transporting freight that are free such as the Shields Class sailboat V2 and the Hovercraft 1.0 . The vehicle with the lowest amount of prim at 7 is the Sea Boss – Xtreme Jet Ski, the vehicle with the highest prim count is the Prometheus 2.0 with 3000 prim.  The Prometheus is a work of art as well as a space ship garnering 5.5 to 6 stars on every review.  The highest priced vehicle is a stunning beauty large sailboat Falcon Frigate at $7500L.  The more time I spent researching these modes of transport, the more impressed I was with the quality and the craftmanship that is put into most of these items.  With each item I could see the pride and the imagination of the builder come alive in a complex expression, displayed in their work.  You may begin with a free vehicle or any one of many variations.  I have already planned my next purchase as the Hermes Truck Pack.  Owen Lusch has bundled a Flatbed, Box Truck, Liquid tanker and Tipper Truck into one package.  I would really love to drive a big rig in SL on one of the small mainland routes.  Maybe by accident drive across a parcel or three.

I feel I reached a good balance with an initial Linden outlay of $249L.  I began with the $0L starter kit, Amariah Francis’ 1966 Bronco with advanced suspension and GFS fuel system .  This Bronco has some pretty sweet options and to be honest I was impressed by the customizing I would be able to perform on the vehicle.  I also picked up the GFS fuel system for $0L and GFS Fuel Cans for $0L.  [GFS = Global Fuel System].  My initial investment totaling only $249L to give this game a try. 

I enjoy building a great deal.  I took a couple hours and set up a GTFO office with maps and information on my land.  Next to the building I set up my GFS fuel pump and parked the Bronco at the pumps.  The decision to use or not to use the fuel aspect is up to the player.  I decided I wanted the risk involved with running out of fuel, so I filled my cans.  Pulling out the instructions from the GTFO starter kit, I set up my Bronco to be a recognized GTFO vehicle.  This is a very simple process.  You make a prim and name it as specified in the instructions.  My prim is GTFO- Bronco.  I put this prim in the Bronco, then also added the API script provided directly to the Bronco too.  For me, customizing my Bronco was a priority.  I did not wish to be seen cruising around in an “off the rack” looking vehicle.  All supported vehicles are MOD since you must add items to tie it to the GTFO system.  On my Bronco, I may change just about every feature on this vehicle to my current whim.  I would soon learn that having a hot pink Bronco with cool bumper stickers was not as helpful as removing the driver side door.  It took me quite a lot of time to upload the perfect bumper stickers.  My bronco also allows other drivers to use it if unlocked.  I rezzed a small fleet of them at a LL premium sandbox.  Vehicles are to newbie SL residents as sugar is for flies.  It was a lot of fun to watch people come over to the Broncos, then hop in and drive them.  Most without saying a single word to me.  [laughs]

I was finally ready to try to retrieve cargo then make a delivery.  I read the notecard, the website and my vehicle was gassed up and ready to go.  I put on the GTFO HUD, fixed my hair in the mirror and clicked on the HUD.  It listed nearby locations and I picked one to visit.  I backed out onto route 12 and began driving towards Cosmo’s CPK Cartage and Storage warehouse.  The Bronco handles well on the road and I arrive at CPK in about twenty minutes.  I didn’t know how to shift the ATV to drive faster at the time.  I have since learned to set it to “automatic” and drive.  Arriving at CPK, I pull the Bronco into the cargo bay.  I clicked on the HUD and it lists any cargo this location may have for me.  I am in luck and choose to accept the cargo.  If you do not deliver cargo, you will lose $G, if you deliver you are paid $G.  You also receive experience for each delivery.  I am instructed by my bossy HUD to stay in place while the cargo is loaded onto the Bronco.  I watch the countdown clock from the HUD and find myself getting nervous.  What if I don’t make it in time to the delivery location?  I realize I am not at all familiar with driving the roads, I usually fly.

                Bronco loaded, I tap the HUD and scan the map.  I make my first mistake.  I have no idea how to get my land driving Bronco to a different continent for delivery.  Do I need a ship too?  The lore of the game is that cargo is damaged if you TP.  I check the status of my friends in world and notice Cosmo is not online.  I tap the dashboard nervously and do the smart thing and panic.  The FAQs save my mission.  GTFO will not send your vehicle to a location you cannot make it to using the identified vehicle.  For my Bronco, this means I misread the map and my delivery is on the same continent I am currently sitting on in my Bronco.  I am enlightened as I realize there will be some strategy involved for me to make the delivery.
I back out of the cargo bay and drive down the road in the generally correct direction.  The clock is ticking in my head like Poe’s Tell-tale heart and the Bronco seems to move more and more slowly.  As I have not read about the automatic transmission at this point, I am traveling in first gear.  I decide to do what every gamer does at one point or another [yet frequently denies] and I cheat.  I TP to the delivery location.  Without my Bronco it doesn’t help me out because the cargo is IN the Bronco.  I TP back and pick up my Bronco.  I thought “can’t I even cheat well?”.  I TP to the delivery location.  No rez area!  I walk to the nearby road and find a rez station.  I pull my Bronco out of inventory and drive to the delivery destination.  My HUD notifies me that I made it and to stay in place while the cargo is off loaded.

                My face reddens as I realize this isn’t the goal of the game.  The goal is to drive around and deliver stuff.  I pull out the Notecard and scan the instructions again.  I convert my hood to a media panel and load the GTFO website.  This modification to the Bronco looks bizarre.  The HUD pays me for the delivery in both $G and experience points.  I make a promise to never ever cheat again.  I click the HUD and learn there is some manure to be taken too, wait for it, Cosmo’s CPK!  If I leave it here will the ‘manure hit the fan?’ I wonder.  Since I didn’t follow the rules to arrive at the manure pick-up location, I am uncertain how to negotiate the roads and the ban lines to return.  Should I cheat again?  Technically wouldn’t this be part of the same cheat?  I am a pro at rationalizing when it serves my purposes.  I have a priority item, MANURE!!  How can I pass up taking four cargo boxes of cow poo to a friend’s warehouse?  Earning $G and experience points for delivering such a gift?  Before I accent the cargo, the bovine poo, I study the map this time.  I drive all the way to CPK in first gear on roads and through land parcels.  I learn that my Bronco is not always steady and I need practice.  I watch myself drive several meters upside down, then on the side of my vehicle.  I make it to CPK on time and receive honest payment and XP.
                After the cargo is unloaded at CPK I promise to never, ever cheat again.  I sit down on a worn-out couch in the cargo bay area by an old German Shepard dog who looks, well, dog tired.  I am gifted with a brilliant idea!  Maybe all I need is another supported vehicle.  One that I can handle better.  My marketplace addiction kicks into high gear and I review the vehicle options again.  This time I choose a slightly more expensive [$400L] Mainlander Jeep that can only carry one cargo box to the Bronco’s four.  It is a peppy bright light green color.  Down side is I can’t change the license plate or the options easily.  I pout and then take both vehicles to one of the LL premium sandboxes.  The Jeep is much steadier to drive and has ten gears.  Currently I only understand how to use first gear.  I have moved up to automatic with the Bronco, and I am not easily deterred by upside down driving.

                On the GTFO Q&A page one of the questions is the cost of the game.  To get to levels after 5, you need the premium kit.  I read a couple SL residents [whiners] on the cost of $699L.  Please readers, that is less than $3.00 US dollars!  Should we really begrudge a scripter such a paltry amount?  I found the game to be quite brilliantly crafted for the player.  How each player chooses to experience the game is entirely their choice.  There are no required ongoing costs unless the player chooses to invest.  It is a lot of fun to drive down the roads in Second Life.  You will see some amazing builds and surprises along the road.  I also promise you will see a good handful of things that will make you smack your forehead and say out loud “only in SL”.
                I recommend this RP for a few reasons.  The cost is low without ongoing participation expenses.  It is an opportunity to travel SL in a way most residents never choose the opportunity to do.  Using different vehicles is a skill and each one is different.  For those who love to learn new skills in world, this is a perfect game.  For me, I will keep GTFO as one of my RPs.  It doesn’t require a specific amount of participation so keeping it is another advantage.
                This began with a drive down my road on the mainland.  Cosmo’s detailed build caught my eye and I pulled on the thread.  I encourage you to follow the things that catch your eye in SL.  One thing will always lead to another as GTFO has already taken me places and given me more ideas for stories.  Think you can drive a car in SL?  Try this game and see if you feel the same way.  There is a lot going on when you GTFO, I think most will enjoy the drive.+

-Seersha Heart [saoirseheart resident]
Photos by Karmaghna Ulrik



Thursday, April 26, 2018

LOST & FOUND IS BACK! Can you FIND our LOST prizes?!

 Lost & Found is back with a bang!
The vintage event you love is reopening its doors, and you will find an endless amount of flea market treasures, from vintage decor and antiquities to precious glittering goods!
There's MORE! Our clumsy designers have LOST a stash of 15 valuables hidden in bottles, all over the L&F sim!! It's up to you to FIND them and crack the ancient code in order to gain access to all the pretty prizes!

Ready to shop vintage, and find our long lost treasures?! 

Exclusives and hunt prizes galleries on our FB page

Monday, October 2, 2017

Naughty Halloween Fun at KiX

Have fun with your shopping this Halloween.  

KiX has set out a themed Halloween department for your Halloween furniture needs. Shop among the ghosts and rats for beds and sofas all made with KiX original and exclusive mesh and animations with a Halloween themed twist.

There is also a cheeky little NSFW free gift for all. So come dodge the cobwebs and see for yourselves. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Free, Free, Free!–Camury Reporting

Are there great quality mesh feebies out there?

In Second Life, people spend a lot of time and lindens to make their avatar look nice. In the absence of L $ we must resort to free things that we can get Inworld, known as freebies, group gifts, dollarbies, luck letters, lucky chairs, etc.

In Second Life there are hundreds of stores where you can get items for free. They are places that increase the flow of visitors and popularity distribute gifts of all kinds. And you can find many quality mesh products, believe me!

There are many websites on the internet that you can visit and get information on all the free products available inworld:

When you log inWorld, you can also search by groups and places using the words "Freebies", "Camping", "Midnight Mania Board" and "Lucky Chairs".  Join these groups and meet other people who help each other in publicizing these "freebies".

Many stores offer group gifts in mesh, of excellent quality. We'll suggest some stores where you can get quality mesh clothes that will give your avatar a cool look.

By joining the Gizza store group, you can pick up the lot of gifts in the store's garden. They are party dresses and casual clothes for men and women, in mesh, of excellent quality. The group is free to join.

Beautiful dresses await you in the Azul shop. They are party dresses, cocktail dresses and casual clothes for women. To get these clothes, in mesh, of excellent quality, just join the group that is free!

American bazaar
The American bazaar store offers members of the group monthly beautiful gifts for men and women. In the back of the Lodge you will also find stands of excellent quality clothes, for 10 Lindens, for both sexes.

The Coco store has a very special little corner with group gifts for women. They are pants, sweaters, dresses and casual clothes, in mesh of excellent quality. The group is free to join!


There is a huge variety of quality group gifts, waiting for you at the Gabriel Store. They are clothes and accessories for men and women. You can choose the gifts you want to pick up at the booth that is just inside the store entrance.

How To Grab Your Gift!

·         To get the gifts from the groups, you must go in each of the stores and click on the group membership card. Generally speaking, these plates are well in the entrance of the stores;
·         Pay attention! Adhesion to store groups, presented in this article, is free but other stores may charge membership fee;
·         You need to have your group tag in SL inworld activated to pick up the group gifts and then just click on the chosen gifts to get them;
·         Follow the warnings of inworld groups as these stores always offer new gifts.

There are a wide variety of freebies waiting for you while you are visiting the shops. Grab yours!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Five Rad Places to Score Freebies in SL! LillyLacewing Reporting.

The Free Dove by Palomma Casanova
This place has some great, high-quality freebies, and is unique in some of those freebies’ styling. It’s a great place for those into Goth, Fantasy, or any kind of Alternative looks. These items don’t have the look of freebies, either, so I could easily find myself going back again and again. Beautiful dresses, lots of neat fantasy items, and lots of really well crafted items grace the shelves in this freebie hut; my only complaint is that the men’s section is comically small. Men exist too; they need free stuff, too! Let’s not leave them out!

This place is an oldie, but  goodie? Anyways, Sexy Freebies Paradise is a huge, sprawling mall of everything you could possibly imagine. They have AO’s, complete avatars, jewelry for men, and woman, clothing for men, and women, and anthros, and any other thing you could possibly ever want or need. Some of the items, stacked high atop the other and clearly marked, sell for anywhere from $L1-20 tops. And when I say EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING. I think there it literally at least one of every item possible to have in Second Life represented here, so TP in, and go nuts! Everyone can afford free!

DEVIANT DUNGEON “More freebies than you can shake a stick at!”
This is a place I’ve loved since day one, it’s a great place to grab textures, rad clothing, and even BDSM gear if that’s what you need. It has a great balance of male/female items, and a couple of for sale items. It’s changed a bit since I used to come, and the items are infinitely more organized and well laid out now. It isn’t such a cluster to get through the place and or find anything anymore. With two organized floors of freebies, what’s not to love?

Sandbox#1 Shiromani
This is another one I’ve been coming too since the beginning, and it’s a versatile place. Less selection for clothing items here, and a lot more for builders, such as prims, scripts, textures, and more to assist builders of all skill levels looking to maybe do things a little easier. Also features some games you can play for little or no $L’s. This is where I found the box full of smokes that I fell in love with as a newbie. It had cigarettes, and joints, and as an avid MMJ user in RL, I loved being able to let my cannabis activism shine through my avatar. I highly recommend this place for builders especially.

Sky High Freebies
Now this place is really interesting. It’s not huge or massive and it’s actually RARE to find clothing at this place. Rather than being a large, jumbled mess, as freebie malls can be (no disrespect, we love you, and we understand how and why they can end up that way with so many items!) this place is a courtyard, surrounded by small stores with amazingly high quality freebies. I picked up everything I need to decorate my apartment for Christmas this year. I highly recommend this place to people who are looking for quiet places, furniture, and a less is more attitude when it comes to how MANY items are there. I fell in love with the place and am beyond glad I land marked it!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's All About Melange, Baby!

 MELANGE has a lot to offer shoppers and explorers alike. Come & See how YOU can benefit from MELANGE! 

We have 2 on-going HUNTS that change theme every couple months. One is located in the City where the stores are and one is located at our beach area. You can find more info at the landing point and teleport board @ the bus stop. We are always eager to help other designers as well by supplying nice shops, carts & Gachas at a very low price.

1 Free Week of rent added to what you pay at the time of rental for all New Renters. We strive in helping newcomers to Second Life by supplying Freebies, Dollarbies and other advantages by simply joining MELANGE inworld group and/or auto subscriber.

 Are motto is "Style For Less" We provide Complete Fashion Sets that include shoes and sometimes accessories. Why pay more for an original brand? When you can come to MELANGE and get a whole outfit and shoes for the price you would pay for just the shoes. Mix & Match to make your own unique outfit! Either way ... 

You are definitely not out of pocket a lot and can enjoy quality fashions for less. We also have Hair, Skins, Shapes, Makeup and so much more! Stop by today, because "It's all about MELANGE, Baby!" We appreciate your loyalty in visiting and always strive to give you the best shopping experience and surroundings. Welcome to our Fashion Family!

Facebook Link :

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fashionable and Thrifty - Survival of the Broke - Taisynn Reporting

Is it possible to be fashionable and thrifty in Second Life, and is it reasonable? 

Second Life is a world filled with shopping events and the desire to create the most fashionable avatar on the grid. It is all too common for new residents to become overwhelmed with trying to create in trying to craft their own unique persona on a limited budget without being exiled to prim-laden attire from the pre-mesh era. 

The question of pursuing Second Life is often of cost. While our virtual world is considered a free simulator by the gaming industry, everything within it surrounds the value of the Linden. Not every person is able to upload $20US (the equivalent of about 4090 lindens) to have an updated avatar, and some question if it is even possible to play the game freely. 

Interested potential residents often do not know about the ever growing freebie fashion community which has made Second Life possible for many new players to play without looking amateurish. Groups such as SL Frees and Offers have an upward of 54,000 members, and popular blogs such as Fabulously Free bring in dozens of views per day for both women and men alike. 

They aid new residents in their ever evolving avatar be it in the form of skins, fashion, furniture, housing, or many other items that further the creative nature that exists behind Second Life. Indeed it is the free items that showcase what many designers are capable of and draw in new and old players alike to peruse their shelves in search of bigger and better to truly craft their avatar to be something special and unique to them.

The methods creators use to offer these freebies often surround generating store traffic in exchange for these free items. It takes time and friends to successfully freebie hunt, but there are entire groups dedicated to helping members become successful. 


The first and most popular method which creators use are group gifts. Second Life groups allow creators to advertise potential customers of new releases. The more members that are in the group, the wider their audience and potential of making a sale is. In exchange for members staying in the group, they are offered a gift or two every month. 

However, there are methods that don't take up group space, considering there are thousands of groups in Second Life, and our avatars are only allowed to participate in 42 of them. One of these methods is the lucky chair or board. 

A lucky chair is a chair with a letter connected to it. The letter, after a certain amount of time, will change to another. Using the first initial of a resident's legacy name, an avatar with a name beginning with that letter is able to sit down and obtain a prize in the chair's vault. There is another variety called a lucky board that doesn't require a resident to sit in it, but rather just click on it to obtain the prize.

Depending on the countdown on each chair, this can be time consuming. Considering there are 24 letters in the alphabet, and with residents able to have numbers in the beginning of their legacy name, there are 9 numbers mixed into each chair, and one wildcard round symbolized by a question mark. Waiting five minutes for each letter to pop up, praying it's your initial, is a game of luck and time.

Residents use groups such as SL Frees and Offers to call the letters out to other freebie hunters. This allows them to make the letters rotate at a faster pace, and increases their chances of having their initial pop up. 

The next method used is a midnight mania board. This method involves a board with two sets of numbers on it. It is a ratio of how many residents have clicked the board to how many residents are needed to lock it down. If the board locks down, at midnight all the residents who clicked obtain the prize. Midnight Mania boards are less time consuming, but involve worrying about your instant messages capping if you've gone to bed before midnight. 

While the first three methods above are the most popular methods of obtaining freebies, they are not the only ones out there. New methods continue to pop up, such as puzzle games and chairs that require you to sit in them for ten minutes to an hour. It is all up to the creator and what method seems to appeal to them the best. 


For Avatars looking for more exclusive gifts, some creators charge a fee to enter their groups. These groups provide VIP access to free store credit for new releases every month, discounts, and group gifts of superior quality. There is also a method called 7Seas fishing that allows people to fish for clothing given by creators. Of course, you also obtain prim fish you can breed and trade, but many use this method to get clothes they can trade between fellow fishers. These methods are costly, costing anywhere between 50 lindens and above, but often give nicer quality gifts.

In the end, with all the possibilities of obtaining free items, residents can fashion their avatar at little to no cost at all. Second Life is a very charitable and fascinating world, and is entirely playable for those looking for something for free to occupy their free time.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Avatar Outfits for Less: The Various Fashion Trends of Second Life you can get for Free or at a Friendship Discount - Shaneos Howlett Reporting…

Recently I visited various locations within SL … welcome areas / stage shows / general meeting areas and there I interviewed various people in relation to their fashion... the following provides the results of this insightful survey.

Over half the people surveyed mentioned they had purchased their outfits from Freebie clothes outlets, while the remainder paid between $200 - $2000 lindens for their outfits and only the very die hard enthusiasts of their groups would spend upwards of $10,000 Lindens for their very personalized outfits as pictured below.

While there are a multitude of avatar outfits / styles / colors and creeds the census seems to be for human / earthling creations with 20% devoted to furies 20% alien or manga animations and 10% remainder for all sorts of non-human form of unusual critters and creations.

During my interviews and travels I had found some very nice locations to obtain FREE quality and some paid clothes.

Here is a  brief list of the areas I visited