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Monday, November 9, 2015


In Second Life, you can find hundreds of mix-and-match options for your avatar, especially if you are looking for a unique and truly original style.
With different sizes, shapes, gloss, shadows, and body hair, each avatar can become a personalized being. The Market also has a huge variety of skin tones; highly realistic and extraordinarily good looking.
Now, it is time to show you readers some stores that make gorgeous skins and shapes. I won’t forget you gentlemen, I promise!
For men, who, let’s face it, don’t like to spend much time searching, there are some stores with the skin and the shape in the same package. So you don’t have to put too much effort ito making adjustments.
The store Aeros Avatars, celebrates the male ideal of grace, strength, power, and beauty. In the store you will find sophisticated and realistic skins and shapes featuring exquisitely crafted detail, high definition and seamless 360-degree body care. The package with avatar skin and shape combinations  includes : 6 skins in two variations - smooth and body hair, 3 modifiable shapes (wizard, master and Olympian), eyes, 3 beard styles and 2 hair bases. The cost is around 2.000 L.
If you are looking for low price and a couple skin options, you should try Tellaq. It sells packages from 400L. Inside those you will find skin tones, modifiable shapes, eyes,  and muscular body line. You can also find some other more complete packages from 1400L to 2000L

At REDGRAVE Skins & fashion, you will find very detailed skins, with different tones, and lots of tattoos, make-up, tan booster, and chest hair. If you’d like to look like a movie star or some other famous celebrity, you can find that look here--from Twilight characters to David Beckham. This combination costs 1490L. In addition, some body shapes for 360L.

Also at the Samurai HQ you can find skins and a modifiable shape for 1690L. This pack also has 2 hair base style, 3 upper body hair styles, and 3 beard styles.1 leg hair option. If you can spend a little more, there are also 2000L packs. This pack has 10 facial hairstyles, hair base, 5 skin tones, clean shaven, body hair, and pubic hair.

Belleza is one of my favorites. Why? The skins are so realistic, with beautiful skin tones. Also the textures are very detailed and clear for the classic avi. for men and women. The package with avatar skin and shape combinations, for men includes skin, shape, bald skin option, chest hair and hair base. The package, for women, includes make-up, 7 eyebrow options, hair bases, cleavage, matt & gloss lips and blush. The packages for men and women cost 1.200L, each.

And now for us, girls, if you want to look divine.
Wow skins are popular. They have packs with prices that start on 150L. If you can spend 1500L, some packs are very complete, with make up for each occasion, from natural to glamour, also cleavage options, 2 shapes (one to wear normally and one to wear with the Lola’s mesh breast) both, copy and modify, 1 eyebrow shaper and 1 Lola’s tango mesh breast applier with instruction.

The store Curves Shapes and Skins, has other great combinations, for both genders. I love their skin tones. For 700L you get: 3 colors of brows, 3 eyebrows shapes, cleavage and no cleavage, skin, body shape (modify), 4 eyelashes and tattoos.
 If you are a gift lover, this store also has some for 10, 20 and 50 L. The pack for men is complete, with skin tones, modifiable body shapes, eyes, chest hair skins and no chest hair skin (a great advice if you are a SL starter, isn’t it)?

Customize the avatar appearance with a new skin or shape, while searching for the perfect look, is one of the top SL activities and can have much fun; just be a little patient and have a great day shopping!


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