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Thursday, December 24, 2015


Jalopy in Second Life

After 12 years of experience with the implementation of Second Life, Linden Lab is testing its new platform: "The Sansar Project". The word Sansar means "World" in the Hindi language.
A group of designers were invited to help with the tests and, at the moment, they are experimenting with this new concept.

The new platform promises to be more democratic, making it easier for people to create and share their creations. With reduced barriers for these creations, the Sansar project aims to target a wide range of people who may have interest and are trained to develop professional quality and more realistic ideas.

The new platform also intends to expand its capability and hopes to be available not only for gaming and entertainment, but also for education, architecture, business meetings, and other purposes.

Sansar will enable users to immerse in a 3D experience with more realistic motion, better sound quality and lighting.

The reason why Linden Lab chose to create a new platform is because any improvement that can be currently made in second life, cannot embrace the new technologies available. The best thing to do or the easiest way to go, in technological terms, is to create a new platform, compatible with all existing tools.

 Linden Lab aims to provide this new platform  in 2016.

The question we all have is: Will Second Life still exist after Project Sansar?

When asked about this issue, Linden Lab said it doesn’t have plans to discontinue Second Life. So the answer is yes, it is believed that  SL will live after the project Sansar open its doors as a parallel universe. What is not known is whether the same name will be retained.

I talked to some residents to learn about what they think about Sansar project:

Camury: "What are your concerns and fears about the Sansar Project coming in 2016".

Joymell resident: "I think the SL will continue. Even with the limits for the absorption of new technologies, many changes have occurred in the last two years. I have no worries or fears, I am anxious to know is how is this new project. I imagine that this new platform should provide more tools to users. "

Brenda Jac resident: "I know the new project and my fear is having to change my avatar. I would not want to lose it. I just hope we can migrate all we have to Sansar, if the SL cease to exist. "

Pryamel resident:. "I did not know about this new project of Linden Lab Anyway, if  Linden Lab chose to create a new platform many changes must take place soon. I am optimistic and I think the changes are for the better. Maybe we'll have SIMS with no lag, right? :-) "

Dinodasilvasauro resident: “I am a little worried about paying issues. A game with this size is not cheap. There are big chances for it to have an entering fee, or just be free at the beginning and you have to pay for everything else. I’m afraid it won’t be as open as they say. But, let’s hope I’m wrong.”

Baudrillard (somnabulist): “oh right i heard something about sl2 awhile ago...i have spent many hours developing photography techniques, so would be a challenge to have to adapt to a new viewer...heres my big concern: the phrase "monetize"... this is what happens on facebook, to target people for advertising...i think monetizing is dangerous for creativity...also will i need a new computer to get a decent viewing experience, seems like this 3d occulus is a central feature and i for one,  am not going to buy an occulus... im not interested…”

The fact is that Second Life is still very popular, housing about 900,000 active users per month and generating a significant amount of resources with e-commerce. The platform, when it was created, innovated in many different fields, such as: virtual reality, user-generated content, e-commerce and virtual currencies. Many new ideas have emerged from this experience and will just get better.

Whether you remain in Second Life or move on to Sansar is up to you!


  1. Interesting news filtering out about SL2.

    In the "good old days" when tier tax was an equal rate for everyone and object creation tools were in-world and available to everyone, amateurs and virgin creators/scripters as well as professionals SL boomed. It was a wonderful place where anyone could create content and own land on an equal basis with "the pros". Starting in fall 2006 that changed and the end result is all too clear for everyone to see - SL dying a slow death.
    So, if they run the same business model for SL2 - unequal tier/tax on land - insiders get better deals. And content creation limited to "the pros" with no in-world creation tools available to all us amateurs who love to create. What would be the motivation for anyone who is not a land tier insider or a content creation "professional" to go into SL2 and spend time? Or most importantly spend money? The board at LL is making the same old decisions/policies with the same old results. SL2 is DOA. ;)

    Instead of learning from past mistakes and what success looks like - Minecraft, they just keep running the same old plays from that same old tired worn out playbook thinking that we will take their "bait". Pathetic. ;)

    And the Turkey Buzzard says 2 things...

    1. Merry Christmas!
    2. hiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss... ;)

    1. i like to comment on the above statement by point to my own experience. I agree with the payment on SL and i was pleased to hear other sounds for Sansar. I disagree in a way with the pros sugestion, pointing at the open source tools there are, what makes content creation also possible for people that can't afford expensive software.

      I like to make mesh avatars on sl end have the experience that when you learn en try hard enough it can be done without an education or without being a profesional. There are courses on SL to for learning blender etc. The pro's, and i presume most are, sells nice stuff for affordable prices what makes life on SL more beautifull and i have had much fun with battle systems, that i can't make myself, so thanks for those who make that possible. For me SL is, tasting a little game making, what i normally could not do, because i am not a pro.

      By the way, it took me 3 years to learn to create an avi with Blender, never sold one and gave a few away, and I liked those years a lot with my awfull misfits more than just buy or get a nice looking avi for free.

    2. If LL fails to equalize land tax for everyone and fails to include content creation tools for creating mesh, etc. inworld then SL2(Sansar) will be DOA. Most folks arent't going to spend hundreds/thousands of hours learning blender, Maya, etc. to become proficient with them. LL needs to make sure those inworld tools are easy to use and are available immediately when they go live. If they don't then it's one more major fail. ;)


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