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Friday, January 29, 2016

*** NEW LOCATION*** Spotlight on CFNM COCKBAR- Adult Entertainment Where Women are Treated with Respect - Lanai Jarrico Reporting

As a virtual world journalist it is my job to take one for the team and go into establishments that might make conservatives raise an eyebrow. I’m not much of a prude and don’t really care about the opinions of people who are quick to make assumptions about my character without knowing who I am. With that said, I want to share with my readers something special about the Second Life culture and what we all have in our human nature. We are born curious. We all have needs- some of which remain hidden behind closed doors for fear of judgement or rejection, while others follow their needs openly and without fear of what others think.

It is a fact that we should all live our lives to the fullest- Whether it be in our real world or in Second Life. Some choose not to and that is their problem, not mine.

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There is a place on the Adult side of the grid rightfully name COCKBAR. The grand title speaks for itself. It is a CFNM (clothed female-naked male) establishment. Popular among Europeans, it gives women a place to relax and let go of their inhibitions in Second Life. The men are stripped down to their bare asses and assets, while the ladies are the main focus. Unlike a strip club where tips are the purpose for entertainment and a good performance, this club puts no pressure on the ladies to open up their purses. The atmosphere is laid back and the men practice the utmost respect. No random IMz asking for sex-They simply wait patiently for a lady to make her choice.

Owners, Prixie (prixiprimrose) and  Dixie (bunnykins) established COCKBAR in November of 2015. Since the grand opening it has been very active on a daily basis.  I sat down with them to learn more about their venue and what made it so wildly successful in such a short period of time.

Interview with Prixie and Dixie

Hi Ladies! I have been meaning to sit you two down for a while to talk about the COCKBAR. I have come in and observed the atmosphere on a few occasions and each time my experience has  been great.  I must say I am very impressed. What inspired you to create this venue?

Prixie/Dixie: We felt that the CFNM genre could be better served with a fresh look at what people really wanted, ourselves included. Drawing from our SL club experiences and listening to people's responses when asked what they liked and didn't like, we put together a list of "wills and won'ts" when planning this venue.

Lanai: The atmosphere is so laid back and relaxed. What type of rules do you enforce to keep the COCKBAR running this smooth?

Prixie/Dixie: We stay faithful to the CFNM ethos and expect our visitors to respect just four rules:-
1) Men do NOT message the ladies without asking permission.
2) Men must be mostly naked ie accessories may be worn.
3) No escorting or begging for tips.
4) AOs MUST be worn when not dancing.

Lanai: The men that frequent the bar are always so well mannered despite being completely naked surrounded by beautiful women. How do you find such obedient men? Do you provide special training?

Prixie/Dixie: The majority of men who play with us display good manners and common sense. They understand what the Cockbar is about and fit into the roleplay easily. Some visitors need our help to understand and sadly a few men need our help finding the exit.

Lanai: I also noticed, I am not bombarded by IMz from men when I come here. I like that I can come to a venue without being accosted.

Prixie/Dixie: We react firmly if a guest makes a complaint regarding the abuse of this rule. Ladies should be able to relax with us and not receive IMs unless they wish it.


What secrets can you share with our readers about maintaining this successful establishment?

Prixie/Dixie: We treat adults as adults and expect them to respect us for that.

Lanai: Aside from these seriously sexy men dancing with the ladies. What other experiences does the COCKBAR offer guests?

Prixie/Dixie: We have a growing list of DJs providing excellent music shows around the clock. There are well equipped "Fun rooms" provided free to guests which cater to many adult tastes. Our Bar is a very real working bar for people to sit, relax and chat over a drink. I would say the most important experience is how people can meet up and share time here together in a friendly, sexy and fun atmosphere.

Lanai: How would you define the men who work at  COCKBAR. Are they escorts?

Prixie/Dixie: NO! Our men are here because they want to show off their bodies for the entertainment of the Ladies. They like to chat, flirt and generally have adult fun with an adoring audience.

Lanai: I noticed there aren’t any tip jars around aside from the DJ? I have to say that is very different than most venues I’ve seen on the grid. Ladies aren't encouraged to tip the men?

Prixie/Dixie: Not at all. We actively forbid tipping here. The Cockbar is NOT a strip club.

Lanai: Are you hiring? If so, what positions and traits are you looking for?

Prixie/Dixie: We don't actually "Hire" dancers. Men who meet our standards of appearance are free to join our group and spend time entertaining in the club. They need to be sexy, fun people who enjoy socialising.

Lanai surrounded by sexy dancers

Lanai: This is the perfect place for a bachelorette party or a girls night out.  Do you host private parties and events?

Prixie/Dixie: Up to now the parties we've been asked to host have been integrated into the club activities which gives more people the chance to join the fun.

Lanai: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about COCKBAR?

Prixie/Dixie: Yes. The Cockbar has only been open for two months. We have new and innovative events in the pipeline, as yet unveiled, to keep our guests entertained for a long time to come. Watch this space :)

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. I look forward to visiting again and congratulations on such a successful venue.

Cockbar Guest/Dancer Reviews

SLE Asked some guests and dancers what they thought about the COCKBAR and here is what they had to say:


GUEST/DJ- ๖ۣۣۜNOA (sherylangel)
๖ۣۣۜNOA (sherylangel) stated, “ I was searching on the events tab for a live singer.. and then pop up an event posted by DJ Rudy who was playing blues, and I love blues so I tp’d here to peek.  when I landed here I was like WOW hehe. I was usually at the NMCF Mansion a long time ago but left because it turned into a boring place.  And I been working as Dancer at OLD LAR'S House for more than a year loving that place. COCKBAR is a mix of both, Mansion-Lars plus the people who I met around here are very very nice and kind so I feel like I’m at home. The dancers are so kind treating us with respect and the most important thing is they are very funny and love to play.
I will be DJing here soon and proud to join the family =)


GUEST- Lyndsey (lyndsey.diesel)
Lyndsey (lyndsey.diesel) said,  “I love the atmosphere and music of Cockbar. I can't resist to start dancing , the guys here are always so nice and hot”


DANCER- Mena (Menacier)

Mena states,  “It's an environment where I enjoy social interaction first and foremost.  Secondly, I have a naturally sensual erotic mind so dancing like I do for women is really the opportunity to find other people who think like I do and similarly have erotic tendencies. I really looking for the opportunity to share that with someone. .... And honestly it goes from Audrey to eclectic from skanky to classy so you get to meet women who are just very open and some that are very closed.  It's a potpourri of good engagement with great people....of course there are some that are just awful but its just like in life it's a nice social interaction that can become highly erotic. There is this part of me as a man who enjoys pleasuring a woman in such a way as that it becomes a fantastic memory of her. What's great too is there's no money or Lindens exchanged it's just the opportunity to enjoy another person's company and because I'm bisexual it gets into MMF opportunities as well so it's just all around fun really”.


DANCER- Anvar Tisane

Anvar Tisane shared,  “I'm submissive male and dancing naked for Women excites me a lot, Miss.” *smiles*
DANCER- RudyPatterson

Lanai: Why did you choose to dance here and what do you think of the atmosphere?
RudyPatterson said, “The concept is one of the best I've seen in SL in a long time  I come here  alot and there are a number activities  to enjoy.  The owners Prixie and Dixie  know how to run a good club and the theme is what it is so it take the curious, the “doers” as  I call them and the teasers .  But it's a great place. The owners have a gold mine here.”


DANCER- Troy Vettriano
Lanai Jarrico: What made you want to be a dancer here and what can you tell me about the atmosphere that you like so much?
Troy Vettriano (troyvettriano) stated, “I am a relative newcomer to this club, but I liked the idea of dancing naked as a man, for the benefit of a woman's pleasure and fun. The atmosphere here is friendly there is an underlying feeling of mischief and naughtiness, which I like! It suits my character and personality.”

Additional information

Group: Prixie 'n Dixie's CFNM Cock Bar

If you have been to the COCKBAR, leave your review in the comment box below!


  1. I just started going to the COCKBAR and love the atmosphere and the people and music. I am a blues lover, and that is what they play the most. In fact, I will be DJing there, playing the blues. The ladies are first class here and the guys no that and give them the respect they are due.

  2. Fantastic place for women and men. Great owners, awesome music and always a warm welcome when you arrive. Classier than most clubs in SL. This place is worth a try.

    1. Great owners you mean when they don't ignore whats going on in local and when they allow men to pvt chat even when they are told not to and even the one of the owners talking about peoples real lifes? Or the owners who try to allow age play inside of the club through Pvt messaging from the men who normally go to that bar.

  3. Its a great place with friendly, involved owners and friendly, sexual women. I like being viewed as a sex object by women. It is nice to dance for or with women who appreciate viewing and fondling my naked body. I also DJ there occasionally when there is an open slot and my schedule permits. I enjoy that. The music there is generally a good mix of blues and classic rock. So, it is music that people above a certain age actually want to listen and dance to, instead of trying to ignore while having fun

  4. Been to the cock bar and everyone ignored me it was to the point that I left not to help there was a man there Pvt messaging me to ask me if I would role play as his 12 year old daughter. Even know the rules state that men need to message people. Today I also saw a man emoting shoving a pill down someones throat. Its rather odd there and they do not enforce there rules. Men can message on a Women with a wim I would suggest. That these people start actually fallow there rules and in force them cause asking for age play even In private message is ageist the law and TOS Rules and regulations.

  5. This place is not what it advertises I went there this morning and saw some guy shove a pill down a women throat inside of local nothing was done to the guy. Then guys were able to message me with out even so much as asking permission and then he proceeded to ask if I would age play as a 13 year old girl. Saying its welcome at the bar cause its not ageist there rules. When it is ageist the law. This has been reported as well. But I would suggest actually fallowing through with your rules and not letting men just message when you advertise differently. Also the shoving the pill down someones throat that's rather scary and the women didn't seem to like it ether. Mind you this action was done with one of the owners right there!

  6. I am an owner and have NEVER received a complaint concerning underage play in our Cockbar club. We would not tolerate this behaviour of course.
    As the writer remains Anonymous, I would suggest he or she is someone who has been banned from the Cockbar as a result of their unsociable behaviour. There has been a spate of trolling lately. It seems some people just don't get the message. "Play nice and have Fun!"

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