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Saturday, April 23, 2016

GeekSpeak SL - Which Animals Will Go With Us Into Space? Discussion Saturday, April 23, 2016 12pm SLT

There are spiders, fish, frogs, mice, water bears and bacteria living in or on the International Space Station.  What about future bases in space or on moons or planets?  What will happen when people live permanently on Mars or the moon?  What animals will we take, by choice or accidentally, into space?

We will need bees for pollination and, if we farm with soil, we will need earthworms.  Some people will not feel happy without animals so perhaps we can expect pet dogs and cats.  Maybe horses or cows or birds, simply because people like them?  How would we transport these animals and how would we house them?

Will there be animals that come along even if we don't want them?  Mice, rats, cockroaches, aphids, vine weevils?  Human parasites like fleas or lice?  Will we be able to prevent the animals we don't like from hitching a ride?

Come to GeekSpeak and talk about which of our companion species will join us when we move out into the galaxy


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