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Showing posts with label Sci Fi. Show all posts

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Spotlight on Shawn’s Voice Hangout - A Sci-Fi Theme voice Hub with Seven Locations to explore with friends



There are many hangouts in Second Life that host a variety of themed events. Shawn’s voice hangout is the newest sim on the grid that offers Second Lifers a place to chill on voice while exploring seven impressive sci-fi-themed HUB that you can teleport to using a stargate. It seems to be getting a lot of attention.

The SL Enquirer met up with the creator,  Shawn Peterson (colgate1981) to learn more about the sim and locations like the underwater exploration area, Shawn's voice hangout, game area, "Star Lounge” Gentlemen's club, “Club SG” Music venue, and an Escape Room by Mad Pea.



 Interview with Shawn Peterson (colgate1981)



SLE: HI Shawn, it is a pleasure meeting with you for a tour and interview about this amazing Sci-Fi-themed Hub, How did you discover Second Life, and what inspired you to create Atlantis?


Shawn: I discovered second life because a friend brought me here because I was wanting a social platform. I came up with the theme after a conversation I was having with a friend about Greek Mythology. I suddenly thought of the story of Atlantis and when I saw a stargate portal on market place I ran with the stargate theme.




SLE: This is certainly a unique kind of social platform and the theme is great! Did you design this sim yourself or do you have a team of designers that help you? Also was it a personal love of Sci-Fi or did you feel there was a need for it thinking Second Life, lacked Sci-Fi-themed sims?


Shawn: Sort of I have been bouncing ideas off of friends and using some of them to help me with the build. It’s also a personal love for Sci-Fi.


SLE: That is great you were able to ask your friends for their input. There are a lot of sci-fi fans in Second Life so you made a good choice. As you mentioned above, it is based on the TV shows Stargate and Stargate Atlantis. What did you specifically like about the series?


Shawn: I loved the Stargate movie but I never saw the series that proceeded just heard of it.



SLE:  We love the portal system you have in place and can see you put a lot of work into creating this Hub with 7 Stargate locations. How many Sims are there in total? 


Shawn: There are 7 themed areas on this SIM. It's like an onion with many different layers but tastes better.


SLE: Oh wow, I’m surprised you were able to fit all of that on one sim! Starting with the landing point, Shawn’s voice hangout. What do your guests do there?


Shawn: It's not subdivided so it's all Shawn’s voice hangout. There are table games and a bowling alley. So some people just stand around and talk and others play games together.


SLE:  You have a bowling alley and game tables at the landing point but you also have a game room. What is the difference between the two? Do you host tournaments and game nights?


Shawn: The landing area has newer table games and the game room has vintage arcade games. No, I don’t have tournaments.



SLE: I like that you have interactive activities for your guest to do together. The Escape Room by Mad Pea is a great activity to offer guests!  I’ve experienced escape rooms in real life but never in Second Life. They can be intense with all the riddles, and puzzles with a timer but a lot of fun to do with a group. Can you explain how it works in SL?


Shawn: It's pretty much a puzzle you have to solve in order to escape. You combine things that you find in order to get the next clue.



SLE: Nice! We will have to come back sometime and play! We noticed you have two Clubs for guests. Club SG and the Star Lounge which is more of a gentleman's club. Can you tell us a little bit about both and the gentlemen’s club also is it open for the ladies with special “Chippendale” night events?


Shawn: So the Club SC is a music venue where I host both Live performers and DJs. The Star Lounge is going to be a unisex exotic club it will have a ladies' night on Wednesdays.  



SLE: What is Kanhark used for? There is a beautiful view when you take the elevator to the top floor.


Shawn: It's Just a space-themed environment to explore I may have events there.


SLE: The space station is a neat build to explore for those sci-fi lovers. Do you do any roleplay there? How does it tie into the theme?


Shawn: No role play. You know how the movie stargate they have a gate that goes to other planets so that's why I have the location Kanhark.


SLE:  Oh I see. Finally, there is the underwater exploration location. It is very impressive with the underwater landscape with a hidden cave and shipwreck. What kind of activities happen there?


Shawn: It's just another area to explore for those who want to do more than just stand around.



SLE: It’s great that you have something for everyone. Are you currently hiring for this club or any location on Shawn’s Voice Hangout? 


Shawn: Yes I have auditions for both the Music venue and exotic club at Shawn’s voice hangout.



SLE: You and your team did a fabulous job on this design. We hope to see it flourish in Second Life. Thank you for your time.


Shawn: you’re welcome.


Teleport:  SLURL:


Preferred Contact: Shawn Peterson (colgate1981)

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Fractured Realty Roleplay- Join in the Sci Fi Action February 6th at 4am SLT

The place that finally answers the age old question. What if 'Gilligan's Island' was a sci-fi, 'The Minnow' a space ship, the 'Uncharted Desert Isle' a fracture in interdimensional spacetime, the 'five passengers' actually escaped mental patients, the 'fearless crew' actually mercenaries & scientists with conflicting agendas, and it was produced for 'Cinemax Late Night'.

What is Fracturd Reality Roleplay?

The Fractured, a stranded, a spaceship, crashed in a time and space fold into Worlds. to explore,
Experience , RLV, Meter Assisted, Themed Role Play Area. No child, or non-human like Avatars in this erotic sci-fi area 
(Vulcan/Andorian yes, wookies, no)

Friday, January 10, 2020


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
-Arthur C. Clarke

For all you Science Fiction fans out there, have we got a New Years treat for YOU.  This issue of SL Enquirer we take a look at one of the hottest Sc-Fi projects to hit the ethosphere in decades.

AWAKENING is an epic sci-fi adventure story of disclosure and extraterrestrial beings effecting developments on Planet Earth over a period of millions of years and their encounter with a reluctant hero and his journey into a distant place and time.

It is the year 2048. Alien captives unite to take back their power from their human masters and embrace the secrets of the mysterious quality of their psychic powers as they suddenly start to “awaken”. 

Working on pure intuition, with little time and limited resources, our hero - John Doe - decides he must help save the Scaliens and Humans from the destructive hostile elements and create a new unified world and harmonious civilization.

I recently had the pleasure of communicating with Douglas W. Green (SL Avatar Doc Grun), Author of The AWAKENING Project, and Lou CasaBianca, Editor.  Their answers were intriguing as they explained their unique and entertaining project.

Josh Bellic (JB): A quick review of your website shows blogs, books, podcasts, articles, and movie? Can you describe for our readers please, just what is “The Awakening” project all about?

Doc Grun (DG): The Awakening Project is a multi-level traditional and digital media project designed to be at the forefront of user-interactive experience, putting you literally side-by-side inside the story with the characters or even becoming a character in the action. The book started it all, then came the filming of teasers and trailers in Second Life, followed by discussions with interested parties for animated and/or live action versions of the story.

JB:  What is the story about?

DG: The story is about the impact of alien intervention in human evolution. How did humans suddenly make enormous leaps in technological advancements that do not follow the normal path of discovery evolution? Who helped humans advance along this path? And why? What was and is their reason for helping us? Are they benevolent strangers, or patient invaders?

JB:  When did you first get the idea for this story?

DG:  I have had this idea for over 10-years. I have always wondered how humans evolved to where we are so quickly. I started writing the book about 10-years ago, and finished 3-years ago, along the way with many changes and additions influenced by current events.

JB:  Where do you get your inspiration for this project

DG:  My wonder of what is beyond the next hill, next planet, next galaxy. Where are we going? How will we get there? and what will we find when we arrive?  My literary hero, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, wrote to me in a personal handwritten letter and advised that I should always look beyond the next horizon, for it is there I would find my destiny. This has guided me since early childhood.

JB:  Describe your writing regimen. What disciplines do you exercise when writing?

DG:  Many writers sketch out their story in outline form, then go back and flesh it out. I just started writing. I saw the entire saga in my mind as clearly as if I had already written it. I knew where I was going and I knew how to get there.  I could almost not keep up with the ideas rushing out of my head looking to be recorded on paper.
JB:  Just how did you and Lou first get together, and what does he contribute to the Awakening Project?

DG:  Lou and I met in Second Life several years ago, where he was using Second Life as a platform for virtual world filmmaking and live events. He is also a committed sci-fi fan and writer/director — and actually met, spoke with and was inspired by Arthur C. Clarke via satellite in the late eighties. We shared similar visions and I approached him about my idea, and together we have set our course. Lou is a pioneer in the new media and virtual reality creative, technology and production. He has worked with many well-known individuals (e.g. George Lucas, Francis Coppola, Ray Kurzweil) and companies (e.g. Apple, Disney, Sony) that continue to set the bar for entertainment. I knew I had the right partner.

JB:  What other writing projects are you working on now? Is there a sequel in mind?

DG:  "Awakening - The Eye Of The Scalien" is actually Book 1 in a trilogy of novels set in this universe of wonderment and contradiction. Book 2 is entitled "Awakening - Earthflight" and is actually a prequel to Book 1. Book 3 is a sequel to Book 1, and has the working title of "Awakening - Evolution.” Lou is leading on the screen adaption and interactive video game aspects of the creative content platform, as well as focusing on the project business and production development process.

JB: Tell us about The Awakening Science Courses. How developed are those?

DG:  Lou also introduced the concept of developing the “Science behind the Awakening the Science Fiction” project as companion courses geared to K-12 students who need to be prepared for the technology and engineering career opportunities that the future holds for them. We are working on courses that delve into such things as 'What is a Black Hole?' - 'How do lasers work?' - 'What is the true meaning of light speed?' and 'Is antimatter propulsion a real possibility?' We are also producing a Podcasts series and a YouTube Channel with invited guests sessions for both live and recorded Awakening content.

JB:  How might our readers get a copy of The Awakening?

DG:  "Awakening - The Eye Of The Scalien' is currently available on Amazon Kindle as an Ebook. The link is

The soundtrack and audiobook will be available after the first of the year, as well. This Spring, as ebook sales continue to grow, we anticipate publishing hard and softcover print editions to be distributed via Amazon as well as our own project website store at,

JB:  Anything else you would like to share with our SLE readers?

DG:  The audiobook version which will soon be available on Amazon as mentioned above was read by the author (Yours Truly), doing all the voices for all characters. Six-hours of the history of Man's Evolution, with a little help from our friends. Or ARE they our friends? Listen and find out for yourself.

The audiobook series is currently available on Spotify by searching 'Awakening Chronicles.' Chapters 1 and 2 are online now, with upcoming subscriptions available for the remainder of the book.

So, there you have it folks.  Check out “Awakening - The Eye Of The Scalien” available wherever kick-butt sci-fi stories are found.  

Saturday, February 25, 2017

GeekSpeak – the future of the internet. Join the Discussion Saturday Feb. 25th at 12pm SLT

GeekSpeak – the future of the internet.

The structure and the function of the internet are changing.  Join us to discuss those changes and what they will mean for the lives of ordinary people, for our lives.

Imagine earning an income by watching You Tube or being on Facebook.  Imagine sources of data that cannot be censored.  Imagine the emergence of a true global brain.  Will the internet become God?

Come and discuss net neutrality, streaming money and the next digital revolution.  Tell us if you find the new ideas exciting or frightening (or both).

Saturday, December 17, 2016

SL GeekSpeak – what would you do if you were suddenly ruler of a horrible country? Join the discussion Dec. 17th 12pm SLT

This week we are asking you to use your imagination and your knowledge of people.  Let’s suppose an alien with a sense of humour picks you up one night and drops you off as the leader of a country like Sierra Leone (one of the most corrupt in the world) or North Korea or Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia.  What would you do? What would be needed to get a country like that back on the world stage?  Is democracy essential?  What compromises would you accept?

How fast can a country change?  It took East Germany only 10 years but some countries never seem to improve.  Are they beyond hope?

Do you feel sure you would succeed in saving your country?  Or do you think your country might corrupt you?

Become a dictator for an hour at GeekSpeak.

IM Kathen Ohtobide if you need a teleport.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

GeekSpeak – cyber wars: Join the discussion Saturday December 10th at 12pm SLT

In this day and age, we are all connected in ways that we cannot measure or understand.  We have created a new cyber habitat but the old war and violence has followed us there.  We are not as safe as we thought we would be.  The lions have returned to the Savannah.

Last month’s attack on the USA showed us how easy cyber attacks can be.  Wars between states can be carried out online.  A few years ago, there was a virus roaming on the internet that was written to shut down a nuclear plant in Iran.  This is just one example that went public; there are many more predators out there that we do not know about.  Tomorrow someone could stop all traffic or close all factories.

What will happen if someone, an individual or a state, invents a super-virus?  Or if all important computers get infected with ransomware?

How much damage could a cyber war do?  How can we protect ourselves?  How threatened do you feel?  Bring your firewall to GeekSpeak and talk to us about it.

Some people have had problems teleporting to GeekSpeak.  Please contact Kathen Ohtobide if you cannot find us.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

GeekSpeak SL – are humans becoming less intelligent? Join the discussion Saturday December 3rd at 12pm slt

Were the people in old civilizations like ancient Athens more intelligent than us?  If so, what has happened to us?  How far will the deterioration go?  And how long ago did it start?  Our brains are smaller now than the brains of Cro-Magnon people.  Were the Cro-Magnons more intelligent than we are?

What will happen in the future?  How realistic is the movie ‘Idiocracy’?  Will the human species in the future become really stupid, as happened in that movie?  How can we turn the tide?

Perhaps you think that we are not becoming less intelligent.  Or perhaps you think that we are developing different modes of thought that may be more valuable than the logical thought of the past?  Or perhaps you think it might be a good idea to be a bit stupider.  We might be happier that way.

Come and join us to talk about brainpower over the ages.  IM Kathen Ohtobide if you have any trouble finding us.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

GeekSpeak – ecumenopolis – will Earth become a planet-wide city? Discussion on Saturday Nov. 5th at 12pm SLT

An ecumenopolis is a planet-wide city where all the land and perhaps all the sea are covered by endless buildings.  Would such a city be possible?  How would we grow all the food we would need?  How would we get rid of the heat generated by so many people?

Population growth on Earth suggests that we may need such a city.  But will the population increase to such an extent?  Could humans stand such a city?  Don’t we need wildernesses, other animals, gardens?  Will there be space for them in an ecumenopolis?

How would such a city be managed?  Would we build skyscrapers miles high?  Would there be breathable air at the top of the skyscrapers?  Would we build underground?  Would we build at the bottom of the sea?

Would there be wars between different parts of the same city?  A citywide government?

Come and discuss the biggest engineering project of history.  Bring a hardhat.
IM Kathen Ohtobide if you need a teleport.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) will be held online, in Quat Gallery, on Sunday October 30th, at 10 am SLT, 1 PM EST

Saturday, October 29, 2016

GeekSpeak - are new countries being formed? Countries without land? Saturday Oct. 29th at 12pm SLT

While old countries and old alliances break down are new countries being formed?  The pacifist nation Asgardia in space (the home of the gods?) or bitNation in cyberspace?  Liberland in Europe or Sealand in the North Sea?  Will we eventually see a patchwork of small countries or will the world be taken over by one or two large nations?

Can you see yourself as a citizen of a nation in space or cyberspace?  Would you be willing to pay taxes to such a nation?  Could a small nation where most citizens are non-residents enforce taxes?  Would such tiny countries be allowed to continue?  Will they continue to be pacifist or will they be drawn into wars?

Perhaps you disapprove of small nations?  Perhaps you think it makes no sense to talk of belonging to a country you have never set foot in?  Or perhaps you yourself feel you are a citizen of a country you have never visited?

However you feel, come and talk about the future of countries in GeekSpeak.  IM Kathen Ohtobide if you need a teleport.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Here is the GeekSpeak subject for Saturday October 22nd at 12pm SLT

GeekSpeak – the great ape project.  Should great apes be given human rights?

We accept that all humans should have certain rights simply because they are human.  Should those rights, or some of them, be given to members of other species?  We are not allowed to buy, sell or own humans. Is it acceptable to own chimpanzees or gorillas?  Killing a human being is murder.  Should people who kill chimpanzees be tried for murder?

Which species should be given rights?  Why should chimpanzees be given ‘human’ rights simply because they are very like us while other intelligent species, such as whales, elephants or octopi, have no rights?  If some animals are to be considered persons while other animals are objects, where should the line be drawn?

How would we deal with great apes that kill humans or other apes?  Should they be killed or put on trial?

What would the world be like if nonhuman species had human rights?  Or do you think that human rights should only be given to humans?
Join us at GeekSpeak to discuss animal/human rights. IM Kathen Ohtobide if you need a teleport.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

GeekSpeak – what are you going to do on Mars? Saturday, October 8th at 12pm SLT

Last week Elon Musk unveiled his plan to send a million people to Mars.  Suddenly the question has changed from how to get there to what job will you do on Mars when you do get there.  Will you start a barber shop?  Or run a pizza hut?  Or become an oxygen dealer?  Or set up a hydroponics farm?  When will the new nation of Mars be established?

Give us your thoughts on how to start a society from scratch in a 38% gravity environment.  Will it succeed?  If you think it is all an impossible dream, tell us why.

Bring your space suit or terraforming tools to GeekSpeak.  IM Kathen Ohtobide if you need a teleport.