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Monday, May 16, 2016

SL enhances the quality of life for people with some disabilities - Joymell Reporting...

If you ask people about what they like the most about Second Life, they will certainly have a variety of answers; however, they all share one thing in common: Second Life allows us to do amazing things and often what is impossible for most of us in real life. We can be astronauts, visit an alien world or travel back in time, or visit a place of the past. Or we can, for example, fly on a plane, dive in the ocean, go bungee jumping or even dance ballet.

The fact is that virtual reality enhances people’s lives and their possibilities. More and more advantages are being gradually discovered, and are showing great promise. Virtual reality can put pilots in training as if they were in heaven and can also provide people, including those with some forms of disability, experiences that they cannot have in the real world.

The great advantage of virtual reality is its ability to create full immersion situations, carrying people to a fully virtualized world.  In practice, what this means is that the virtual content sends stimulation so that the user perceives them through their senses. Virtual reality enables the creation of scenarios where the brain understands that mind and body are in the same sensory plane.

With virtual reality, you can go anywhere without even having to leave your bed. Many disabled people have to stay long term at home, idle. Having to go through life without being able to experience all that life has to offer. In Second Life virtual world, a person is able to, for example, experience (virtually speaking) the outdoors, cycling, surfing or walking on the beach. The fact that the brain perceives and processes the stimulus as "real" enables numerous applications. Researchers are increasingly seeing the therapeutic potential of interaction "Brain - virtual world".

Burn victims, for example, that suffer from excruciating and constant pain that intensifies during the treatment of wounds or during physical therapy. To help them relieve this pain, a virtual game where the player must throw snowballs at penguins, congesting pathways responsible for the sense of pain was created. In some cases this therapy has had better results than that of morphine.

Many other experiments have been done with the application of virtual reality.  In this virtual world we can forget our pain and give freedom to our imagination and fantasies.  In this world, people with disabilities can also have wings and fly, which can contribute to fun moments of relaxation and leisure.

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