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Showing posts with label Joymell. Show all posts

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Top 10 Fitmesh Designers in SL Female – Joymell Reporting...

Second Life has enabled designers to import 3D models (mesh) created in popular tools like Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, and so on. The introduction of mesh models has allowed the creation of more detailed clothing and accessories that are complex, realistic and creative and are the most sought after by customers.

In the market, the merchants selling network, is responsible for communicating to customers that the item is partially or entirely composed of mesh content, and that may not render properly in a viewer that does not support mesh.  All customers, before buying, should view the data of what is being bought in order to make informed decisions about whether the content is appropriate for your current viewer. It is recommended that older viewers should not just used for accessories, objects, garments, etc. with mesh content as they cannot be seen.

"Mesh" content itself is not inherently different from other content from a consumer perspective. However, in the hands of talented content creators, mesh offers the opportunity to create highly detailed and amazing objects in Second Life, and it is this quality that has attracted consumers to buying mesh.

With the variety of Mesh bodies now available, creative designers have developed clothes and accessories to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of consumers.

Looking around Second Life, I found excellent shops with high quality goods and discovered a variety of mesh bodies.

My TOP 10 list of FitMesh Designers in SL, for women follows. FitMesh, also known as Fitted Mesh, is a rigged mesh system.  FitMesh garments move along the body as it moves, the same way mesh items do. It makes garments fitt significantly better and provides opportunities to create more variety out of the same garment, such as; bigger size clothes, smaller or bigger breasts, maternity clothes, children clothes, etc). FitMesh garments also respond to body physics, such as; breast and bottom wiggles.

To make up the list I considered the following criteria:

ü  clothes and accessories quality, considering: realistic detail, texture and creativity;
ü  variety of clothing and accessories;
ü  stores that offer products for different mesh bodies;
ü  fitmesh Designers;
ü  shop in the marketplace;
ü  affordable.

Top 10 Fitmesh Designers ( Female)

Addams: Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
Apple May Designs: Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara),  Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
 Taxi to Marketplace:
Blueberry: Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara),  Slink
(Physique, Hourglass)  Taxi to Marketplace
CandyDoll: Belleza (,Venus), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
Neve by ColdLogic creative: Belleza (Isis), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
DE Designs: Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
Taxi to Marketplace
Just Because:  Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
 Taxi to Marketplace:
Pink Pearl Designs: Belleza (Freya,Isis), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass) < TMP
 Taxi to Marketplace:
Rebel Hope: Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
 Taxi to Marketplace:
Zed Sensations: Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)  
Taxi to Marketplace:

In general, stores inform consumers that the mesh body or other item is compatible with standard shapes as well as the newer mesh bodies.  With most items, Fitmesh, is included in the package:
- 5 Size Classic Rigged Mesh (XS, S, M, L, XL)
- 5 Size FitMesh Rigged Mesh (XS, S, M, L, XL)
- FitMesh Rigged (compatible with different mesh bodies).

Remember to try the demo before you buy anything and happy shopping!

Additional Information:
 Images from SL Marketplace

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Top 10 Fitmesh Designers in SL for Men – Joymell Reporting...

Most guys I know in SL want to be fashionable, but they are too lazy to look for stores and shopping is just a chore.  What’s more the arrival of mesh and now fitmesh has many of them just plain confused.  Let me try and simplify matters for you.

As consumers, it’s important to understand the benefits of the techniques that allows Mesh clothing and avatar bodies to be adjusted using an avatar Body Shape slider in the appearance editor.  This results in clothing that can be adjusted to fit your avatar's own personal body shape and style. Legitimate Fitmesh for Mesh Bodies will fit perfectly to your mesh body, and will adjust smoothly with your shape sliders.

FitMesh garments move as the body moves, the same way mesh items do.  This allows significantly better fitting clothes and provides opportunities to customize the items i.e make clothes a bigger or smaller size, or adjust a specific area such as the chest.  FitMesh garments also respond to body physics such as chest and bottom wiggles.

My list TOP 10, FitMesh Designers SL for men:

This list contains only designers who make special mesh designed to fit mesh bodies. Therefore NEW FITTED MESH for standard sizes, which allows the mesh to be adapted to the body shape for a perfect fit.

Standard fitmesh designers (default number) are not included in this list, although some listed stores also offer this option.

For my list, I considered the following criteria:
ü  clothes and accessories quality, considering: realistic detail, texture and creativity;
ü  variety of clothing and accessories;
ü  stores that offer products for different mesh bodies;
ü  fitmesh Designers;
ü  shop in the marketplace;
ü  affordable.

Top 10 Fitmesh Designers ( Male) -

AR2 Style: Adam, Aesthetic, Slink and TMP

Ascend : Slink and TMP

Balkanik2.0 : Slink and TMP

Invictus:  Aesthetic, Slink and TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

Pink Pearl Designs: Adam, Aesthetic, Slink and TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

Swagga: Slink and TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

Tease Me! Boutique: Slink and TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

United Colors: TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

Zed Sensations: Adam and Slink
Taxi to marketplace:

It’s important to remember to always try the demo offered, before you buy anything, and if you like the product, or have a change to suggest, leave a comment for the designer. If you have any problems or questions, contact the store before leaving a negative rating in the marketplace. Visit the store inworld to view more items

What you buy is the result of many hours of study and hard work. Designers always thank us for help and comments to further improve results.

Good shopping!

Additional Information:
Images from Stores SL Marketplace

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Club Accessible in Second Life - Hang out with friends – Joymell Reporting...

In Second Life we can learn many things about the technological environment, but also learn more about ourselves and others in the global virtual community.

The Club Accessible is one of the places that shows us that virtual actions can make a difference in the real world. 

The club provides a safe and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their differences. There are people with disabilities and those who do not have disabilities, the bottom line being all can enjoy fun, dancing, friendship and social interaction in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In the club, you will find different environments, such as a beach and a coffee house ... just come hang out with friends! Enjoy the open view of the sea, chat with friends with a cup of coffee in the little coffee house "The Captain's Cup."

Accessible Club is a region where everyone can enjoy their Second Life.  Real life people with disabilities are often unable to participate in certain events, which sometimes can lead to a feeling of isolation.   At the club, a disability does not affect the enjoyment of anyone.  Some members show their disability with the use of a wheelchair, prosthetics or hearing aids, others hide their deficiencies and yet other members are not disabled at all. The atmosphere makes everyone feel comfortable and secure, regardless of their differences …

The focus of the club is to be social and friendship is highly valued.   It’s a great source of support for many people.  Joining the club assists recently injured people, some of whom are still in rehabilitation, to find the support of other members with similar life events.

I interviewed Mrs. Megan Flinders, one of the owners of the club.   See the interview below:

Joymell: What is the Club Accessible?

Meghan Flinders: “The Club Accessible is a place where everyone can enjoy his or her Second Life through music and friendship. Everyone is equal and fully accepted. Whether you have a disability or not... you are welcome to come visit us at Club Accessible or at the Captain's Cup”.

Joymell: What events are offered by the Club, currently?

Meghan Flinders: “The club presently has DJs who entertain us three days a week. We hope to expand this and are always looking for new DJs and entertainment. There is a lovely beach across from the club where you can swim, relax on the sand or gather with friends at the lounge area. Beside that there is a small romantic gazebo for quiet moments or peaceful contemplation. For some extra fun we have a "Greedy" table and a "Can't Stop" table which you are welcome to play. A special part of Club Accessible is our cozy waterfront coffee house....perfect for you to "sit awhile" and catch up with some friends. A small snack bar is guaranteed not to make you gain weight! The theme of the area is a beach front look but we love decorate for every possible holiday or event (especially for Halloween or in winter)!”

Joymell: How can people get more information, and contact the group?

Meghan Flinders:If you have any questions please feel free to message any of the following owners...and their native language are listed: Alexis Odgar (Spanish), Meghan Flinders (English) or Zirrus Zabaleta (German).”

Taxi to The Club Accessible:

Friday, May 27, 2016

Virtual friendships: Do you have friends in Second Life? – Joymell Reporting...

Every day a growing number of people connect virtually and devote a considerable part of their time to virtual interactions in the search of friendships, love relationships and jobs, among other reasons.

In Second Life you can make friends within minutes.  Meet people of different nationalities and different cultures and lifestyles. But are these friendships that we establish in Second Life true? Reliable? Viable? Real?

These are questions that we reflect on.

It’s seemingly easier to make virtual friends than real ones. Possibly it’s the relative anonymity that the virtual world offers that makes the process easier. But the evolution of a virtual friendship is exactly the same that occurs when we make our real life friends. However, some say that the friendships we have in the real world, are truer than those established in the virtual world and virtual relationships have weaknesses from the point of view of life and sense of human relations and their complexity.

People can create personalities and identities that are not always consistent with reality.  Relations mediated by the Internet can be a decoy, suggesting that virtual friendships are not necessarily as effective as real ones. Many feel that these relationships are weakened by the lack of a real human presence.

 The fact is that virtual friendships, as well as conventional ones, revolve around communicating with one another. When we interact with our virtual friends, we feel that many of these relationships can be lasting and know when there is or isn’t an emotional authenticity to them. Many of us go beyond everyday friendship and cultivate professional and artistic projects with our virtual friends. These virtual friendships, in most cases, do not transfer to the real environment and remain "online".

What’s interesting is that people in the virtual world, are given the opportunity to unlock almost all of real life’s limitations and express desires and fantasies of all kinds. For example, a shy person, or an unhappy person with low self-esteem, or a person stressed by work, can discover new possibilities and overcome these limitations in this environment where "everything is possible": the shy can be outgoing, the unhappy find that they can be sexy and desired, and the stressed feel relaxed and without pressure. From behind the computer screen, many of us can hide the worst facets of our personality, or on the other hand, discover the wonderful gifts that can be found when interacting virtually with others.

In my opinion it’s important that everyone enters into virtual friendships with their eyes open.  To think that there are no rules of engagement when establishing these friendships would be foolish.  Many residents in Second Life, maintain and grow their list of online friends, while others do not. Why is that the case? It depends on your motivation.  Those who maintain their friendships keep in constant contact with said friends.  Frequent but not excessive interaction facilitates the consolidation of the virtual friendship. You have to maintain a certain balance, otherwise you may have the opposite effect and start to bother and annoy people, and end up losing the potentially lasting friendships.

In conclusion we can say that a virtual friendship allows us to explore amazing possibilities which are often impossible in the real world. Moreover, these friendships can save us from loneliness, encourage us to forge ahead, facilitate our projects and possibly even surprise us.  Unfortunately as with our real friends, some of our virtual friends will let us down.

Additional Information:

Thanks to my friends, Camy and the brothers Einar and Claude Goulart & Bragança, who posed for the photos illustrating this article.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mesh bodies are growing in popularity- Which are the best ones in SL? - Joymell Reporting...

Although mesh bodies are expensive for most SL residents, they have been growing in popularity and becoming indispensable for those who want to keep an updated avatar.
For many people, dealing with anything mesh is difficult.  It’s said that it’s hell trying to manipulate these bodies and trying to dress or change clothes takes much longer.
People also have a rough time with the numerous adjustments that need to be made to match skin tones and hide parts of the body. The HUD system that comes with the bodies can be confusing and is a headache for most.  However, despite the criticisms, the evolution that is the mesh body is a very good project and let’s face it, who doesn’t have dreams of acquiring one.

One question that people ask is: "Which are the best mesh bodies in SL?" The best answer is: there are a number of mesh bodies on the market and most of them are fairly similar, although each has its own charm. You should look for what is best for you and works best for what you want and are looking for.

The purchase of a mesh body is an expensive investment, so ideally you should try a demo first.  These are available through the stores, but you need to pray that you do not need support, because it is difficult and exhausting. Try the body for a few hours and make sure that you are comfortable with it to make an informed decision before buying.

To help with this decision, do tests with the DEMOS, observe the characteristics and limitations of each body, see the pros and cons in all of them.  There will certainly be a mesh body out there for you; it all depends on your taste and how much you are willing to spend.

Here are some of the elements normally included in the packs.  You will need to get your head around these in order to make an informed opinion on your prospective new mesh body:

HUDS - Each mesh body comes with a HUD which controls certain characteristics (showing layers, skin applicators, etc.). The buttons "mask mode" under the tattoo and clothing layers are there to use if you have two layers. Some Hud's are easier to handle than others, but this is a step to be overcome to the extent that you become familiar with the HUD;

Alpha - Every mesh body comes with a selection of alpha cuts that make possible the invisible parts of the body, for a better adjustment of mesh clothing. This is very important because the mesh body cannot wear an alpha system like the standard body can. You will notice that some huds are better defined than others and there are many differences in the alphas cuts, which may make easier or hinder the adjustment of clothing;

Omega applicators - the omega is unique universal applicator that allows to apply to clothing for any party or body organs. Many skin designers and designers’ applicator / tattoo are making items Omega, then it is advisable that the body mesh is compatible with the Omega system;

Clothing and accessories - it is important to check which mesh their bodies SL favorite designers are developing, clothes and accessories. acquire the mesh body ready for more shopping. The stores offer items for most of the mesh bodies, and for each there are more options than others.

  A comparison of some popular mesh bodies available in Second Life:
Mesh Body
It comes with hand and feet?
Can I use Slink hands and feet?
Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus
Female  Mesh Body
Eve Slim or Pulpy Female  Mesh Body
1.690L each
Maitreya – Lara
Female  Mesh Body
Niramyth -Aesthetic Male  Mesh Body
It comes with mesh head
Slink Physique Female and Male  Mesh Body
Tellaq Broderick
Male Mesh Body
It comes with mesh head
The Mesh Project Female and Male  Mesh Body
Free 0L
Basic 2.500L
Deluxe 5000L

In conclusion, buying a mesh body requires a few hours of dedication to personalize settings. The fact is that this is a path of no return. After you have bought a mesh body, your old standard body will be forgotten forever...