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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Spotlight on The 1920's Berlin Project - Camury Reporting...

Take a trip back in time to Berlin in the 1920s and enjoy this interesting political and cultural moment.

The 1920's Berlin Project is a historic community role-playing in Second Life that simulates daily life in Berlin during the Weimar Republic. This is one of the few sims in Second Life that is based on a historical period.

Teleporting to this region gives us the feeling that we actually are in Berlin in the 20s, in a realistic and authentic way. The project was conceived within the virtual world to help people understand Weimar (an unofficial designation for the German state between 1919 and 1933).

This sim has rules for all visitors. Before exploring this great city, people should dress in the 1920’s style (you can pick up free period costumes at the entrance), or buy some clothes from the vintage shops in town. The main idea is to see that all visitors and residents feel as if they belong to the period of time.

The sim has various roleplay elements to it, in as much as you will find residents living and working on it. Regular townsfolk behave gracefully and it is common for residents and visitors to use German phrases to greet one another.  In the city there are many English-speaking visitors and several other languages ​​are also regularly spoken.

When walking the streets, you will see buildings which are exact replicas of real buildings, such as the exclusive and luxurious Hotel Adlon, the Alexanderplatz station, Zum Nussbaum inn and Brandenburg Gate. There are also other buildings in the architectural style of this era, such as the large block of Bauhaus-style apartments.

By exploring the place, you will find amazing modern houses where rich people in the live in the lap of luxury and leisure. Walking through the alleys and the dirty narrow streets, you will see small apartments where the poor working class live.

You can visit some of the most popular places in the city, such as:

Der Keller Tanzlokal (Nightclub)
-  a very crowded nightclub located in a wet basement, in one of the lanes of the city, where anyone can dance the Charleston or chat, and knock back a beer or two.

Asta Cinema - theater visitors may attend cartoons, news and movies that belong to this period.

Cabaret Eldorado - a fun club which the gay community attended.

Odeon Theatre and The Hindenburg Schule - are cultural spaces where visitors can find educational activities, films, dance, and live entertainment.

Schloss Museum – when exploring this museum visitors will find several exhibitions. When I was there, they were exhibiting old photos of Berlin in the 20s.  The Berlin Project 1920 has been maintained thanks to tenants living in the SIM, supporters and random donations from visitors. The residences in the city are almost always busy.

Come and see with your own eyes! Travel back in time, and enjoy beautiful Berlin in 1920 in Second Life.


  1. Danke! Nice article, one small correction; the cinema is called Babylon.

  2. Also the slurl is wrong, that one no longer works.
    Berlin can be found here;


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