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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Plugging Into SL Unplugged- MajikVixen Reporting

  MajikVixen By CallieKatz

So having my first article published here, back in December, and becoming a part of the SLE community was pretty thrilling.  I even got a few group notices for the Playmate's Magazine.  That got this little voyeuristic vixen thinking about how she could become a part of that action.  So with Beltane having just passed, I thought it would be totally appropriate to share my experience with you all. 

A while back, I allocated my curiosity to explore these intentions a bit with Daallee, The Vinnie Show Manager, one of the owners of The Living Room, my music & event-happening guru, and all around sweetheart friend.  I was concerned that because my avatar is stubbornly special, in staying true to the form of a succubus and prim, not mesh, nobody would want to shoot me for their publication.  However, a couple days later, Daallee referred me to her good friend and longtime Vinnie fan, Callie Katz, who as serendipity would have, just happened to be putting together a fantasy edition for her adult magazine that she Co-Owns with Core Nider, SL Unplugged!

I contacted Callie, and she was enthusiastic to get to work right away.  She was also very polite and professional, which would set anyone's mind at ease during a good, long, productive photo shoot.  She gave me a LUMIPro Talent folder, and all I had to do was wear some of it, and she was able to pose my avatar and get the proper settings she needed.  I must say, I did all the easy work of posing and providing a couple of pretty background places, while Callie went to work showing off her masterfully genius Photoshop skills.

We must have taken about a hundred photos, and Callie brought me back to her studio where I could look at them and take copies of whatever raw ones I liked best.  It was hard to stop myself from taking them all, to be honest!  I think I even took duplicates of my favorites, just to make sure I got them, LOL!  It was extremely hard to pick just one favorite, but she immediately took it into Photoshop and made it so I could use it for a profile photo, or even decorate this article with it (although slightly edited).  I complimented her on the Dr3amweaver Slideshow Deluxe photo-viewer she had, as any picture I clicked on, it gave me a copy of, with ease... and she even gave me the photo-viewer!  Such a sweetheart!

A couple months later, the issue came out.  SL Unplugged , Vol. 2 Issue 3.  It's so exciting to see your sexy self in print and to be able to share beauty with the SL world!  Succubus versus Fairy.  It's hard to tell who would win, as everyone in this magazine is just so gorgeous.  -And the stories!  Dripping with luscious erotic smut, my favorite! 

Callie says they're always looking for talent.  Anyone interested should contact her or Core.  For the most part, SL Unplugged is distributed by word of mouth and a few advertising places, but they do have a group.  Anyone who wishes to get a copy of SL Unplugged should contact/friend them.

Additional Information:
Group: =--- SL Unplugged ---=

Preferred contact: ღღCllἶε Kէzღღ (calliekatz) and Core Nider


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