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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Top 10 Fitmesh Designers in SL for Men – Joymell Reporting...

Most guys I know in SL want to be fashionable, but they are too lazy to look for stores and shopping is just a chore.  What’s more the arrival of mesh and now fitmesh has many of them just plain confused.  Let me try and simplify matters for you.

As consumers, it’s important to understand the benefits of the techniques that allows Mesh clothing and avatar bodies to be adjusted using an avatar Body Shape slider in the appearance editor.  This results in clothing that can be adjusted to fit your avatar's own personal body shape and style. Legitimate Fitmesh for Mesh Bodies will fit perfectly to your mesh body, and will adjust smoothly with your shape sliders.

FitMesh garments move as the body moves, the same way mesh items do.  This allows significantly better fitting clothes and provides opportunities to customize the items i.e make clothes a bigger or smaller size, or adjust a specific area such as the chest.  FitMesh garments also respond to body physics such as chest and bottom wiggles.

My list TOP 10, FitMesh Designers SL for men:

This list contains only designers who make special mesh designed to fit mesh bodies. Therefore NEW FITTED MESH for standard sizes, which allows the mesh to be adapted to the body shape for a perfect fit.

Standard fitmesh designers (default number) are not included in this list, although some listed stores also offer this option.

For my list, I considered the following criteria:
ü  clothes and accessories quality, considering: realistic detail, texture and creativity;
ü  variety of clothing and accessories;
ü  stores that offer products for different mesh bodies;
ü  fitmesh Designers;
ü  shop in the marketplace;
ü  affordable.

Top 10 Fitmesh Designers ( Male) -

AR2 Style: Adam, Aesthetic, Slink and TMP

Ascend : Slink and TMP

Balkanik2.0 : Slink and TMP

Invictus:  Aesthetic, Slink and TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

Pink Pearl Designs: Adam, Aesthetic, Slink and TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

Swagga: Slink and TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

Tease Me! Boutique: Slink and TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

United Colors: TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

Zed Sensations: Adam and Slink
Taxi to marketplace:

It’s important to remember to always try the demo offered, before you buy anything, and if you like the product, or have a change to suggest, leave a comment for the designer. If you have any problems or questions, contact the store before leaving a negative rating in the marketplace. Visit the store inworld to view more items

What you buy is the result of many hours of study and hard work. Designers always thank us for help and comments to further improve results.

Good shopping!

Additional Information:
Images from Stores SL Marketplace



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