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Monday, August 15, 2016

LibertಠJourneys Proves That Musical Journeys Truly Are Never Ending- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Music is found in every known culture, including the most isolated tribal groups throughout world history.  According to archaeological discoveries; musical instruments have been found and dated back approximately 50,000 years.  
Today with growing technology music of all genres can be easily accessible via handheld devices, the internet and within virtual worlds across the World Wide Web. It has become part of our daily lives in many ways. We listen to it in our cars, at events, in movies not to mention it being essential at parties. What is it about music that makes it so popular that it keeps evolving?

Music evokes emotions of love, nostalgia and even shares the trials and tribulations of experiences that many can relate to. The lyrics in a song tell a story and the beat enhances it.

The SL Enquirer sat down with ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67) from LibertಠJourneys to learn more about The BullRing Family and what inspired their musical journey.

Interview with ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67)

What is LibertಠJourneys, it’s purpose and core principles?

· ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67):  Well the purpose is easy, we love to have fun and we love to share that with those who we are honored to come in contact with. As for the core principles of L² Journeys, that goes a little deeper. Over time we have come to appreciate music both on the surface, one song at a time, and deep below through the interpretive meanings… We have really engaged with stringing sounds and partial songs together in order to take a listener on an adventure of emotion and creative ideas. This has driven us to work very hard to make this journey come to life

When was it established?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67): We have all been to music festivals in Second Life, and they have all been great, but last Spring 2015 we had a burning desire to do something different. Rather than focus on the entertainers, focus on the art that they create and offer. That’s when the light bulbs started firing up.

Can you tell me about The BullRing Family and LibertಠJourneys and how members work together in Second Life?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67): The family is structured in much the way a corporation would be, since it is an enterprise. Working in the corporate world for so many years has left its influence on me. Working together becomes less a hurdle when goals are shared, and because what we do is totally in service of others, I have been blessed with a family of very kind hearted and loving people.

Can anyone join LibertಠJourneys and the Bullring Family?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67):
All are welcome to join LibertಠJourneys… We hope to see as many people there as possible.  The festival grounds opened on August 12 and will stay open to the public until the festival closes on the night of Sunday August 21st.  The Bullring Family itself is a more exclusive group, the people in the family have been together going on almost 4 years now… through blood sweat and tears we have formed a bond that can only be achieved through learning and growing together over time… All are welcome to come hang out, get to know us!

Music serves many purposes throughout our lives and songs holds different meaning to different people, what does it mean to you and why do you think it is so popular?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67): Rhythm is something that we become thoroughly familiar with in the womb listening to the 2 beat count of our Mother’s heart. The same rhythm is present all through our lives as we walk right foot; left foot. The vast majority of western music is based on this 2 count so it really cannot help but to resonate with us on many levels. Once that connection is felt, all else falls into place and guides on journeys of unfathomable depth.

Libertಠis getting ready to host a music festival beginning August 19th to August 21st. Can you tell our readers more about this event and how it proves musical journeys are never ending?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67):
Musical journeys continue long after one track blends into another or a live performance ends.  They consist of memories and feelings created within an individual that elicit creativity, positivity and emotion.  Hours, days, weeks or even years later, individuals can still recall certain feelings of a particular DJ’s set or a live singer’s performance.  LibertಠJourneys challenges music lovers to break the chains that bind them, set themselves free, and soar to new heights.  

Does LibertಠJourneys host other events throughout the year? If so, how can entertainers and DJs get involved?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67):  
The BullRing Music Family hosts many different events throughout the year including BRM Radio parties, BRM Radio Jam Sessions, and an annual Halloween party.  We also support many different entertainers and DJs, both inside and outside of the BullRing Family, throughout the year.  Interested entertainers and DJs can get involved by joining the BRM Entertainment group in world and contacting Milkee Trisk (Ema Jayaram), or myself.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about LibertಠJourneys?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67): Come check it out, experience in person what I have tried to communicate here. With the addition of the “L² Journeys Experience”; 7 amazing adventures to go on, all while listening to the most amazing live music, is something you just have to be there to understand. Thank you for sitting down with me for this, it has been a pleasure.

Additional Information
Group:  secondlife:///app/group/863f6f84-f9ad-84ca-9e35-e29b7d9f9251/about


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