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Sunday, August 28, 2016

The AfterHours Shopping District will celebrate its Grand Opening August 28th 12pm slt to 8pm slt

Inspired by the 19th Century Victorian era, The Afterhours Shopping District takes you back in time with its stunning cobblestone streets, Victorian architecture and vintage atmosphere. It is comprised of 40 shops including jewelry makers, fashion boutiques, furniture’s shops and more.  Owned and operated by ᴀlbᴀ ᴋʜᴀи™ and her team this masterfully designed shopping district is a new charm on the Second Life grid and a must see on your shopping Itinerary.

The SL Enquirer sat down with ᴀlbᴀ ᴋʜᴀи™ (asuquitar) to learn more about the Afterhours Shopping District and what to expect.

Interview with ᴀlbᴀ ᴋʜᴀи™ (asuquitar)

Hi Alba, congratulations on your pending Grand Opening of The Afterhours Shopping District! I took a tour and it is stunning. What activities do you have planned?

Alba: First of all I want to give thanks to SLE for inviting us for this interview. we are trying our best to give our store owners and shoppers a great environment where they can do shopping and selling in a fair way .There will be some events specially for our store owners apart from that main event .

There are many shopping districts in SL, what impressed me about Afterhours Shopping District was how neatly organized it is for those who love to shop. In your opinion, what sets this shopping district apart from the rest?

Alba: What makes us different from other shopping districts is the environment that we have, a Victorian theme which take us back to the old times architecture and landscapes and it feels like escaping out of hectic daily life into such picturesque sim. The team worked so hard building the sim, it is like a home to us and that way we welcoming and treating the store owners and shopper like our family. Our priority is to provide a stage where the designer can show the world how talented they are and for that we are charging almost nothing.

The sim is beautifully designed, what was your inspiration behind The Afterhours Shopping District?

Alba: As I said earlier it is inspired by Victorian age. I am in love with that period of time because of it's style and way of life. For example the name of streets and squares are inspired by that period and the coffee house which is best place for socializing. Over all you will find highlights of that period in everything which is in AFTERHOURS.

I love the cobblestone streets and the buildings. The Bakery. Café is a sweet touch. It is pleasant to explore, did you design the sim yourself or do you have a team?

Alba: I brought the idea to the team, explaining everything and each detail I wanted. All members of the team worked hard to bring that idea into life .I am really proud of them.

There are over 40 shops available. Can you name drop on some of the designers and businesses that can be found there?

Alba:Yes sure we have many good designers and businesses for example Ascend ,Qposes , VG shoes ,187 Boutique, M&M, E Inc, Noir ,Pukka , B Bos and Silvermoon etc.

Will you be hosting special events and entertainment? If so, what can shoppers expect?

Alba: Yes of course we will organize event and entertainment programs for our shoppers and store owners. After all we are here just because of them. There will be two kind of events; one monthly event in which every designer of SL is welcome to participate after fulfilling certain conditions. The other event will be arranged specially for our store owners .We are sure our shoppers are going to have great shopping experience because we are providing them 2 events in a month which will give them chance to buy exciting and new things in a good price  and of course  there will be parties organize on timely intervals.

Do you have shop space available to rent? If so, is there a criteria shopkeepers must meet in order to have a shop at The Afterhours Shopping District?
Alba: Right now our stores are fully booked, thanks to our team. In the future we are thinking to increase the numbers of shops. There is no such requirement to rent a shop in After Hours Shopping District. This is also one of the thing that differs us from others similar sims.

Are you hiring for any administrative positions?
Alba: Our team is perfect for now but if we feel like to increase number of staff we will be giving an advertisement for sure.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about The Afterhours Shopping District?
Alba: After Hours is not only a business place for me but also it is a home to me which is built by my amazing team with their hard work and dedication. Every one is always welcome in After Hours and our support staff will always around to assist you. Please visit us and give us the opportunity to serve you with love and respect

 Visit The AfterHours Shopping District  today!


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