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Friday, March 10, 2017


            Meet other Avis from Second Life in Secret Harmony.  Secret Harmony is an online Social Network for SL Residents where you can meet other Residents and share all kinds of content.  Today we have the owner of Secret Harmony, Kwave Wilkinson, to discuss this fabulous new social network.

Seersha Heart: What prompted you to create like Secret Harmony?

Kwave Wilkinson: We ran a forest and a designer event and  the site was linked to the forest for a way to meet online and meet others in world to. With no one using the forest we let it go and put full focus on the website. The site is my passion and it is an old project that I basically incorporated for Secondlife. Being both me and my wife met in SL and were friends for years this is a project we enjoy. Later in life we grew a fondness to one another, met in real life and got married. So Secondlife for us is a way to meet others and if there is a site that can further those chances or to even share content with others that is even better. Ive been on many sites and there is just so much lacking. I wanted more without having to rely on a million different sites. Most of all I wanted performance and security. Those are things we strive on. We are always open for suggestions and listen to the community.

Seersha Heart: This is all very exciting.  Is this a dating website?

Kwave Wilkinson: Dating websites are focused on one thing and that is meeting someone to be your soulmate. We are not a dating website. The goal of the website is to network people and their content.  Could someone potentially meet someone for love interests? Definitely. As a whole we are a social network for meeting others as friendship, to collaborate, or yes if it happens to meet your soul mate.

Seersha Heart: How long has this site been available?

Kwave Wilkinson: We have been available since late September of 2016

Seersha Heart: What features do you offer?

Kwave Wilkinson: You create your own profile and also your own page if wanted.  You can use  your personal pages as a blog page, newspaper, business page or a mix of those.  The possibilities are endless for what you can create.  You can also create a blog or a group.  You can post events or advertisements.  You can also take part in the Forums.

Sharing is a wonderful feature in Secret Harmony.  You can share photos and videos and you can also share gestures, sweepers, promos and other audio clips.  You can share the things you like on Facebook or Twitter.

Seersha Heart: Users can earn Lindens with the monthly referral program.  How does that work?

Kwave Wilkinson: You refer others to join Secret Harmony.  In March we are paying double the Lindens.  Monthly referral program to earn lindens

Seersha Heart: How do I get started using Secret Harmony?  Does it cost money to use?

Kwave Wilkinson: Secret Harmony is free.  Just go to our website and you can set up your account from the first page.

Seersha Heart: Where do I sign up?

Seersha Heart: Thanks for your time today.  Secret Harmony sounds like it has everything that the other social media sites rolled into one page.

            Create a multifunctional profile that interfaces with all your favorite social media at Secret Harmony.  It’s free and it has it all!

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