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Monday, April 10, 2017

Get your Spring Hunt on! – Camury Reporting...

Second Life Hunts are a favorite activity among many avatars. In most the hunts the items are free but occasionally there may be a small charge per item.
Commonly, an organizer brings together a group of stores that will define a theme for the hunt and set a hunt icon according to the chosen theme.

The hunt icons are hidden in participating stores or on SIMs.  In many instances clues or tips are supplied so that you can find the icon more easily and claim your prize. Often there is an inworld group for the hunt you have chosen.  The participants of which exchange helpful tips with one another or ask for help when a particular icon proves to be somewhat elusive.

On some hunts you get to follow a Land Mark trail. You go to the first stop, obtain the prize, and within the prize there will be a Land Mark for the next store in order for you to continue with the hunt.

Enjoy the good spring winds and have fun participating in some of the incredible hunting during the month of April.

Black, Sexy and Essential Color Hunt

This is a store hunt and the prizes consist of 10 full outfits which include a long dress, high heels and makeup. This is a $ 1 hunt and the icon that you must find to win the prizes is a black Mannequin. You can find tips for hunting on the notecard that you pick up at the store.

Hunt Dates: Apr 1 – Apr 30
Hunt Object: Black Mannequin
Price: L$1 Hunt
Start: Valentine Heart Island

Easter Hunt 2017

Easter is coming early with this store hunt.  Find the eggs to pick up the prizes which are either clothes or accessories. This is a $ 0 hunt. The store has a blog but I did not find any hints there to help find the icons.

Hunt Dates: Apr 1 – Apr 30
Hunt Object: Egg
Price:  L$0 Hunt
Start: Nautilus – Adherbal

Quest Fur Cover

Quest Fur Cover is a grid wide hunt that takes place every 6 months bringing as many communities and stores together as possible. Quest Fur Cover is sponsored by Furry Fashion and is managed by Skyler GlassWing, Becky Doulton and Amethyst Crystal.

This particular hunt focuses on 50 furry-friendly stop locations across the grid, and the icon you must find is Hedgehog, to pick up incredible free gifts.

Hunt Dates: Apr 1 – Apr 30
Hunt Object: Hedgehog
Price: L$0 Hunt
Start: Furry

No Eggscuses Easter Is Comin! 2 Hunt

Enjoy the good winds of spring and join in this hunt with an Easter theme as well as spring and its colors. There are twenty places to look for an Easter egg which will enable you to pick up the prizes, which are spring clothing, spring decor etc.

Hunt Dates: Apr 1 – Apr 30
Hunt Object: Easter Egg
Price: L$1 Hunt
Start: soft voices

Broken Heart Hunt

You've had a fight with your boyfriend and now you're heartbroken. Stop your crying and moping around on the couch and join this grid wide hunt  with the theme of Broken hearts, and lost love. There are 50 stops where you can find a broken black heart to win the prizes.

Hunt Dates: Apr 1 – Apr 30
Hunt Object: Broken Black Heart
Price: L$1 Hunt
Start: Chamotte

Remember that hunting is not a competition. So you can find other hunters on the sites, make new friends and go hunting together. When more people gather to search, the icons can be found faster. 

Good luck!


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