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Sunday, May 7, 2017


blogging, noun. Contemporary definitions for blog. noun. an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called Weblog, Web log. ... Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.

There is a theory, that writing blogs is a great way to hone one's literary skills, develop an audience, and eventually reach the attention of Important People, and that therefore if you want to be a writer, you should start off writing blogs.

Or you could just want to blog but don’t fancy starting your own web page...

There are many well-established blogs regarding all things Second Life related, the SL Enquirer among them.
SL entrepreneurs, designers or event coordinators are looking for bloggers who can provide their readers with pertinent and factual information about exclusive items that are on sale or events and other news that’s happening on the grid.

Bloggers work hard to provide the consistent and reliable coverage that readers expect and entrepreneurs want.

If you do want to become a blogger in Second Life, here are 10 essential tips for starting your blog:

Search support groups
On the internet, you can find support groups that are specialized in supporting those who want to be a blogger in SL. In these groups, you will find information about designers and events looking for bloggers, tutorials for photography, post-production, marketing, writing, etc.

Support Groups:

SL Blogger Support:

Blogging Second Life:

Search for designers and events interested in Bloggers
There are a considerable number of designers and events looking for bloggers. The important thing is that you choose wisely that which you want to write about. You can choose clothes for women, men or children, shoes, accessories, jewelry, skins, shapes, tattoos, body appliers, hair, poses, home & decor, and a whole lot more.

List of designers looking for bloggers

List of Events Looking for Bloggers:

Make the application
Generally, designers and events, make applications available via the internet or to apply by sending a notecard in-world. Requirements are generally: having some blogging experience, time, having an active Flickr and Facebook account to share your posts, etc. Be honest when filling out the application and do not waste your time submitting the application if you do not meet the requested requirements.

Take care of the Layout of your blog
Keep in mind that your blog layout should be clean and to the point. People should not be distracted with too many widgets as this is a nightmare on the eyes and they will forget the reason why they came to see your blog. Choose a readable font and nice colors.

High-quality photographs are everything for those who want to be a successful blogger in SL. Searching the internet you will find links, blog posts, videos, and lots of information to get you started! Some successful bloggers offer many interesting tips on their blog.

Strawberry Singh
Luna Jubilee

Remember to quote credits with the full name of the stores at the end of your posts. Even if you use the same item in multiple posts, a visitor may be seeing your blog for the first time. Do not forget to include often-overlooked credits such as locations, poses, and animations.

Title the blog effectively
Blog post titles are one of the most important factors influencing search and click. The title of the post should be descriptive and clearly communicate what the post is. Always remember to just promise something in your headline that you are delivering in your post.

Disclose your name
Designers like to read blogs and if they like your blog, and want to submit items, they should be able to locate your full in-world name on the blog, so they can find you with ease.

Marketing your Blog
So you have a blog, with such thing comes the readers they can keep coming back for more. For this, you need to make good use of other social media platforms. You can share your blog with your friends, email list, on social media like Flickr, twitter, Google +, Plurk, Facebook, Forums, on other blogs and comments, in world groups and mailing list. Just be polite and polite and do not irritate your potential readers with spam and harsh and unpleasant approaches.

Love what you do
Blogging is not about obtaining free stuff... It’s imperative that you identify with the designer or event you are going to blog for. If you are starting out blogging, remember that it’s meant to be fun, don’t let anyone stress you out.  You’re the owner of your blog.

Write for the SL Enquirer
If you really want to write about Second Life, but starting your own blog is not feasible, contact Lanai Jarrico of the SL Enquirer and she’ll get you going.

Good Luck and happy blogging.


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