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Monday, July 24, 2017

CLUB DRAGONFLY- A New Drama Free Venue on the Grid- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Dragonflies are symbolic of change in perspective, self realization and a deeper meaning of life. In Second Life many changes take place, new ideas are born and they join new people together. Club Dragonfly made its debut on June 10th 2017. It is a warm stress free and welcoming club surrounded by nature and beauitful fountains. Set the atmosphere to midnight and experience how it comes to life.
Owned and Operated by Brit & Sol Kitora, Club Dragonfly is a new hangout for those seeking a peaceful place to spend time with friends. The SL Enquirer met up with Brit and Sol t learn more about this new venue and what it has to offer residents of Second Life.

What inspired Club Dragonfly
Brit- I have been a dj for 4 yrs, and  was with a club over 1.5 yrs, where I dj'd  and helped the  group grow from 100 Vip's to over 1000, it then closed and along with Sol decided to open Club Dragonfly as a new beginning.
Sol-I've been a manager for a couple of clubs, until I met Brit.  With her I helped to do the events and daily running of her previous club. Once we married, our new beginning became the new start for Club Dragonfly

What type of crowd does Club Dragonfly attract?
Everyone is welcome here.  We want a fun club, so bring it on, but leave the drama at home.This is an adult club but we do not allow nudity or child avies unless it's a special event.

What type of genre do you play?
  All our Dj's bring a special flavor to the club, We have Dj's that  play different genres anywhere from Bounce to techno, Electro Swing to  EDM and dance~  There's also RnB and some Jazz.No two sets are the same.

What type of events can guests expect at Club Dragonfly?
We have give-a-way Saturdays, where each set there is a special item given out. 
 Couple Sundays.  Easy listening day geared towards couples or folks just wanting a nice relaxing set to listen to
 Our big events are always themed and  the last Saturday of the month. We treat our guest with great give a-ways. and a day of fun with set themes.
 Open from Thursday to Monday, sets are from 11 to 7pm SLT. with the exception of Monday (6-8 SLT) Be sure to join the group so you can keep up with our events.

Club Dragonfly's Grand Opening Fair is coming up on July 29th, can you tell our readers more about it? 
We decided to extend our Grand Opening to the Big Event!  There will be prizes, rides, and special entertainment along with our fabulous Dj"s.

Are you currently hiring?
 Yes. We are hiring Dj's & Hosts
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
We want everyone to enjoy their time with us!  We care about our Vip's and hope to make them feel welcome! Everyone is welcome and there is absolutely no harassment allowed

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