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Monday, August 28, 2017

Spotlight on Ku’Lani Bisexual Nude Beach- Where pure freedom exists- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Second Life is a fascinating place. It brings out the explorer in all of us and continues to delight us with a plethora of the amazing landscapes created by residents. There is definitely a place for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are from around the world, your age, race, religion or sexual orientation.
The virtual world is a place where people can come together and experiences various  diverse cultures and adventures that might make some  fear judgement in  real life.
This is your world and you decide what makes you happy. You can explore and experience whatever you want with the freedom to express yourself.
Owned and operated by LaniCorbain (urlani.fetuccio) and  Thomas Corbain (tthomasttommy),  Ku’Lani is a beautiful Hawaiian themed sim with a stunning landscape for the LGBT community. You won’t be judged.  Instead, you will be embraced and treated with respect in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.
The SL Enquirer met up with Thomas &Lani to learn more about this special place and why it is a popular location for LGBT residents who just want to have fun.

Hi Thomas and Lani, this is a beautifully designed sim, can you tell our readers what inspired Ku’Lani Bisexual Nude Beach?

We were looking for a place in SL that was welcoming to bisexuals and the other members of the LGBT community. Some places in SL tend to dictate what to wear and who you should be and we wanted something different. We wanted a safe haven where bisexuals such as ourselves, and other members of the LGBT community could come and feel safe to be who they are, without judgment. No such place existed so we created Ku’Lani Bisexual Nude Beach. We cater to bisexuals and the LGBT community but we are open to all sexual orientations and ways of life. Our goal at Ku’Lani is to make everyone that visits our sim feel welcome.

When was Ku’Lani established?
Ku’Lani was established in June 2016. We started with a quarter sim and we have now expanded to a full sim. Ku’Lani is clothing optional, which surprises some because of our name. We always prefer nudity but it is not something we ever enforce like other nude beaches. We want people to feel comfortable so if nudity is not your thing then that is ok too. It is important to us for every Ku’Lanivisitor to enjoy the sim and have a pleasant experience every time they visit us.

Does Ku’Lani have a meaning?
Kulani is a Hawaiian name which means 'like heaven'. It comes from the Hawaiian words 'ku', which means 'to be like', and 'lani', which means 'heaven'. Tommy actually picked the name, so to us Ku’Lani is like our version of heaven in SL. It is a peaceful place filled with really amazing people. Many people come just to relax and take in the breathtaking views.

Is Ku’Lani open to anyone or do you have to be an LGBT group member to enjoy the amenities?
Ku’Lani is open to anyone and the amenities can be enjoyed by all. The Ku’Lani group is private and invitation only. We do not have an open group joiner as most places do. Our members are a close-knit group so we prefer to send invitations once we get to know new visitors. We want to be sure that Ku’Lani is a good fit for you before we extend an invitation for membership. We foster a judge free,open-minded environment and so far we have attracted wonderful, people from all walks of life who really enjoy the sim and the connections made in our group. We refer to the members of our group as “Ku’Lanians”, because we truly are a family. We have a loyal following and we a grateful every day for the love and support we have received over the past year.

Ku’Laniis a vast landscape with mountains, treehouses, crystal clear beaches,secluded areas, hidden caves and an active volcano.Can you tell me about all of the features and activities the sim(s) have to offer visitors?

Ku’Lani is not just a beach, as some may think because of our name. We have over 20+ locations on the sim to cater to your every need. We are expanding to a full sim, in the same location, so the we will add to our current locations. The new sim will be completed shortly and we are really excited about the expansion.
Some of our most popular locations include our zipline that takes you soaring through the air, across the sim, our high diving board which provides a complete view of the entire sim right before you dive into a crystal-clear lagoon, and the mediation garden, complete with medication pillows and an area for relaxing yoga poses with a private beach.
We also offer a series of RP rooms such as a state of the art dungeon, a boiler room, and medical clinic which is coming soon.

How often do you host events? Are there themes and contests?

At Ku’Lani we are BIG party people! We love to entertain and our dancefloor is usually packed with people dancing to music or cuddling in the loungers we have surrounding the dancefloor area.
We have a live DJ Monday and Thursday 6-10PMSLT. On Wednesday we have a live DJ 11AM-1PMSLT. On Saturday, we have a weekly Brunch set from 10AM-1PMSLT.
Our events are themed on Monday and Thursday, but we do not have a contest or contest boards. We are not like other clubs with sploders and contests for voting. We want our guests to focus on the music and to get to know each other.
We tend to have impromptu parties all day everyday, just from listening to our radio stream that plays 24/7. Our members really love our place and they spend lots of time there which we love and appreciate. We do everything we can to make sure they are happy so we listen to their input on events and that makes them feel engaged and happy that we care.
Our members make new visitors feel welcome and we often get offlines from new people telling us how they “feel at home” at Ku’Lani. This means a lot to us, as we just want everyone to have fun!

Are you currently hiring hosts &Dj’s? If so, who should they contact?

We are always looking for new DJs and hosts. We are looking for fun, outgoing, laid back people so if you are out there please feel free to come by and visit us or contact Tommy if you are DJ or contact Lani if you are looking to host.

It is a nude beach, but do you have to bare all to participate in any of the events?
Even though we are a nude beach and even though we have themes we really want people to come as they are. We understand not everyone wants to be nude and we understand that not everyone is into themes. What is important to us is that you come and enjoy our sim. If you are not into being social there is a whole sim for you to explore with many private areas for alone time. Tommy and I greet everyone we see that arrives on our sim. At times we or the members may shout “WELCOME TO KU’LANI!!!!” when people arrive. The shouting thing is just our way to make sure we greet people as soon as they land. We visited many places where no one speaks and we again wanted to be different, so the Ku’Lani shout was implemented by Tommy LOL.

Is there anything else about Ku’Lani that you would like to share with our readers?

There are many beaches in SL and they are all unique, but there is truly no place like Ku’Lani. The people are friendly and we care about others. At Ku’Lani you are not just an avi, you are a person behind an avi and we want to get to know you.
Ku’Lani is a place to meet others, explore your sexual desires and connect with people from all over the globe. Come and check us out, we promise you will be happy you did.
If you have any questions send an im to LaniCorbain (urlani.fetuccio) and  Thomas Corbain (tthomasttommy).

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