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Friday, December 29, 2017

Tally musician: Making Wonderful Music” - “Seersha Heart

Seersha: Tally thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Tally: Thanks for asking me! I'm always humbled by people wanting to listen to me or know about me. It's a bit crazy really lol.

Seersha: Our readers will enjoy getting to know you.  There is a rumor you were a fashion optmista at one time.  Please share your story of Tally enters SL.

Tally:I first joined SL in 2009. A friend of mine had joined and was creating animations and asked me to do some graphics for him. So I joined and soon began designing clothes – back when it was all texture based. I've been singing in SL on and off for the last 7 years. I sang to a few of my friends on voice and they encouraged me to do a show. A close friend invited a friend of his who happened to  manage live acts in SL, and the rest is History.

Seersha:Tell me about your followers, your fans.  What do you think they enjoy most about your performances?  Which instruments do you play?

Tally: I'm quite uncomfortable calling them fans. They are friends who come to my show to enjoy hanging out and listening to some music. I don't know. I can't quite handle the idea of having Fans lol. I try to make my shows as real as I can. I try to be as authentic as I can.

*I'm an emotional guy and that will come through in my music.* If I am feeling happy and energetic, then so will my music, likewise, if I am feeling more melancholy, then my music tends to run much deeper with much more feeling. It's a way for me to express how I am feeling. I think that's what people like about my shows.

They are authentic and because of that I always connect with people. almost every show someone will IM me afterwards telling me how something in my music has touched them, the way I sing something, or just the feelings they have when I am singing. Music is so powerful, and maybe because I recognize that, I use it positively, and people recognize that. A rapper called Toby Mac says, "Music takes words to a place that words can't go on their own”. I play lots of instruments, but in SL I play acoustic Guitar and Keyboards.

Seersha: When did you first begin performing in SL?  Is that venue still on the grid?

Tally: My first show was at a club I owned in SL - there were only a few of us and I only did 30 minutes as I didn't have enough material to fill 1 hour lol.

My first regular show though, I remember well. It was at a venue called The Lost Continent, owned by Jodi Dubratt. I played after SaintessLarnia, who still performs sometimes in SL. It was so amazing. There was such a great crowd there and we all had so much fun. I was able to develop as a singer there so much and had so much help from Saintess, AM Forte and their manager at the time Lingual Markus, as well as my own manager Ryleigh. They were always so good to me, even when I screwed up (which happens a lot lol).

Seersha: What would you consider success for a new singer in SL?  What qualities would you recommend for someone new to singing in SL?

Tally:  What is the measure of success? Society today would tell you it's money - but money is not the measure of success in RL or in SL. A person's wealth is not in their possessions, but in their ability to affect those around them positively.

Success is when you can connect with those listening to you. That is what will bring them back to your shows. You don't need to have 50 or 60 listeners. You just need to make a connection. Be authentic and real - feel the music and mean what you sing!

In SL, nobody can see you, so you have to make that emotional connection just through your voice and that is harder. You have to imagine that everyone is looking at you and you have to perform to your screen - give everything, and you will receive it back.

Seersha:  I like your description of success.  Here is a hard question: How would you describe yourself?

Tally:  Wow haha - that is a difficult question. I think about myself a lot HAHAH. I am super critical of myself. I'm my most severe critic, so it's hard to describe me lol. I guess I would say I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am honest and loyal. I have no room in my life for hate. The phrase I am using lately for my RL work is "Love built this!" - I would like to think people look at me say that - they'd say - "hey there's Tally - Love built that". haha – that's my life's goal anyway.

Seersha: I think I will pass that along at your next show.  “Hey there’s Tally – Love built that” is fantastic thought!

Let’s dish: what was the funniest thing that ever happened while you were on stage?  Have you had any outlandish acts from an admiring female avi?  These are two things I have heard that most male performers in SL experience.

Tally: Ah man - there have been so many shows that have had me in stitches laughing so hard, even in the middle of songs. It's usually what is written in local chat! I've done a few shows drunk over the years too lol. I can't remember any of them, but I'm pretty sure they were hilarious haha.  I don't think I've had any outlandish acts from admiring female Avi's lol - I'm usually the outlandish one lmao. I've had a lot of comments and IM's I guess - but they are all harmless. It's always very flattering to hear your voice is sexy, or your accent is hot lol - but that's where it ends. I love everyone who makes the effort to come to my shows and support me with their hard earned Lindens.

Tally: I perform lots of different songs from various styles of music, but I try my best to put my own spin on them so that they suite my style of guitar and my voice. I like slowing down fast songs, although I do like a fast song now and again. I sing very chilled out songs from people like Sleeping At Last, Ed Sheeran, and then my own spin on some dance anthems from Bastille and Calvin Harris etc. It's eclectic.

Seersha: Do you take requests from your fans?  Is each performance a specific genre or do you mix it up?

Tally:   I do take requests yes. I also have a list of songs that people request that I don't know and I try to learn them for another time If I can or if I think it's suitable for me. I do all genres, but like I say - I try to make it all my own, so hopefully the style of the songs will be pretty similar.

Seersha: If I want to attend a performance, where should I go?  How does someone reach you who wants to book you?  [Readers I have attended many of his shows, this is for you]

Tally:  The best way is to join my group, which you can find in my profile, or keep an eye out on my website: and Song List Here; You can make contact about booking etc there also.

Seersha:I will chime in and say that joining your group or hitting that Google Calendar are the Best ways. You never spam send group messages.  You send the perfect amount.  All his contact information is at the bottom of the article.  I would add that his sl name when you search is Tallyesin or until the holidays are over “Jingle Tally’s Bells”

Seersha:What would you like to tell or to share with your fans? Tally? [anything you wish; plans for the future; what you do in world when not performing; what you enjoy most about fans; etc]

Tally:I love you all. You're the best bunch of crazies anyone could wish for haha. I am trying to play more in SL to support what I am doing in RL too, which is more music and the support I get from everyone is incredible and it gives me the confidence to do what I do in RL.

Don't ever be scared to reach out to me and chat - I love people and I love spreading love and positivity, and I know so many wonderful people here in SL - there is always hope and there is always someone willing to listen. Don't ever be alone - come to a show and enjoy good music while hanging with good people. Always be kind to one another and believe in love. It is necessary.

Seersha: Thank you for your time Tally, I wish you all the best with your promising career.

 Tally: Thank you so much Seersha. It's been great chatting to you. <3

Take a look at his google calendar and see when he is playing next.  He is on UK time so look for concerts in midafternoon to early evening.  He is exactly as nice as he sounds in person.  I attended a show this past weekend and one of his fans requested “the boob” song.  I contacted Tally and asked him what was this song?

Tally: haha - The boob song was written by a comedian called Rodney Carrington. Someone showed it to me once and asked me to cover it. So I did - it's not my normal type of song, but Jorr (my manager) quite often insists on it, and who am I to deny him his wishes?

Additional info:
Song List  Song List
Google Calendar  Tallyesin Resident


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