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Monday, May 28, 2018

The Best Place’s to shop in Second Life.. SLE Writer Review- DreamOfEssence Reporting...

Blueberry Store is always coming out with some thing new and exciting as you can keep up with her on Facebook. Blueberry does a lot of things from top’s to bottoms to night cloths to dress just about every thing.

If you were to want her  exclusive clothing then the best bet is to buy the fat pack that has every thing in it with the exclusive things others may not be able to buy at that moment. If you get the exclusive clothing then there thing’s in that pack others would love to have but can not get at the moment as I have said but it will look good on you to show off to your others friends.

EQUAL Store is always doing new things and alsoexclusive things that you will have to keep up on the event’s going on every month as some of it is very exclusive and can only be bought at event and then is never sold again on second life. With that being said then that will also make you exclusive as no one else will be able to buy it in second life in less they were at the event at the time it was being sold. We all know how hard it is to get in to an event also.

EQUAL doing things at the event is exciting as we all get to see the new things that she maybe coming out with if they are not exclusive and will be sold again at her store. From shopping with her I get to see all the new things and how realistic looking on some of her things. I say 100% of the things is a must have but we all love to shop.

Azuchi Is a upcoming store and is coming out with some really cool looking things and also has Role playing clothing for both new and old Body in Second life and has some new things at there shop.

Azuchi is also doing things at event’s and is doing thing’s that are exclusive also so if you do not make it there to the event then you will miss out on some of the really good things they have out that will not be in the store for sale and not be sold again.

The store has up to dates in the events that they will be doing and having things at. If you go to shop at there store right on the right hand side is the places to get the groups to keep up on there event’s and that month and date that they will be happening.

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