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Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Brains behind epic video games; Why game writers play a vital role for a game’s success

Computer games are created from a whole bunch of stuff. Yep, it’s a team effort to bring a computer game to life! During the creation process, the team has to address different facets of the game such as the level of geometry, the AI, the sound effects, the scripting, the texture, as well as the shader effects.
However, one place that is highly overlooked in the game development process is the words. More precisely, the plot, the dialogue, and the backstory. Oh, and not forgetting the menus and tutorials!
Hence, with the popularity of games increase overtime, becoming a game writer is turning out to be a lucrative business to venture in. Though gamers tend to acknowledge the developers and animators behind the game, video game writers are playing a pivotal point in the success of the game. More pivotal than one might imagine.
The Backbone of videogame concepts
Working alongside the designers and artists, game writers are the masterminds behind the exotic games that are gracing our consoles today! In fact, have a look at some epic games at Arcadelots.Com.
Not only do these unappreciated geniuses work behind the scenes to bring the gamer’s world to life, but strive to create a plot that actually makes sense. But how do these game writers work? How do they bring these amazing games to life? Plus where do they fit in when it comes to the game process collaboration?
Starting from scratch
A common norm for most game production companies is getting a lead writer to develop the game from the word go. Having a writer that is part of the team during pre-production gives the production company a broad view of the introduction and conclusion of the game.
At the same time, the designer might be thinking of the environment that he or she is going to build , the characters that are going to be brought to life, as well as they their style and persona. This is where the writer and the designer coincide with another.
The writer will have to have meetings with the different team members, absorb their ideas, brainstorm more concrete plots, and fuse all that content into one harmonized realm.
The process of writing that occurs during preproduction might vary from one writer to another. However, the most common method is that the artists normally come up with the concept ideas for the environment, then the writer comes up with an idea as well as a storyline around the environment.
Meeting with concept designers
Writers also meet with game designers to discuss core concept designs and how they can ideally be incorporated within the narrative. So say for example the main concept design is around pirates.
A few questions that the writer will ask themselves is, what is the quest of the said pirate? How did they discover the loot? What’s the plot twist when they finally discover the loot? Finally, how will they come to the conclusion of their adventure?
These are just a few of the complex creative processes that game writers need to go through before the final storyline is brought to life for one’s entertainment and pleasure. So it goes without saying, game writers are the backbone of any epic adventure game!



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