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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Agriculture RP with G&S: How One System Bloomed - Seersha Heart Reporting...

Role play is very popular in SL, from escapades in outer space to western sims and anything the mind may imagine in between those examples.  One of the most popular RP groups are those modeled after the planet of Gor.  Gor was conceived within the science fiction novels of John Norman.  SL resident’s participant in Gorean culture either as BTB [by the book] or GE [Gorean evolved].  For more information on Gor, I have provided links below.

A resident of a Turia [Spanish Gorean SIM], Sombra.Magic developed an intricate role playing agricultural society.  Originally it was designed for his SIM and other practicing Gorean SIMS.  Today G&S products may be seen throughout SL used by many different individuals as well as RP groups.  All aspects of the G&S products are modeled after the lives in the John Norman novels.  The clever G&S designs have objects that both interact with each other and interact with the player.  This RP system has evolved to a wide array of activities for the user.  

One example of the circular nature of one of the processes would begin with crops.  I began with a Grain field.  This field needs water to survive and thrive.  I obtained my buckets of water from a water well.  I placed water on the field and would replace it if it disappeared [was used].  After 5 days, the field would display that it was ready to be harvested.  By clicking on the field, I would receive 1 bag of grain for that field.  Next, I purchased a Verr [goat] for my farm.  The Verr needs both water from the well and grain from the field.  The Verr may be bred with other Verr for increasing livestock.  The Verr only ‘live’ for 40 days so I must manage my livestock carefully.  The lives and the breeding of animals is thoughtfully designed using Gregor Johann Mendel’s Principles of Inheritance.  The Verr provide many products; Milk, meat, wool and skin.  Each of these products may be used with other products to make items such as thread, rugs, tapestries or to cook several recipes.

That Verr example is one of hundreds of scenarios one can set up using the G&S RP items.  This RP system has definitely ‘bloomed’ in SL and continues to grow within and outside of the Gor communities.  Exciting news

After working with several of the G&S items, I submitted some questions to Sombra and G&S right hand Erica to learn more about the system and the future.

SEERSHA:    When [what year] did G&S begin within the Spanish Gorean SIM it was designed for?

SOMBRA:    G&S started in 2008 in the Spanish sim of Turia.

SEERSHA:    When did G&S begin selling products beyond that SIM?

SOMBRA:    It was that same year, a few months after starting. The English sim of Turia, convinced me to sell the products in all SL.

SEERSHA:    For our readers, the main G&S page [below] also has a “G&S trading list”.  This provides G&S product providers.  I am very curious, who are the developers?

SOMBRA: Guardian Baron is the main developer of the Mesh. And I of the scripts, Erica participates in different phases of development and customer service.

SEERSHA:   I have met Erica through my use of the G&S products.  She provides excellent and quick answers to a lot of questions.  I have spoked to a few different developers of RP environments in SL.  One thing I love to learn is what the developers notice in player behavior that emerges as the product is put into service.  Have you noticed any emergent behavior that you did not anticipate once you began selling G&S products to everyone in SL?

SOMBRA: Above all I notice it in fishing. At first, we thought that there would not be many people fishing, but it exceeded all our calculations, we even had to put an extra server to support it.

SEERSHA:  I noticed the fishing as well.  I haven’t tried it yet but I am sure too at one point.  Are there any plans to make different types of HUDs for the RP?

SOMBRA:there will be updates for the Hud, but not different types.

SEERSHA:    Is there any plan to add some of the other 102 insects and animals found on GOR such as larls or sleens?

SOMBRA:  For animals, yes, sleens, kailas, larls, tarns, but I had never thought about insects, it could be interesting.

“Suddenly a great shadow covered the ledge. My tarn had returned. I looked up and, to my horror, saw that it was not my tarn. It was another tarn, a wild tarn. He lit on the ledge, snapping his beak. This time I had none of the careful conditioning of the tarn keepers working in my favor.”
Tarnsman of Gor     Book 1     Page 143

SEERSHA:   *smiles* From my research I learned that generally Tharlarions are for those who have not yet mastered Tarns.  Any plans to develop Tarns?  The G&S crowd loves to race those Tharlarions!

SOMBRA: Of course, I always have tarns in mind. :)
“There are different varieties of domestic tarns, some bred for war, some for racing, and some for draft purposes, the haulage of tarn baskets, which may contain cargo or passengers, or, in the case of slaves, slave cargo. A tarnster commonly controls the tarn with reins from the basket, unless there is a line of tarns, tied together, which commonly follows a lead tarn, with its own tarnster and basket.”
Rebels of Gor     Book 33     Page 90

SEERSHA:   I am using the G&S system.  I know of other individuals using G&S.  What are some of the other RP communities that you know are using G&S?

SOMBRA: I've seen some very varied, almost all set in medieval RP, and I've seen some very curious, Star Wars, and another set in the Europe of 1800

SEERSHA:    Star Wars?  *laughs* may the force be with them, right?  I read from on your G&S Trading page that there have been hackers to your system.  Have you experienced support from LL to curb this practice?  Have you taken this abuse outside of SL to pursue violators in a rl court?

SOMBRA: LL Helped a little, especially in the illegal copies put on sale in the market,but, I’m from the old school,and these battles also fascinate me, and sincerely, I have not received attacks so strong or that could not be rejected with a little ingenuity to use the laws outside of SL.

SEERSHA:   That is good to know that LL has lended some support.  I have provided links to the main G&S page below.  What other items would you like the readers of this article to know about G&S and the roleplay system?

SOMBRA:  I think this is all, we have no facebook or twitter.

G&S is the only group to make a full range of Gorean roleplay agricultural and animal roleplay items.  There are other Gor items produced by residents of SL you will find on Market Place.  Many thinks of the Gor SIMs only for the human interaction from the novels.  As with most things in SL, dig a little deeper and there is much more to be found.  In the case of the Gorean RP, this is much more complex than one might imagine.  And on these SIMs and in this roleplay, there are many creative members who are dedicated to making the experience close to the novels.

Main Information Webpage:

On their webpage there are instructions to submit questions via NC to Kristal Clarity.

Seersha Heart [saoirseheart resident]


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