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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tooth Decay: Causes, prevention and treatment

Tooth decay can happen to everyone. It occurs when plaque forms on the enamel for some time before damaging it. Plaque is formed when food particles mix with the bacteria in your mouth to form acid that later eat up your enamel causing a hole. Tooth decay can cause you unbearable pain or even tooth loss if not treated on time. So the major cause of tooth decay is poor oral hygiene. Below are the causes of tooth decay or cavities.
1.      Poor oral hygiene
Good oral hygiene is essential to your overall health. Make sure to clean your mouth thoroughly at least twice in a day. When brushing your teeth, ensure you also brush your tongue as well. Take at least two minute when brushing and rinse your mouth with mouthwash. Flossing should also be done at least once in a day to ensure no food particles are left in between your teeth.
2.      Dry mouth
Saliva plays a role in your mouth by wash away the plaque from your teeth. If you have dry mouth which is mainly caused by prescription medication or having a diseases such as diabetes, plaque will damage your teeth causing tooth decay.
3.      Bad eating habit
Whenever you eat sugary food or a carbohydrate meal and not brush your teeth immediately, the bacteria in mouth convert the food particles (carbohydrates) into acid that destroys your teeth.
Acidity food and drinks such as soda also damage your teeth with their acid causing tooth decay. It’s therefore advisable you brush your teeth whenever you feed on them or else you avoid them completely.
4.      Avoiding the Dentist
Avoiding your dentist also causes harm to your oral health. A dentist is able to examine your mouth and know if there is any sign of tooth delay. He will then be able to prevent it before it occurs. The regular dentist cleaning also keeps your oral health free from infections.
Tooth decay can be prevented through the following ways;
·         Brush your teeth after every meal.
·         Floss your teeth every day before you sleep.
·         Avoid sugary food.
·         Use a mouth guard when sleeping to avoid grinding your teeth.
·         Visit your dental professional regularly.
The decayed tooth can be treated through various ways. Your dentist may;
·         Apply the fluoride onto the cavities- this is done in early stage of tooth decay.
·         Advice you to do filling- it involves removing of the decayed part and filling in the hole.
·         Extract your tooth- your tooth may be pulled out if it is severely damaged. Here is the Cheapest Place To Get A Tooth Pulled.

Tooth decay as you can see is preventable. Take that minute to ensure you have good oral care, mind what you eat and you will not have to go through the trouble that comes with having the cavities. Always seek your dentist advice whenever you detect any oral problem and make it a routine to go for oral checkups after every six months.


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