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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Club Crescendo's Entertainment Line up

Club Crescendo is SL's newest club!
  We offer a variety of music genres and welcome listener requests. We have had alot of big changes lately.... BIggest one is we are open 7 days a week!!! That is 7 days a week of partying and great times at Club Crescendo!!!! Club Crescendo is also looking for hard working people who wanna be part of a team. We are looking for both DJs and Hosts so that we can be open even longer!!! If you are interested in working for us please come and check us out and get a NC from our info wall or talk to one of our managers at the club.

Sat June 9th @ 6pm we will be having a Maroon5 Concert brought to us by CME! 

Mon- June 4th
4pm- DJ Ash and Lucia
6pm-DJ Cori and Mischief
8pm-DJ Mena- Dazy

Tues- June 5th
6pm-DJ Nyte- Belle
8pm- DJ moon and Dani

Wed-June 6th
4pm- DJ Fhi and Lucia
6pm- DJ Moon and Dani
8pm- DJ Ciel and kimmy

Thurs- June 7th
6pm- DJ nyte and mischief
8pm- DJ Ash and Luke

Fri-  June 8th
6pm- DJ Ciel and Belle
8pm- DJ Kissa and Kimmy
10pm- DJ Mena and Dazy

Sat- June 9th
6pm- DJ Fhionn and Dazy
8pm- DJ Mena and Kimmy
10pm- DJ Chris and Dani

Sun- June 10th
6pm- DJ Nyte and Belle
8pm- DJ Chris and Mischief

Preferred Contact info: winniekim resident or Corialote Dougall


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