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Thursday, July 19, 2018

House of Willuna- Where Women Rule and Fun Reigns !

We would like to offer you an invite you to our new sim, The exclusive "House of Willuna"

*The sim offers a beautiful manor with circle, bar, games room, extensive upstairs 4 playrooms, men's cigar room, balcony baths, massage and spa.

* Pavilion where you can make your sub/slave perform tasks or use a sim slave for your pleasure.

*Roman baths outside near the beach.
*A romantic dance area under the stars
*A nude beach
*A private island and cave
*An island overlooking the sim
*A ballroom/function room with dj set up lights and dance balls
*A Matchmaker business for Dommes, doms and subs/slaves
*Celtic spiritual mediation circle
*Adult animations and dance stands through the sim.
*Take a slow romantic Gondola ride all around the sim.
*Or Have your sub/slave drive you around in a Rickshaw !
* Jails to house or punish your naughty boys

Whether you are naughty or nice !

You will find something or someone fun around every corner !

* We also offer to sub missives a skybox Named ( Bitch Box) for you to set as your home and change clothing in, *


*As a member of the House of Willuna, you benefit  from a wide range of Femdom fun, 

*Discussion, dances, events, 
*MIstress`s on duty,
* Prisons to hold your sub missives i
Private and intimate areas sim wide for cuddle fun or naughty punishments
*Nude beach
*Dancing Sim Wide and in stonehenge
*Easy to get around teleport system.
*Male dance pole with tip jars to earn some Lindens
*Fully animated Bar for sub missives to serve
*Roman Baths for Goddess`s and being pampered by sub missives. 
*Romantic Gondola rides and tours that sub missives may drive the ladies around in
*The Mistress Manor, a charming and warm fun family home to enjoy, with play rooms, massage, hot tub, and circle chats, a games room.
*Access to the Bitch Box ( sub missives skybox) for rezzing and changing your clothing.
*The ability to set your home to here
*Collaring ceremonies



On sim we have a match making service, accessible via the teleport system or just over the river.
A service unlike any other! We match Dominants and
 Sub missives of like mind together and work to find you that perfect match. 

We hold mixer events and speed dating events to spice things up.

Head on over and check it out !
Perhaps you may just find the Domme of your dreams.

Moonlight match makers also offers help with your avatar, and makeovers profiles and profile pictures , as well as ceremonies, coloring ceremonies, weddings, handfastings,and more !

*** More information and details can be found at the Moonlight matchmakers building, where you can pick up a detailed notecard just outside.

WE C`ant wait to meet you !

Any Questions or concerns may be directed to SIM owners
Goddess Luna  ( lunachelsea Resident)
Goddess Willow (Misskeelin Resident)


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