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Friday, July 20, 2018

Inside the SL Sex Slave Trade Pen Dragon Reporting...

Slave. The word itself conjures all sorts of negative images and ideas. We are taught from an early age that slavery is corrupt and wrong, that it is an evil practice. Honestly, for the most part, these things are true. However, there is a form of consensual slavery that defies these conventions. A slavery where no one is trafficked, no one is forced and those involved enjoy the whole process. This is the world of the sex slave trade in Second Life.

In this world men and women both volunteer to be placed up for auction in hopes of being sold and possible finding a Dominant or Master with whom they can find a long term relationship. In most conventions this would appear to be nothing more than a dating service, however; because this is the world of BDSM, there is much more to the equation. The individuals who place themselves up for auction are primarily submissives, this differs from a traditional dating service where anyone can, and does, offer themselves up for a date. All submissives have a list of limits, things they will and will not do, that a Dom or Master must follow. This makes finding the right match far more intricate and often times a negotiation process will follow. The negotiation process allows the Dom or Master to discuss the submissive’s limits and determine which are soft limits, meaning they can be changes or even ignored, or if they are hard limits, meaning they can never be ignored or changed. This whole process can be very involved and is something that is not present in a typical dating ritual.

The purpose and function of a slave auction is twofold, firstly it allows a Dom or Master to easily review the limits put forth by the submissive, as well as briefly learn about their personality through an application they fill out that is provided by the auction site. Secondly, the submissive makes some money, as he or she keeps a portion of the proceeds of the auction. The application filled out by the submissive is usually very detailed and included information about what times they are available and what they are looking for in a Dom or Master. Another important detail in the application is the experience of the submissive, which tells her prospective buyer how much training she may need. Some auction houses, such as PoD, even offer some training.
The training of a submissive is an important factor in a D/s, Dominant and submissive, or M/s, Master and slave, relationship. How each submissive is trained will usually vary with each relationship because the specific training is tailored to the relationship. However, basic training, including things like BDSM terms, protocols and manners are something every submissive should know.

The process of the slave auction is a relatively simple one, best described by Joshuua Barenhaut, owner of PoD auction house. “Girl comes in and fills out an application it contains info about what they are after and about them. Once they are up on the board, they get chances to speak to potential buyers. Buyers come in and if they see a girl they like they can place a bid, it is like an ebay auction in that sense. whomever wins the slave/sub does a one week contract with the buyer. if they wish to go longer, then they can. In fact we encourage that we want the girls to find a match not just make a buck. We have had matches stay together a very long time, we have matches that were made 5 years ago that are still active today.”

The reasons for offer oneself up for auction are varied. One auctionee was a babygirl looking for a Daddy. “Most of the other avenues of meeting Daddys are gone these days. It seems the only places men who call themselves Daddys hang out are at pervy places and they just want.. well .. sex.. I guess coming here I was/am hoping to find a high class Daddy who know that it is not all about sex to be Daddy.. much like it's not all about sex to be a MAster/Dom.”  Aɴɢᴇʟ Lʏɴɴ, a young woman up for auction told me.
Marz Barenhaut, slave to the owner Joshuua, had another rason, saying “Well, I have always been a bit submissive my entire life but I didn't know what it was until I got onto SL and I was introduced to it. It was like gears clicking into place for me and suddenly everything made sense. That was many moons ago though and I have evolved and changed a lot.  I got into auctions before PoD was even started. To be honest I can't remember why I went to the one I did but I did. I was there for a long time. My First master from here I met in person and to this day I still speak with him although he is no longer my Dom. Shortly after that place closed and I found myself aimless. The various other auction houses had little rules or integrity so I sorta kept aimless until I found PoD. Master Josh took me in and I have been a part of their family for years now.”

Despite what one would think, the women I spoke to didn’t feel demeaned by being a slave or offer up for auction. With Marz saying “I have learned a lot in the years that I have been in the lifestyle. I started out as a slave and realized that wasn't for me, I then went to being a pet then to a submissive. Nowadays I associate myself more as a Babygirl with slave like tendencies. Though to answer your question, no never. Being a slave/sub/Babygirl is far more empowering than it is ever demeaning. You are serving the person you chose to submit to how can that be demeaning? Although there are girls who like that feeling.”

PoD is one of, if not the, largest auction houses in Second Life. It opened in December of 2012 and, outside of a short hiatus in 2015, has been open ever since. It was opened because of an incident at another auction where the slave did not fulfill her contract. Because of this Joshuua decided he wanted a better experience for the buyer and strives to provide that at PoD.  It also offers so much more than just the slave auctions, the sim has a dungeon, maze, surfing and much more, which are all listed on their website, as well as testimonials of those who have had a successful auction.

While slavery, in most senses, is a bad concept from start to finish, the Sex Slave trade is Second Life is much different, offering people in the BDSM lifestyle a way to selectively choose someone they would like to be with and in many cases this connection is long lasting. Marz said it best when she said, “we are not money hungry fiends like some people like to paint us and we are not here to abuse women. We are also not a sex sim. Our goal here is to help people in the lifestyle to find their person.”

Additional Information:

Thursday, July 19, 2018

House of Willuna- Where Women Rule and Fun Reigns !

We would like to offer you an invite you to our new sim, The exclusive "House of Willuna"

*The sim offers a beautiful manor with circle, bar, games room, extensive upstairs 4 playrooms, men's cigar room, balcony baths, massage and spa.

* Pavilion where you can make your sub/slave perform tasks or use a sim slave for your pleasure.

*Roman baths outside near the beach.
*A romantic dance area under the stars
*A nude beach
*A private island and cave
*An island overlooking the sim
*A ballroom/function room with dj set up lights and dance balls
*A Matchmaker business for Dommes, doms and subs/slaves
*Celtic spiritual mediation circle
*Adult animations and dance stands through the sim.
*Take a slow romantic Gondola ride all around the sim.
*Or Have your sub/slave drive you around in a Rickshaw !
* Jails to house or punish your naughty boys

Whether you are naughty or nice !

You will find something or someone fun around every corner !

* We also offer to sub missives a skybox Named ( Bitch Box) for you to set as your home and change clothing in, *


*As a member of the House of Willuna, you benefit  from a wide range of Femdom fun, 

*Discussion, dances, events, 
*MIstress`s on duty,
* Prisons to hold your sub missives i
Private and intimate areas sim wide for cuddle fun or naughty punishments
*Nude beach
*Dancing Sim Wide and in stonehenge
*Easy to get around teleport system.
*Male dance pole with tip jars to earn some Lindens
*Fully animated Bar for sub missives to serve
*Roman Baths for Goddess`s and being pampered by sub missives. 
*Romantic Gondola rides and tours that sub missives may drive the ladies around in
*The Mistress Manor, a charming and warm fun family home to enjoy, with play rooms, massage, hot tub, and circle chats, a games room.
*Access to the Bitch Box ( sub missives skybox) for rezzing and changing your clothing.
*The ability to set your home to here
*Collaring ceremonies



On sim we have a match making service, accessible via the teleport system or just over the river.
A service unlike any other! We match Dominants and
 Sub missives of like mind together and work to find you that perfect match. 

We hold mixer events and speed dating events to spice things up.

Head on over and check it out !
Perhaps you may just find the Domme of your dreams.

Moonlight match makers also offers help with your avatar, and makeovers profiles and profile pictures , as well as ceremonies, coloring ceremonies, weddings, handfastings,and more !

*** More information and details can be found at the Moonlight matchmakers building, where you can pick up a detailed notecard just outside.

WE C`ant wait to meet you !

Any Questions or concerns may be directed to SIM owners
Goddess Luna  ( lunachelsea Resident)
Goddess Willow (Misskeelin Resident)

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Learning the Ropes: The Omega D/s library - Pen Dragon Reporting...

The world of BDSM can be daunting and sometimes perilous. There are protocols, rules, do’s and don’ts that can be overwhelming to the novice lifestyle practitioner. Where does your style fit in? How can I be a better Dominant or submissive? It can seem like getting involved in the lifestyle is difficult and confusing. But there is a place in Second Life that can make the journey less stressful and more accessible: The Omega D/s Library.

Omega was opened twelve years ago by Nikos Alexandre.His initial idea was to create a library for those interested in the BDSM lifestyle. Over the years it has grown, not only in popularity, but in the services it offers. Today Omega offers discussion groups, support groups and even workshops for aspiring writers. Many of those writers are even self publishing their works. With daily sim traffic over 10 thousand, Omega isn’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

BDSM has its own share of problems, from those who attempt to practice various forms of punishment without having the knowledge of how to be safe with the activity to people who claim to have knowledge of the lifestyle and its practices but actually have none. These issues can cause not only bodily harm to an individual, but also give the lifestyle in general a bad reputation. This is why a resource like the Omega library is so important. It allows people to come and learn from their peers in a safe and friendly environment.

“We are all lifestyle friendly here, we are warm,welcoming, and we allow zero drama here. We’re not cliquish and we help people be the strongest version of themselves they can be, hence enabling them to make the best choices for themselves in the lifestyle.” said careena, one of the owners of the Omega library. “We do not consider ourselves to be teachers at Omega, just people in the lifestyle. We don't profess to know all of the answers or ask people to embrace the way we do D/s. We know there is no such thing as cookie cutter D/s.” she went on to explain.

The opportunities at Omega reach outside the lifestyle as evidenced by their writers workshop, inspired by rayne bowdit and her Master Renny, both of whom are authors in real life. But it’s the lifestyle and information offered at Omega that drives its popularity and importance. Not enough can be said for learning, especially in a lifestyle that demands knowledge to protect safety.

As with everything, the Omega library changes as the community around it changes. In addition to their regular munches, discussions and support group meetings for Dominants and submissives alike, they offer the same for the polyamorous and soon the transgender community.  Omega’s goal is to make a safe, friendly environment for everyone whose lifestyle differs from the societal norm.

No one is ever finished learning, especially those of us in the BDSM lifestyle, and Omega has created a place where we can continue to learn and grow as well as share our experiences so that others might learn from us. It is an invaluable tool for anyone living, or interested in, the lifestyle.

Additional Information

Group: secondlife:///app/group/67bf42e4-9af0-1f1c-6b4f-3297b58ae02e/about

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Dating Service Grand Opening for the Dominant and Submissive Community


New Dating Service Grand Opening for the Dominant and Submissive Community

Zurich Hillside, Secondlife (May 7, 2014) - Long time Secondlife resident, Jen Tafler, has opened a new matching service.  This service is dedicated to the Dominant and Submissive Community in hopes of bridging the gap between not knowing where to meet their ideal partner and the constraints of RL timezones and life in general.

"This is a great example of how you can integrate a void in service availability using multiple disciplines to provide the best solutions for the community," said Jen Tafler, Owner and CEO at DS Matching Services. "In creating this venue, we are providing an opportunity for people around the world to connect through another avenue not previously available or known thereof.."

DS Matching Services is an inworld dating system designed to provide Masters, Mistresses, FemDoms and Submissives with the ability to connect with each other based on a Profile Board Notecard.  This notecard is designed with opened questions that outline key information a potential suitor would like to know to make choices on their best possible partner match.  The system allows the Profile Board Owner/User to also outline their ideal partner, thus a better matching connection for future meetings and dates.